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375. Is every little thing posted on this website God’s words? I know a while back in one of your posts you said you were a mouthpiece for God, that you guys were prophets. I’m wondering how much of the information on this website is from God.

374. What is the inner meaning of Genesis 47:9 & Job 14:1? Please explain.

373. Confused and Afraid

372. I didn’t talk with God for a long time so I can’t feel if God is always with me but these days, I’m afraid about North Korea news because I live in South Korea I want to have a relationship intimately with God before I die How can I go back to when I was in a nice relationship with God??  I’ve heard today that people outside of South Korea actually feel the tension of Russia, US, and China considering North Korea. As for the people in South Korea, most have no idea how much things are at stake, because we just think, “Oh it isn’t the first time the North got irritated for no reason at all, after all, for all these years nothing serious happened!” But now I’ve heard that this Monday could be the deadline to a start of war. I’ve been warned to buy toilet paper and other food necessary for surviving.  But now I think surviving isn’t what is most important. I think I have to be in the best relationship I could ever get with my Gods. But again, when war happens, it would probably be best for me to die a quick painless death but if that is not the case, i should necessities. Or I should get out of this country. What would God want me to do (cause He didn’t give me a clear answer yet)?

371. When someone hurts someone, the natural response is anger and thoughts of self-defense and revenge. We react immediately, instinctively, and violently. But, in our area, the corrupt strong are always cruel. They are hurting and oppressing the weak and poor. Because, they are holding all the powers. The doctors are making profits on the diseases of the poor and the weak. The worst wickedness in our area. It’s always provoking extreme social anger in some moral people, but, they are helpless and powerless in all respects. Sometimes some went to an extreme extent that they should kill them. Even to form a gang to exterminate such cruel people from the face of society. Unable to do all these things, many are crying silently. Some have chosen the path of prayer to God Almighty to take revenge on such cruel bullies through the prayer. Is it right to form a gang to return evil for evil? Is it right to return evil for evil through prayer? Can prayer punish the wicked? Or need to return good for evil as the Bible teaches? What is the way? Please explain.

370. I became a born again Christian a while back by God Himself, I was in spiritual darkness & God saved me, what do you guys have all to say about spiritual darkness? Also, are the end times really close? Why does God not want us to believe in reincarnation or Astrology?

369. I have read Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation article. Is it safe here to presume that God sometimes doesn’t intend for people to attempt reconciliation with an abuser, even when that person is a parent? My mother’s behavior has severely damaged the already fragile bond we had and after cutting off contact for a year I became much more emotionally healthy.  Since I started talking to her again she has been trying hard to ‘make things the way they were’ and get back into my good books. I am holding it over her head, as that article warned could happen, by acting aloof until she spends money on me. At this point, the most I want to be retained is a distant acquaintance-type bond. Ideally we would reach that elusive normal family state, but any further intimacy and it delves back into the abuse cycle. Sadly, the ship has longed sailed for her to be the parent I craved. Is God okay with me calling it a night and not ever fully reconciling?

368. ‘It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63’. Please explain.

367. If God convicts you to do something that you don’t want to do, but in your soul you really say something like ” I want to do what you want me to do, but I can’t because I’m afraid of losing it”… is this rebellion? I don’t want to rebel against Him because of the conviction, but I honestly don’t want to do it and He knows it, it’s something I simply don’t think I can give up. Am I going to be disciplined for this type of conflicting feelings?

366. I understand as Christians, we should not be sexually immoral. However, I’ve been abstaining from sex since I reached puberty and have never had sex before, due to reverence, obedience, and fear of the Lord. I’m in my early 20s and I’ve met someone who has not submitted to Jesus Christ, but seems to be in the right path, in a sincere way. We have kept the relationship clean, but recently the topic of sex has come up. As a man, I have desires and so does she, and I’m not sure what to do. I told her I will wait til marriage, but at the same time, how much does this matter to God? I still honor Him in my heart, but I’ve recently been feeling like a piece a crap and not like a man because I can give her what she wants, which is a natural thing. Above all, I want to honor God and still set the example for her in the relationship. any advice? 

