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Spiritual Darkness: A Misleading Metaphor

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Spiritual darkness is a metaphorical term, and metaphors are always limited, which makes them easy to misunderstand. Spiritual darkness is one of those terms that confuses more than it helps, which is why we don’t like to use it.  But for those of you who are stressing over this term or wondering what it means, we’re now going to explain its usage and limitations.

In the Bible, Yahweh and Jesus sometimes use the concepts of light and darkness to refer to eternal salvation and eternal damnation.  In some of the parables Jesus tells in the Gospel books, you’ll find fictitious characters who represent God ordering people to be cast into outer darkness.  Such scenes are meant to depict God eternally damning people.  Read more of this post

How to Avoid Witnessing Burnout: It’s Not Your Job to Save the World

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Why do people end up in Hell? According to God, Hell is a just punishment for humans who willfully refuse to submit to Him as the Supreme Authority that He is.  Given the fact that you can’t even exist without God constantly sustaining you, it’s hardly unreasonable for Him to demand that you embrace your place as the powerless fleck who depends on Him for all things.   When God demands that you acknowledge His supremacy over you, it’s rather like you being told to agree with the fact that you need oxygen to survive.  He’s really just demanding that you accept a reality that you can’t change.  God outranks you: this is a fact that you have no control over.  God controls your quality of life, therefore it’s more than a little stupid for you to scoff at His Authority.

Now when you’re born,  your body needs oxygen to survive, but you don’t understand this fact until someone teaches it to you, and that doesn’t happen until years into your life.  The fact that you don’t understand something doesn’t make that something cease to be true, but it does change how accountable you are.  Before God introduces Himself to you and explains about the vast difference in rank between the two of you, He doesn’t expect you to know who He is.  Before God teaches you that He wants you to submit to Him, He doesn’t blame you for not doing so.  The possibility of you being eternally damned only comes up after God has personally given you all of the information you need to meet His salvation requirements.  No one ends up in Hell by accident.  We only get there by willfully defying God and intentionally spurning His Authority.

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Salvation Q&A


As a human, you were created by three non-human Beings, who we refer to as Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  These are not three personalities of a single Entity.  Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three separate and distinct Divine Beings.  They are actively involved in your life today, and when you die, They will control whether your experience of the next life is nice or awful.  Since these three Gods control the quality of your existence, it’s in your best interest to stay on Their good side.  So how do you do this?  Christians would say that you need to obtain eternal salvation.  But what exactly is eternal salvation?  It’s a very simple concept which Christians have turned into a royal mess.  The purpose of this post is to clear up some of the confusion. Read more of this post

Understanding Salvation: How We Find the Real Gods & The Irrelevance of Titles


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Here’s a scenario which baffles many Christians.  Suppose there’s a tribe deep in the Amazon jungle.  This tribe is so remote that they have no contact with the outside world.  All they know is each other and a couple of the small tribes around them.  None of us “civilized” folk even know that this tribe exists, so the Church has never attempted to send missionaries in to reach them.  With no access to the Bible or jungle savvy evangelists, how can our remote tribe of pagans ever get saved? In their tribe, they worship gods of nature—tree gods, monkey gods, and a sun god.  But they’ve never been told about the real Gods.  So how should we view these people?  Are they beyond all hope of salvation because they don’t have any Bible quoting Christians to tell them the Gospel message?  According to the arrogant apostle Paul, yes, these souls are as good as damned.  Paul liked to tell himself that Yahweh is simply too limited to work without the help of us humans. This is why Paul says:

But before people can ask the Lord for help, they must believe in Him; and before they can believe in Him, they must hear about Him; and for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them; and before someone can go and tell them, that person must be sent. (Rom. 10:14-15)

Wow, talk about pompous.  But now let’s set aside the massive ego of Paul and get back to truth. What do our Gods say about Their ability to introduce Themselves to people without our help?  They say that They are more than up to the task.  So you see, jungle natives really don’t need to be preached at by some title touting human before they can understand who the real Gods are.  They just need those Gods to speak up. Read more of this post

Understanding Salvation: Who God Accepts


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Salvation has never been acquired through atonement.  Instead, being accepted by our Gods has always been a matter of soul attitude.  Both Yahweh and Jesus teach this, and it’s quite easy to biblically demonstrate how we inherited our current obsession with atonement from misguided New Testament Jewish teachers (see Jesus vs. the NT Jews: What it Means to Please God).  In the Church today, it’s all about atonement.  We sing countless songs about how we’re “covered by the Blood” and we glorify Christ as the Lamb who atoned for the sins of the world.  Well, glorifying Christ is certainly fabulous—as is glorifying Yahweh and the magnificent Holy Spirit.  We certainly want to be loving, praising, and adoring our three glorious Creators, however problems arise when we talk as if the atoning Blood of Christ is the thing that saves us.  It most certainly is not.  Read more of this post

Salvation Concerns: Why does God block some souls from coming to Him?


