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Taking the Apostles off the Pedestal: Power Struggles in the Early Church

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Have you ever found yourself in the company of Christians whose commitment to God is so great, and whose good deeds are so innumerable, that you feel reduced to a carnal dirt clod just by being in proximity to them?  How do you feel when you’re sitting in a prayer group, waiting for your turn to speak, and some spiritual superstar speaks out a prayer that is far more eloquent than anything you could ever come up with?  Makes you want to pass when it’s your turn to pray, doesn’t it?  Read more of this post

Offensive Worship Songs: LORD, LET YOUR GLORY FALL by Matt Redman


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It is a historical fact that the nation of Israel has always treated Yahweh like garbage (and she continues to do so today).  After reading through the Old and New Testaments, we cannot possibly come to a different conclusion, for in those pages, we find both Jesus and Yahweh stating in some very strong terms how abominably Their “chosen people” have treated Them from the beginning.  Of course the Church today tries to deny the truth of this.  Not only does she deny it, she goes to the other extreme of exalting Israel as being spiritually superior to everyone else, thus you are taught to feel like a lesser Christian in God’s eyes if you don’t happen to be an ethnic Jew (see More Lies from Paul: God Loves Jews More Than Gentiles).  Such is the idiocy of the Church, and as she encourages us all to fawn over Israel and treasure all things Jewish, she acts as if the feelings of our Gods are totally irrelevant.  Well, this is pure rot, and we certainly don’t want to follow the Church’s horrible example of exalting hardcore rebellion as a wonderful thing.  Read more of this post

Songs that God Hates: Before the Throne of God Above


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We humans were brought into existence by three glorious Gods: Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  True Christianity begins with the reverential submission to these three Beings as the only Gods in existence.  And once we become Christians, we find ourselves relating to three magnificent Beings who have massive egos and an insatiable appetite for praise.  Bring on those worship songs, for we certainly want to please our Gods by expressing our sincere adoration and appreciation for who They are.  Certainly music isn’t the only means by which we can worship our Gods, but it’s a nice one.  So worship songs are fabulous…provided we’re singing them with the right soul attitudes and that our lyrics are God-honoring. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: Yahweh Lies


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This is a continuation of Practicing Discernment: Jesus Lies.

In our previous discernment lesson, we pointed out several times in the Gospels when Jesus intentionally withheld wisdom from people as a response to their spiritual rebellion. When we refuse to listen to truth, our Gods intentionally lead us astray with lies.

In this post, we’re going to turn the focus onto Yahweh and check out some examples of Him using deception in the Old Testament. Our Gods don’t just use deception as a means of disciplining us. They also use deception to encourage dialogue between us and Them, as well as to help us better understand who They are and what They care about. Like Jesus, Yahweh is a frequent liar, and His deceptions come in many different forms. But there are always thrilling lessons to be learned from studying our Gods in action, so let’s dive in and get a better appreciation for how our Gods use deception to draw us closer to Them. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: Jesus Lies


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When we’re afraid, we often mask our fear as anger. There are many truths about Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit which really strike fear into the hearts of Christians, thus they react with great anger whenever those truths are discussed. The fact that our three glorious Creators are sovereign is one of them. Christians certainly want their Gods to have some degree of control—but not absolute control, or then They’d have to be controlling evil. It really scares humans to think that the Gods who they are depending on in life are actually the Source of all of the misery, carnage and pain in this world. When we’re scared, we get mad and we try to separate ourselves from the thing that scares us. This is why you see Christians clinging so fiercely to absolute lies about how their Gods operate and this is why those same Christians will flip out on you if you try to discuss certain things with them. It’s a fear response: people assume Gods who are controlling evil cannot possibly be good in Character. Well, yes, They can, and our Creators are good, but we’re not going to gain rock solid confidence in this fact by shutting down every time They try to discuss difficult truths with us. Read more of this post

Spiritual Discernment According to John


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In 1 John 4, we find the apostle John giving us a no fail test for how we can discern between good and bad spirits. Interestingly, John isn’t telling us how to discern between demons and God Himself, but rather between various spirit messengers. And just who are “good spirits” in John’s mind? Keep in mind that Jews in New Testament times had an idolatrous obsession with angelic beings, so John is probably talking about discerning between demons and angels. The fact that he begins his discussion with a mention of false prophets indicates that he is thinking about spirits speaking through other people, not just spirits showing up in your bedroom at night. Let’s now see what kind of instruction John offers us. Read more of this post

Recognizing Wolves: By Their Fruits You Won’t Know Them


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No one is more fabulous than Jesus. He is our glorious God, our magnificent Creator. He introduced Himself to us by coming to earth to die on our behalf—how amazing is that? We can never come to the end of our admiration of Jesus. The better we know Him, the more deeply we cherish Him, and yet…

There’s nothing simple about Jesus. Like Yahweh and the Holy Spirit, He is a mind-blowing swirl of infinite and opposite passions. Love and wrath, mercy and justice, compassion and indifference. Jesus creates and destroys, He heals and He tears down. Just when we think we’ve got Him basically figured out, He suddenly removes some invisible veil and reveals a whole new mysterious side of Himself. There’s nothing boring about Jesus. The closer we get to Him, the more fascinating and puzzling He becomes. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: The Structure of Beliefs


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As a maturing Christian you need to learn how to think critically about the things you are taught. A good way to do this is to view a new teaching about God as the top level in a house of cards. Now houses of cards are fragile things, and the cards on top are totally dependent on the cards beneath them. Pull out any card lower down, and the top story will collapse. It’s the same with many doctrines about God: before we can arrive at a certain conclusion, we must first accept many other things as true. If any of our underlying assumptions about God are proven false, then the final conclusion is proven false as well. Read more of this post

Practicing Discernment: 3 Biblical Tests That Let Us Down


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Spiritual discernment is the ability to tell the difference between God and demons, good and evil, true and false. We don’t rely on a bunch of sensual feelings and mystical rituals to do this—instead, we look to the Holy Spirit for guidance whenever a question arises. Read more of this post

Voices in Your Mind: Discerning Between God & Demons


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You hear thoughts in your mind. You assume most or all of them come from you when in reality this is not true. A vast number come from demons, some come from God, and a very small fraction of them actually originate from you. In this post, we’ll introduce you to some key principles about how the spiritual world interacts with you and how your physical brain interacts with your soul. Read more of this post