365. ‘The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer’ (Matthew 25:29). Why is it like this?

364. I have watched a few videos regarding this experience people have with ayahuasca, I think it would be very beneficial for me. Do you know anything about it? I was going to try it but then some people on the internet stated that it was a form of demon oppression, and by using ayahuasca you open yourself up to possession. Also, how harmless is marijuana?

363. In the Bible we find it said that no man knows the hour or time in which Christ will return (basically the end times). Pretty much all of Christian denominations are preaching that the end times are here. How do we know that it’s end times now? The Bible as well as all who preach it say that they know because of how evil people are being and all of the chaos that’s going on today. But always been like that since the beginning. How do we know God isn’t planning to keep the planet going another 1000 years?

362. I read Red Jacket’s speech, the Native American who spoke to a white minister about refusing to convert to Christianity. He made sense in his speech, and one point that stood out to me was that he said “the Great Spirit has made his Red and White children different, and so wouldn’t it make sense He gave us different ways to worship Him?” I’m paraphrasing. And so I was wondering could that be true? Why is it only white Europeans knew about the true Christian God?

360. Ecclesiastes

359. I have just read “Why we should not be trying to draw people closer to God”. Why such harsh criticism of Paul? Why would God allow the writings of Paul in His Holy Word if it is not beneficial to our relationship with Him? I want to trust that God’s Word (Bible) will help me grow – now I feel confused and mistrustful. I have never interpreted Paul’s writings as you have. I do not want to be “led astray” by my ignorance. I realize this site is Christian; is it non denominational – what sect is this site connected to?

358. I’m not sure if something I read is prosperity theology or not…

357. I’m planning to adopt a kitten this week. I thought I saw some material you’ve written about pets, have you erased it?

356. 13reasons why

355. Your views of witnessing are obviously different compared to all the other material I’ve read on witnessing.  How are we even supposed to witness in a way that draws others to God? 

354. Can you explain the reason why God had the prophet killed by a lion in 1 Kings?

353. mii

352. Do you think God would allow me to have my husband get a vasectomy? Is He against us altering our natural state in order to achieve a specific goal?

350. Do you have any advice for those who are struggling with using God’s name in vain or as a curse/cuss word when they’re not even angry at God or trying to, it just slips out the moment of frustration even though you don’t want it to?

349. Can I please ask about the parables of the goats and sheeps in Matthew 25:31-46. Anyone reading it could easily come to the conclusion that good deeds are what brings you to heaven and lack thereof to hell. Why did Jesus depict the judgement day like that to His listeners? Was He still holding them to Old Testament requirements (submission as ongoing obedience) for salvation?

347. YLG

346. Has God built us in a way that He would allow anyone (including spiritual beings) to interfere with our dreams? Maybe allow people to eavesdrop on our dreams and jump into conclusions? Can God allow other beings (apart from Him) to eavesdrop on people’s spiritual communication exchanges with Him?

344. If God controls our life, does He consider us failures if we don’t get a certain career, or if our kids turn out bad, etc… aren’t we just living out His will for our life?

343. After reading through your material about the end times, I’m wondering: is there anything we can or should do to help others prepare for what’s coming?

342. Just read your article on Samson. Considering Hebrews 11:32-34 you may want to rethink saying he is in Hell.

341. Did Yahweh really lie about being the only God? Isiah 45:5 – I am Yahweh, and there is no other; apart from Me there is no God”?

340. Doesn’t the Immanuel prophecy from Isaiah prove that people knew about Jesus ahead of time?

339. If the Trinity isn’t real, why did God say “Let Us create man in Our own image”?

337. Must I like my fiance only through the Lord? Should I not feel affectionate towards him? I found out that I’ve been talking with him more often then I talk to God lately. And I seriously feel like this is bad. Is it?? Had I been totally single and have my attention to myself, I could have used all my attention on God and He wouldn’t get pissed at me for not remembering Him. Should I always be conscious about God? When I focus on some subject, I find it hard to remember that God exists that moment, right next to me. I feel like not thinking about God every second of my life might easily make Him mad.

