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Exorcism Q&A


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What people call demonic possession is a case of demons gaining temporary control over someone’s earthsuit.  Your earthsuit is the miraculous machine that you see when you look into a mirror.  It has three main components: a brain (which is like the computer that runs the whole thing), a body, and emotions.  When demons possess your earthsuit, they can force your earthsuit to do things that you don’t want it to do.

Your earthsuit and your soul are two entirely separate entities.  If you think of your earthsuit like a car, then your soul is the man driving the car.  While the driver is not the car, he will feel very upset if the car starts malfunctioning.  Read more of this post

Demonic Possession: When Should You Get Involved?


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If you can see that someone has a problem, is it your moral duty to try and fix that problem for them?  Many Christians would say yes.  God says no.  You see, God is the One dishing out the problems in the first place, and He has very strategic reasons for giving people the problems that He does.  When you then come along and condemn what God is doing, where is your respect for God’s Authority?  Where is your acknowledgement that His wisdom is vastly superior to yours? Read more of this post

Hating Demons: Is it really as righteous as it sounds?


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God is good and demons are evil. God is for us and demons are against us. God is wonderful and demons are trying to negatively impact Him in some way. What more reason do we need to hate demons? We certainly shouldn’t be for demons, because God has already damned them, and we don’t want to be insulting God by hoping demons will somehow get another chance. Demons are out of chances. We don’t know what they did to burn up God’s patience, but we know how gracious He is, so if He says He’s fed up, there’s nothing more to say. Read more of this post

The Ruler of Our World: Is it God or Satan?


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We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. (1 Jn. 5:19)

Who is in control of this world—God or Satan? The apostle John says that Satan is in control. But is John correct? How can any creature of God ever really be in control when such a creature can’t even sustain his own existence? Can Satan prevent God from uncreating him? Not hardly. Well, if Satan can’t protect himself from total annihilation, he is hardly in a position to control anything. Read more of this post

Seeking the Advice of Demons


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Demons have a very different perspective of reality than you do. They know a lot of things that you don’t know. They’re able to do a lot of things that you can’t do. An understanding of these basic facts lures many people into trying to contact demons for advice in life. Even Christians get sucked into this, figuring that demons might prove easier to talk to than God. Let’s face it: God can be one aggravating conversation partner. He is notorious for going silent on you right when you really, really need an answer. And then of course there’s the issue of us not wanting to have to work at learning to recognize God’s leading in our lives—that causes us to miss out on many messages from Him. But biggest of all is our unwillingness to trust Him. After all, we humans are lazy. When we want guidance, we want it to come according to our schedule in a form that we choose. We don’t want to settle for silence. We don’t want to have to trust that God is handling things while He intentionally keeps us in the dark. When we reach out to a nonhuman being, we want that being to answer now. If God won’t cooperate, or if we don’t like what He has to say, then we start looking around for other options. This is when we start viewing demons as potential advisers in life. Read more of this post

Better than Exorcism: Dealing with Persistent Demon Problems


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Demons are scary. Maybe when you first met yours, they put on their friendly act in order to lure you in. But at some point, they started showing their nasty side and now you’re in serious torment. Maybe demons are attacking your body. Maybe they’re attacking your mind. Maybe they’re attacking your surroundings. Whatever their methodology is, we can teach you how to deal with these persistent pests in a way that will help your soul. Read more of this post

Identifying False Teaching About Demons: Three Easy Tests


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Today there is a plethora of information online about demons, and 99% of it is total hooey. Realize that no human is an expert on demons. A lot of humans think they are experts because they’ve had a few encounters with demons. That’s like a guy claiming to be an expert on ships because one time someone chucked him over the side of an aircraft carrier. Having some intense, mind altering experience with demons doesn’t make you an expert on the subject. These people that just can’t stop telling you about their encounters with various spirits are such fools.

Since demons are chronic liars, looking to them for an education about who they are isn’t going to get you anywhere. God is the only One who really understands what demons are all about. That should be rather obvious to us, since God is the One who created the little rats in the first place. So if you have some question about demons, God is the One you should be asking. Read more of this post

Attracting Demons


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What factors determine how attracted demons are to certain individuals? There are two reasons to ask this question. One is that you want to avoid being someone who demons are drawn to. The other reason is that you are seeking out their company. Both of these motivations are going to lead you in the wrong direction because your focus is wrong.

Demons do not run this universe; God does. So if you want to understand mechanics, you need to turn your focus onto God and off of created things. God controls everything that He creates. Some creatures—such as humans and demons—are given a measure of choice. But by the time God is limiting how many choices we have and deciding what those choices are, He is still controlling the situation.   Read more of this post

The Spirit of Jezebel: The Futility of Classifying Demons


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Because we Christians are so bent on competing with demon worshiping sorcerers, we put a whole lot of time and effort into trying to identify individual demons. It’s a very unrealistic goal, considering how much we don’t know about demons. For example, we have no idea how many of them there are compared to us. We have no idea how they travel around, how they communicate with each other, or how they interact with matter in our world. We’ve never seen them as they actually are—we don’t even know if their real selves are visible to our human eyes. The only time we see them is when they appear to us in costume—intentionally donning some form that they feel would be most effective in luring us in. A pretty looking humanoid with long feathery wings, a creepy looking troll, a black slinking shadow, the ghost of a human child—the costumes are endless. Clearly demons are very skilled at putting on a theatrical show, but how does this help us? If we can’t even identify other humans in costumes, how can we possibly identify demons who are flitting about in creative disguises? Well, maybe form is the wrong focus. Maybe we can start tracking the little rats by the way they behave. Read more of this post

Satan Q&A


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We receive a lot of questions about Satan, so we’ve put together this list of answers for anyone who wants to know more about this infamous demon.


Satan is a demon. Demons are angels. The only reason we call some angels demons is to designate their position with God. While angels are still on God’s good side, demons have committed some kind of unforgivable sin which God has eternally condemned them for. Demons have already received their judgment from God and they know they’re going to Hell. Right now, they’re still free, but their very dark destiny looms in front of them with no hope of salvation. Read more of this post