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All About Tithing


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Today in the Church, guilt, fear, and greed are the main reasons why Christians are tithing.  Guilt comes from thinking you’re disobeying a command from God which He never gave you.  Fear comes from thinking God might throw you into Hell if you don’t give enough money to the Church.  Greed is about trying to guilt God into blessing you by throwing lots of money into the offering plate.  Guilt, fear, and greed: these are the popular reasons to tithe, but they’re all wrong reasons, and in this post, we’ll learn why.

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Spiritual Bondage: Exposing the Scam


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In an age when deliverance ministries are on the rise and the Church is steeped in an idolatrous obsession with demons, you need to scrub the concept of spiritual bondage out of your theological database. It used to be that when a person spoke of being in bondage, they simply meant they were feeling burdened by some ongoing trial. Maybe there was some addiction or insecurity that they couldn’t shake and it was wearing them down. To be in bondage simply meant struggling with a trial. But in today’s demon worshiping climate, the term spiritual bondage is being used to promote some very dangerous deceptions. Today when people talk about someone being in spiritual bondage, what they’re really talking about is that person’s soul being held hostage by demons. Once you believe that demons can get their grubby little claws on your actual soul, you’re going to become very easy prey for all kinds of vipers in the Church today who want to “deliver you” right into a cesspool of terror and trauma. Read more of this post

Deliverance Ministries: Scamming You in the Name of Jesus


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If I want to make a name for myself in this world, I need to impress people. If I impress them, they’ll pay me, worship me, follow me, and hang on my every word. As soon as I impress them enough, I can write a book. No matter what I say in that book, all of my fans will buy it. Cha-ching, hear the sound of money pouring into my bank account. I can hold conferences and charge people to attend. I can set up institutes and charge people to take courses. If I pick the right field, I can make a boatload of money at a very young age even if I have the IQ of a tomato. I don’t really have to be an expert in any particular field or have any formal education. I just have to pick a field where no real expertise is required—a field which relies entirely on the manipulation of vulnerable people. Deliverance ministries, for example. Now there’s a great way to get rich quick. Read more of this post

Seances, Mediums & Ghosts


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Suppose you were a soldier in a nation that was ruled by a king with absolute authority. You and your military buddies really don’t like the king. In fact, you hate him intensely. So one day all of you get together and try to overthrow the king. Your brilliant plan goes horribly awry and the king condemns you all to the worst fate imaginable. At his command, you and all your rebel buddies are going to be thrown into a terrifying place that the king has built to punish all those who defy him. You’ve seen glimpses of what happens to the people who get thrown inside that place: hideous torments that even your evil mind would never conceive of on its own. Now that the king has passed judgment on you, there is no way to reverse it. Now all that’s left is to sit around dreading the moment when the king will give the order for you to be dragged off to his torture chamber. You’re terrified, and much to your distress, the king seems to enjoy watching you squirm in dread. Days turn into months, months turn into years, and still there is no command from the king about you. You’d like to hope that maybe he’s changed his mind or forgotten about his judgment, but whenever you see him, you can tell by the way he looks at you that he hasn’t. Now and then the king even drops some taunting reminder of what your terrible fate will be, and this just makes you hate him all the more. You become obsessed with revenge. Why should you just sit around and do nothing while time runs out? There has to be some way you can hurt the king before he takes away your freedom. When you hear that the king has taken over a neighboring nation and is now trying to win the loyalty of the citizens there, you get an idea. Why not stir up trouble in that nation and incite the natives to reject their new monarch? Why not spread stories about what an unfair ogre the king is so that the people will want to rebel against him? For some reason the king seems very invested in winning these foreigners over. Good. If the king cares about something, that gives you the opportunity to stick it to him. You and your buddies travel to that new nation and start making all the trouble that you can. Read more of this post

Trained Shills & Blind Trust: A Winning Combination for False Shepherds


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I want your money. If I mug you in an alley, I’ll probably end up in jail. That’s not very satisfying. Besides, I don’t want to just mug you, I want to mug thousands of people at the same time and take all of their money without ever being accused of a crime. But how can I possibly pull this off? Clearly physical strategies won’t work, so it’s time to turn to something far more effective: mind games. Suppose I manage to convince you that I’m amazing—so amazing that you actually consider it a privilege to hand over all of your money to me. That sounds tantalizing. But how do I get there? You don’t even know me, and I don’t want to know you. I don’t want a relationship, I just want your money. Hm. I need to find a backer. I need someone who already has your respect to publicly endorse me—then I’ll have your respect as well. But who can I get? Other people don’t know me, and I don’t want to have to work at making social connections. I’m far too egotistical to kiss up to anyone—I want the world to kiss up to me. So who can I get to back me? Here’s a brilliant idea: I’ll get God. After all, you don’t know God very well, and neither do I. But that’s what makes it so perfect, because now I can make God be whoever I want Him to be. I can put words in His mouth—words that make me sound fabulous—and you’ll never know the difference. This is a plan with all kinds of potential. Read more of this post

Sacrificial Giving: A Favorite Teaching of False Shepherds

sacrificial giving

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How far do you think you’re going to get with God by trying to bribe Him into doing what you want? God demands submission from us. Bribing God is about trying to control Him, and controlling God is about trying to dominate Him. As long as you’re trying to dominate and control God, you’re a thousand miles away from submission, and that’s where Satan wants you to stay. Read more of this post

Christians & Astrology


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Astrology is a serious religion, not just a harmless game or a silly superstition. Those horoscope booklets that you find for sale in supermarkets should be viewed like little bibles—religious texts which you are expected to refer to for guidance in life.  Your daily horoscope is really a prophetic newsflash about how your personal deities plan to shape your life for the current day, week, or year—depending on what timeframe the horoscope addresses. You see, according to astrology, your life is not your own—it’s being manipulated by a whole pantheon of gods. And where do these gods reside? Not in a distant heaven, but right here in earth’s solar system, within visual range of a telescope. How convenient. Read more of this post

Why Hurting Your Body is Bad for Your Soul (The Trap of Self-Mortification)


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You are not your body. You are the soul inside your body. Your body is merely your soul’s earthsuit—an intelligent machine which allows your soul to operate in this physical dimension. When you die, God will raise your soul out of your body and transport you to an entirely different non-physical dimension called Heaven. It’s very important to realize your body is a temporary thing, and that it does not define who you are. Read more of this post

The Irresistible Lure of Supernatural Power

The Irresistible Lure of Supernatural Power

The thought of having special powers is quite appealing. Any kind of power gives us a reassuring sense of security and control. Supernatural power—that which defies the laws of physics and logical understanding—is even better. Whether we’re levitating chairs or casting curses, we’d all like a chance to impress and outperform those around us. Every human has a strong need for acceptance and belonging. We all want to be liked and loved. We’d all like to trash our enemies and protect those we care about. So when someone comes along promising us access to great power in some mystical package, we’re an easy sell. Our media constantly promotes meddling in the supernatural as an exciting and sensual experience. Book writers and film makers are constantly coming up with new, highly popular series which teach the same lesson: the ordinary can become extraordinary if they’re just willing to open their minds to the unknown. So what’s so bad about being a witch or playing with spells? Why did God command us to stay away from all forms of magic? Is He afraid we’ll get more powerful than He is? Not quite. Read more of this post