336. Can we keep or get back the things we surrender to God? Or are they forever gone?

335. Is the account of Jude 1:9 real? Or is it just superstition?

333. veryconfused

332. Do we have any indication of the origins of our Gods? Or is this a question that is hindered by anthropologic thought?

330. If our Gods are the source of all evil and good, which I choose to believe, does this mean They choose to cultivate souls for evil? If They offer us the choice of fellowship with Them in light, which is my current path, do They also offer the same fellowship in darkness?

329. In the church I grew up in members of the congregation tithed, however as I have learned that tithing is not apart of the New Covenant. Growing up I remember different preachers coming to my church to preach and afterwards they would ask for a “special offering” for those preachers. But isn’t that making a buck off of God? Now when I asked this to my parents they said that generally all the tithes and offering collected on Sundays go to our pastor, in which he puts it all back into the church (quite suspicious I thought). So how do people keep a church up and running? Is it ok for the a pastor to be paid to be a preacher? Or is that an abuse of the flock?

328. How should a Christian handle mockery?

327. After discovering your website, I have been searching for a church I can attend that operates in some of these truths, are there any in Illinois that come close?

326. Why do we really fear death? If we are already saved and we know we are going to Heaven, then why do we fear death if it’s merely a transition to be with God?

325. Are we starting from a clean slate with this life? Or do we have a past life in any aspect (emotionally, spiritually)?

324. Could you kindly supply me with the name of the article that I read over a year ago. It had the analogy of life being a jungle and our chose of going it alone or with God and the difference it would make to go with God.

323. Regarding Question 322–So you’re saying if someone has submitted to God in past and then something bad happens like the lost of a child or something else and that person walks away from God, that means all of a sudden they’re no longer saved?

322. If salvation is obtained through submission, then does it mean a person loses their salvation if they initially submitted and later in life walked away from God not for rebellious reasons but because He allowed something to happen to them and didn’t help them and it angered/hurt them?

321. What’s the differences between a spirit and a soul?

320. I was wondering about this question long time. I get quite generic answers, but I’m looking for more clarity. Here’s the question: Adam sinned. All humanity came under the punishment/God’s wrath without our personal involvement. And, Christ is the last Adam and died as the atoning sacrifice. Why his death couldn’t undo the impact of Adam’s sin and bring us into salvation without our personal involvement? Why are we demanded that we must make a personal decision in the second case?  

319. Have you heard of a substance called ibogaine? Seems like a possible “quick fix” for addiction and trauma issues. What do you think? It can be hard for me to know sometimes how much effort to put into fixing something that is wrong with me, when God might not want it fixed, or at least not yet.

317. How can you be so sure Christianity is the truth?

316. God showing us the future is very scary and awesome at the same time. How or where can we learn about dealing with persistent visions?

315. Vampire

314. The Mrs.

313. How should we view the moon and the jubilee year?

312. Have you guys ever heard of Gematria? Is it true that people can predict things like world events or like sports games using it? It has a shady feel to it but some of the stuff adds up….

311. God Compass II

310. My parents divorce

309. Tangled Mess

307. Does your soul go to Hell if you commit suicide?

306. How do I know if God is telling me to do something?

305. Is swearing bad? What does God think about swearing and saying bad words specially when we are frustrated or angry?

304. Earthsuit teaching I found very interesting and logical. I’m interested on where this teaching originates, how was this information received?

303. When I’m in graduation I had made a vow that I would shave my hair. Then I said that no, no, I would shave after graduation. Then I said no, no after my master degree. Then I said no no after naukri. Then suddenly I fell ill and I said no no after marriage. Then I said when I grow old. Now I’m preparing for naukri and I’m in confusion about when I should complete my vow. I’m in decision that I should shave my hair during this year, but I’m afraid that after doing this I don’t want to do it again. But I repeated my vow to shave my hair after naukri and after marriage. I don’t want to get bound through life time. So after shaving my hair once, will I become free from my vow or not?  And if not, then what is the other solution? Please help because I want to take me out of this situation.

