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Dealing with Sinners


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We all sin. We all have issues—serious, deep-rooted issues. We all have our dark secrets that we’re not about to share with anybody else. Before we begin a discussion about how to respond to sinners, we need to get real about the extent of our own depravity. A “sinner” isn’t just that dude over there who is so obviously wallowing in carnality. A sinner is also you—the judgmental soul who’s sitting one pew over feeling all smug and superior because you’re better than that crud ball. Whenever we start laying down rules about how to deal with sinners, we’re not just talking about how you should deal with the lowlifes all around you. We’re also talking about how those lowlifes should deal with you. Read more of this post

Recovering from Abuse: Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation


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Hurting people hurt others—this is the human way. Abusers abuse for reasons that make sense to them. Often abusers feel like there are internal forces at work within them which are compelling them to lash out at others. When you’ve been the victim of abuse—whether it’s emotional, physical, sexual, psychological or spiritual—it changes you. The deeper the wounds, the more severely you become hampered in life. Healing from serious abuse often requires totally separating yourself from the abuser. It’s the same principle as running away from a man who is swinging a bat at you. If you want to heal from the bruises he’s already given you, you need to get out of his striking range. But once you separate yourself from your abusers, does God expect you to then return to them at some point and seek reconciliation? Isn’t reconciliation part of the forgiveness process? No, it isn’t. Read more of this post

Trash Talking Humans: Unacceptable Behavior for Christians


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At what point does God find it acceptable for you to refer to one of His human creations as a piece of trash, refuse or filth? At what point does He find it justifiable for you to declare that some living, breathing person should not have been born? The answer to both of these questions is NEVER.

Now we expect those who hate God to vocalize their disgust with both Him and the works of His hands. But as a Christian, what’s your excuse? If we should get into a discussion of molesters, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, gays, or people with certain shades of skin, are we going to hear you spewing out the same putrid comments that we hear from unbelievers? Are we going to hear you pompously setting yourself apart as oh so different than those people and declaring that anyone who does what they have done deserves to roast in an extra hot section of Hell? Read more of this post

Human Role Models: Their Value & Limitations


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God gets furious when we worship other things in His place. But why? Well, suppose you bought your daughter a very expensive diamond ring. When you first give it to her, she is very excited. She says she loves it. She promises to wear it all the time. But the next time you see her, she has a bit of dirty old string tied around her finger where your ring used to be. Read more of this post

Boundaries in Marriage: Inappropriate Submission


As a Christian, it is vital that you keep a firm distinction in your mind between created and uncreated things. Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are uncreated. Everything else is created. You need to treat these two groups very differently. If you try to treat them the same, you will end up in a major mess.

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When Loved Ones are Dying: When to Share the Gospel


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When a loved one is dying and you have reason to believe he is on his way to Hell, it’s only natural to feel distressed and anxious. After all, we cringe at the thought of our loved ones ending up in eternal torment, and the solution to this terrible problem is so simple. Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are so incredibly gracious and all that They demand from us is reverential submission and agreement with some super obvious facts (see Understanding Salvation: How We Find the Real Gods & The Irrelevance of Titles). So what’s the problem??  Well, clearly there is a major problem from your loved one’s point of view because he is refusing to meet God’s terms. Read more of this post