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According to Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, one of the most important elements in your relationship with Them is the element of choice.  Your Gods give you choices in life.  They are always limited choices.  You never get to choose between an infinite set of possibilities.  Instead, you can only ever choose between a range of options that your Gods give you.  Your life is a mix of elements that you have the option of changing and elements that you are stuck with.  For example, you can change your hairdo, but you can’t change the fact that you need oxygen to live.  You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your biological family members.  Read more of this post

Emotionless Submission: Why You Don’t Need Tears to Get Saved


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Do you need to feel like a horrible, sinful wretch before God will save you? If you don’t have tears welling in your eyes, and if there isn’t a burning lump in your throat that makes it hard for you to choke out the sinner’s prayer, does that mean you aren’t sincere enough? Does getting saved have to be an emotionally draining experience? No, it doesn’t.

Our Gods love variety. Because of this, They have created a wide variety of temperaments and personalities. We all have emotions, but we express them differently. Some of us cry over every little thing. Others of us never cry. Some of us feel deeply. Others of us are very out of touch with our own emotions. Some of us are theatrical and passionate with dramatic swings in mood. Others of us are calm and steady and we rarely get excited. Which style is the best? Which style do our Gods prefer? They don’t have one favorite—They like all the flavors of human which They have created. Read more of this post

Understanding Salvation: Getting the Holy Spirit


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The Holy Spirit (aka the Holy Ghost) is God Almighty, not some random force of energy. Like Yahweh and Jesus, the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere at once. So if we want to be technically correct, no one is ever without the Holy Spirit. Both the saved and the unsaved are continuously benefiting from the Holy Spirit’s protection.

Simply put, salvation is a matter of submission. We must submit to our three Creators as the Supreme Authorities that They are. We can’t just submit to One while ignoring the other Two. Followers of Judaism claim to be obeying Yahweh as God while they reject the Divinity of Christ. Well, it was Yahweh who ordered us all to revere Jesus as a second God. As long as you’re blowing off Yahweh’s command and acting like His entire New Covenant is irrelevant, you are hardly obeying Him. Once the real Gods educate you on who They are and what They want, you will be judged by how your soul responds to Them. Read more of this post

What happens to the soul at the moment of salvation?


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When a baby is orphaned as an infant, he has no idea how serious his situation is. He doesn’t understand that he is alone in the world with no legal guardians who are devoted to loving and caring for him. When two strange faces loom over his crib at the county orphanage, he doesn’t recognize that their eyes are filled with love for him. When that couple then goes into a long legal battle to fight to get legal guardianship of him, the baby is oblivious. To him, the days pass by as a series of being lifted in and out of his crib, eating, sleeping, and staring up at a colorful mobile. He doesn’t know or appreciate that there are two strangers in the world who have become so bonded to him that they’re aching over the thought of losing the chance of being his parents. Then when the day comes that those two strange faces reappear and lift the baby out of his crib and take him miles away from the orphanage, the baby doesn’t realize that his entire life is being radically changed for the better. When he is gently set down in a new and different crib, he registers the new surroundings, but he doesn’t realize what they symbolize. He has gone from living in an orphanage to becoming the son of a couple who are deeply in love with him. Legal papers have been transacted which had no effect on the baby himself, yet those papers have set his life on an entirely different course. Read more of this post

Predestination & Objects of Wrath: Are some of us created for Hell?


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As creatures of God, we are not in control of our own existence.  We did not bring ourselves into being, nor can we cause ourselves to stop being.  On this earth, the most we can do is try to kill ourselves, but this does not make us cease to be.  The death of our physical body merely frees our souls to go on to eternity, and this is certainly not something we want to rush if we’re only going to end up in Hell.  Unless we meet God’s requirements for salvation, we will spend eternity writhing in terrible torment.  This is a horrifying thought.  Happily, God offers us a better option…or does He?  Is it true that everyone is given the chance to go to Heaven?  Does God really desire all souls to be saved?  Does He really love all people or only a privileged few?  What if before we were even born, God labeled some of us as eternal outcasts?  What if He created certain people just to be hated objects which He will delight in torturing forever?  What if some of us were intentionally created as warped, ugly freaks who God sadistically delights in inflicting misery upon?  If you are worried that you might be an object of wrath to God or a soul who He has predestined to burn in Hell, then this post is for you. Read more of this post