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The purpose of this site is to help people who want to progress in their personal walks with God.

We understand that there are many ways to get stalled in spiritual growth. Sometimes we have theological questions slowing us down.  Sometimes we are dealing with psychological issues that we are really burdening us.  Sometimes the issues we’re dealing with are so messy, dark, or disturbing that we’re afraid to ask for help for fear that we’ll be judged or punished.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a way to get advice for your specific problems without having to identify yourself or pay money?  We think it would, which is why we offer a free counseling service with our site manager, Anna Diehl.

Anna is a non-licensed counselor who helps people deal with serious theological, psychological, and spiritual problems.  Because she works outside of the system, she is free to help people on an anonymous basis, she doesn’t have to keep official records, and she can remove the threat of having to report certain kinds of information to authorities.  She works with adults, teens, Christians and non-Christians on a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • faith crises & the loss of faith
  • struggles with denominational requirements (including celibacy struggles)
  • questions about the BibleImage result for counseling
  • pastoral & counseling burnout
  • child molestation (victims & perpetrators)
  • sexual abuse (victims & perpetrators)
  • addictions (including all types of porn)
  • moral dilemmas
  • relationship conflicts, bullying & boundary issues
  • dealing with verbal, physical & spiritual abuse
  • self-harming & the need to harm others
  • military & LEO traumas
  • abortion recovery (performing & receiving)
  • recovering from murder, death & suicide
  • spiritual discernment
  • demon problems (including ghosts & hearing voices)
  • pedophilia, homosexualism, bisexualism, transsexualism & bestiality
  • guilt & shame issues regarding past actions (including help for convicted criminals)
  • psychological prep for court trials & other interrogative proceedings

Every counselor has a limited scope of issues that they address.  Anna does not offer advice regarding medical conditions, health problems, or medication needs.


Anna counsels people from around the world using Skype or Google Hangouts (audio only, no video).  These are free services which you can use from your computer or phone without sharing your phone number.

To receive help anonymously, you can set up an account with either of these apps using a fake name. You can then delete the account when you no longer need it.  Both of these services have the ability to send text messages as well.  It would be helpful if you also had an email address that you could use to communicate with Anna.  Again, you can invent an email account under a false name that you can use for this purpose.


You can specifically request counseling through our Ask a Question page.  You will need to provide some general idea of what you want counseling for so Anna can tell you if that falls within the scope of issues she deals with.

In some cases, we will offer counseling to you if you submit a question that we feel would we be best handled through one-on-one counseling.


You need to be able to speak and understand verbal English.  Counseling depends on the counselor and patient being able to understand each other well.  Many of Anna’s clients speak English as a second language.  You don’t have to be an expert at English, but you do need to have a strong enough grasp to be able to discuss personal issues in detail.

You need to be willing to discuss your personal problems in detail.  If you’re not willing to talk openly and honestly about what you’re struggling with, then counseling isn’t going to be helpful to you.

You need to be sincerely interested in getting into a positive place with God.  Many people who want to succeed with God do not call themselves “Christians.”  Many people who really care about God currently feel very angry with Him. Liking and understanding God is different than wanting to please Him.  The kind of advice Anna gives you will be focused on the goal of helping you progress in your own walk with God. If you’re not interested in doing that, there’s no point in you talking with her.


Most of Anna’s clients have never experienced professional counseling. She will teach you how to have boundaries with your counselor, how to move at a pace that you are comfortable with, and how to protect yourself from inappropriate counseling techniques.  Working with Anna will help you steer clear of abusive counselors in the future, and you’ll have a chance to experience firsthand how beneficial counseling can be.


Believe it or not, there are still people in the world who help others simply for the sake of helping them.  The Pursuit of God ministry does not charge for any service, nor does it accept donations for any reason.  We don’t want anything to do with your money.  We aren’t doing this to make a buck off of you.  We’re interested in helping people grow closer to God.  And since He is the point of everything, we feel that helping people grow closer to Him is far more rewarding than collecting money.

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