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Discernment Essentials: How to Benefit from Harshly Worded Messages


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In this post, we’re going to teach you how to digest harshly worded teaching on spiritual matters without getting dragged down by a bunch of false conviction.  False conviction—which Christians often think of as condemnation—is when you think God is expressing negative feelings towards you when He isn’t.  False conviction comes from demons and the folks they target the most with this particular attack strategy are souls who sincerely care about pleasing God.  Because demons want spiritual rebels to stay rebellious, they give them the opposite of condemnation by constantly encouraging them in their ways.  It’s just the souls who really want to please God who get pounded on with false conviction, and if demons see that you’ve got no defenses in this area, they’ll pound you relentlessly.  Whether you consider yourself an actual Christian or not, if you sincerely want to please the Gods who made you, then you’re going to be a prime target for false conviction, and at some point, you’ll need to learn how to defend yourself from it.  Read more of this post

Why You Shouldn’t Gloat When Your Enemies Go Down


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You consider yourself to be a committed Christian.  You’re the good guy.  You’re on the right side.  So when that jerk who has been hassling you suddenly gets hit with some brutal trial which causes him to get off your back, you find yourself wanting to do a victory dance.  After all, isn’t God exalting you by smacking your enemy down?  Clearly when the bad news is being poured out on the heads of the people who oppose you while your path is being covered in blessings, then that means God is for you and against them, doesn’t it?  Not necessarily. In real life, things are a lot more complicated than this, and in this post we’re going to discuss what some of those complications are. Read more of this post

Shady Shepherd Tactics: Gaining Rank


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In the vast world of Christian leaders, there are those who sincerely want to help you, there are others who sincerely want to harm you, and there are others who don’t care about you one way or the other—they’re just using you to benefit themselves.  When it comes to the tactics that Christian leaders use when they engage with you, some are good, and some are shady.  Good tactics encourage you to keep your focus on God and to pursue the right spiritual goals.  Shady tactics discourage you from focusing on God while they encourage you to pursue the wrong goals.  The purpose of this post is to familiarize you with certain shady tactics that are commonly used by Christian leaders today so that you can become less affected by them. Read more of this post

Help for Stressing Christians: Is God punishing you?


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Believing that God is mad at you when He really isn’t results in all kinds of needless angst and misery. Believing that God is very difficult to  please is what drives many sincere souls to get stuck in endless confession sessions and cycles of self-persecution.  And yet the reality is that every serious Christian spends a lot of time fretting over problems that don’t really exist between them and God.  Why is this?  Because before you can accurately assess God’s current view of you, you must first understand some basic principles about how God relates to you, and those principles are rarely discussed by the Church. Read more of this post

Four Ways to Identify False Teaching in the Church


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The true purpose of life is to develop a strong personal bond with our three glorious Creators: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We were created by Them for this reason, and until we align our priorities with Theirs, we’re missing the point of everything. But once we do reach the point where we are seriously pursuing God in our hearts, what then? Well, that’s when we get into the vast and thrilling topic of spiritual maturity.

There are two main areas in which we need to mature: knowing God better, and treating Him better. We can’t do either of these things without His help, but when we are responding well to God in our souls, He delights in helping us with these things. It isn’t a negative to God that we start off as such blind, bumbling creatures. He made us this way on purpose because God enjoys maturing us. This is very important to realize, because it’s easy to become very frustrated with your own rate of progress. We often want to grow faster and in a different order than God wants us to. But since we can’t grow without Him, His plan for us always ends up being the one we have to conform to. Read more of this post

Identifying False Teaching About Demons: Three Easy Tests


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Today there is a plethora of information online about demons, and 99% of it is total hooey. Realize that no human is an expert on demons. A lot of humans think they are experts because they’ve had a few encounters with demons. That’s like a guy claiming to be an expert on ships because one time someone chucked him over the side of an aircraft carrier. Having some intense, mind altering experience with demons doesn’t make you an expert on the subject. These people that just can’t stop telling you about their encounters with various spirits are such fools.

Since demons are chronic liars, looking to them for an education about who they are isn’t going to get you anywhere. God is the only One who really understands what demons are all about. That should be rather obvious to us, since God is the One who created the little rats in the first place. So if you have some question about demons, God is the One you should be asking. Read more of this post

Identifying False Conviction: Three Easy Tests


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It takes a ton of practice and review to learn how to identify false conviction. False conviction (which is also known as condemnation) is when demons try to imitate God’s Voice in your mind and convince you that He is saying something to you which He really isn’t saying. Once you accept that God is the source of a lie, that lie becomes extremely powerful in your life. Believing false conviction can drain your life of hope, fill you with fear, and it might even drive you into suicidal despair. Your beliefs control the quality of your life. Demons know this, so they put enormous effort into trying to get you to put your faith in lies. If you want to stop being their helpless victim, you need to realize that you have choices and decide that you are going to start fighting back. With a little education, anyone can learn how to identify false conviction. Once you identify the lies, you can practice rejecting them and countering them with God’s positive truths. To help you in the education area, here are three easy ways to identify false conviction. Whenever you start feeling upset by something, run through these three tests in your mind and see if what you’re stressing over is from God or not. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: Prophecies & Premonitions


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How do you know when a prediction about the future is from God? It’s not hard to sort these things out once you understand a few things about God’s communication style and His priorities for you. God has you on this planet for one reason: to give you the chance to decide how serious you are going to be about your relationship with Him. Every human has a relationship with God because God sustains us all. So even if we’re working hard at pretending He doesn’t exist, we are still utterly dependent on Him and our lives are being shaped by His decisions. When you are born, when and how you will die, who you will meet, what you will experience—all of these things are determined by God. It is God who is constantly putting a limited number of choices before us and those choices are the only ones we can choose between. So while we like to pep ourselves up with sayings like, “You can do anything you put your mind to,” the truth is that you can only ever do what God allows you to do. Read more of this post

Identifying False Prophecy About the End Times


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The end times are at the door. Unless God is planning to kill you off in the next few years, you’re going to be here when the chaos begins. This puts you in a very special position on the human timeline. The world is only going to end once. If God has chosen YOU to be alive on the planet when it does, then He is giving you a very unique and thrilling opportunity to honor Him and get onto the fast track of spiritual maturity.

But this isn’t what you’re hearing from the main Church, is it?  Instead of pumping you up with joyful anticipation about honoring God and maturing in your own walk during the final judgment period of this planet, all these so-called prophets and preachers are pumping you full of dread and panic. They’re encouraging you to focus on evil men and revere the power of Satan instead of focusing on God. They’re shamelessly conning you into spending a bunch of money on material preparations and defenses that aren’t going to do you any good when the end times actually start. Why not? Because the Church is trying to prep you for the wrong war. If God was planning to plague you with drought, the Church would be telling you to get ready for the mother of all floods. If God was planning to send a flood, the Church would be telling you to prepare for a drought. The Church is so steeped in rebellion that she can’t tell the difference between truth and lies. Her prophets are such morons that they can’t tell the difference between Divine revelation and demonic delusions. This is what happens when Christians spend years chasing after demons, sucking up to the world, and aggressively stomping out truth in their midst: they end up with oatmeal for brains and then they try to get you to join them on their sinking ship. But no, you don’t have to follow these fools down the path of destruction. Instead of leaving your brains in bed and blindly believing every end time vision you come across on the internet, you need to be asking some very important questions whenever you come across some end time horror story. Read more of this post

How to Tell When God is Speaking to You Through Someone Else


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How do you know when God is speaking to you through another person? How can you recognize His convictions from something they just made up? There are several guidelines to go by here.

1. Test every message.

Just because someone is godly or you’ve heard God speaking through them to you before doesn’t mean their current message is legit. Every message must be tested separately. It’s always the contents of the message we examine, not the source. God speaks to us through our friends and our enemies, through the saved and the unsaved, through the holy and the satanic. We have to be open to hearing Him through anything and anyone. Read more of this post