302. St. Matthew 5:43-47. Do these verses apply to the ethnic Jews of that time? Or is this for everyone everywhere? Can you share your take on these verses? I can forgive, but I’m not gonna kiss up to someone that hates my very existence. It seems to me that Jesus was dealing with the Jew’s superior attitude.

298. How can Jesus call Satan a liar and a murderer if our own Gods are the worst liars in the Bible and in our lives? False prophecies, misleading people, deceiving the apostles and their own prophets…and even today with the excuse of refinement or sanctification the real Gods make their people suffer at the devil’s hand. So who is the real liar ? God or the devil?

297. I have been struggling with whether or not I am experiencing condemnation from the enemy, conviction from the Holy Spirit, or my own guilt and shame. I have been troubled and fearful that I’m living in rebellion. I had sin in my past that I confessed to God, my husband and other wise counsel. I had a dream one night that I also confessed my sin to my daughter and since that time I’ve been burdened with whether or not this was the Lord telling me to confess my past sin to my daughter. I sought the Lord and felt like He was telling me to move forward, let it go, the past is in the past but I still have no peace. I will get to a place where I will have peace but then I have the fear of what if God is telling me to confess to my daughter. I truthfully have tried and have prayed for the courage to confess to her but I just can’t make the words come from my mouth. I even have a letter written in my purse to give her because I don’t have the courage to tell her. One minute I read something that makes me believe that this is the enemy tormenting me and the next I read or hear something that makes me believe I’m living in rebellion. Please help me!

295. What are some of the markers the Holy Spirit will give you when you’re trying to discern some type of teaching about God? Just really been trying to get His feedback on some things but just not really getting any clear direction or internal check whenever I’m trying to analyze some teaching.

294. Would you do a blessings Q&A?  What is a blessing? When we use it, is it just a special prayer of us telling God what favors He may give someone? A special wish like “good day” or “safe travels”? Like in Isaac and Esau, why is Esau so sour? Is a blessing non-reversible?

292. I have a few questions. Do you believe and worship God aka Yahweh, Jesus, and Holy Spirit of the Bible? Also 2nd Timothy 3:16 says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and profitable for doctrine for reproof for instruction in righteousness. So if that’s true, my 2nd question is how can God lie? Especially when we have verses that say otherwise–especially in Titus 1:2 “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie promised, before the world began? So how can we teach against that?

291. Could God mean for my life to have a “messianic” calling? What I mean is, could God’s purpose for my life be that I have to be just like Jesus Christ? Or am I just being delusional and this is just another case of the “Jerusalem syndrome”? -although I’ve never been there. I need guidance as I want to continue submitting to God and I’m afraid I’m just imagining things.

290. I have a question after having read your articles regarding the prophetic calling. How do you know when the right time to act/speak has come? I understand the message God has given me, but when do I start? The main struggle I have is the following: Does God want me to wait on Him until I receive a clear green light or does He expect me to operate in faith and go ahead with no need to wait for a “confirmation”?

289. Can you explain the mechanics of demonic harassment and that of mental illnesses? Are people who suffer from schizophrenia really just demon possessed, while doctors just simply label them with some mental illness? There symptoms include markers of demonic harassment paranoia, voices in their heads, etc.

288. I’ve been experiencing something that I don’t understand. I know that God and Jesus said we must love one another and be peacekeepers among other “loving your neighbour” kind of things. Even though I know what I have to do, I can’t do it. I feel anger and I strongly dislike humans (I’m no better), and I have this constant thirst for justice, wishing all the time that God Himself would come down and end it all. I know I should be a light to the world but I only desire for the world to burn. I know I’d probably burn too, but I also know I deserve it. I feel words are not enough to describe this voracious feeling I have to consume everyone with fire. I guess you get my point. Lastly, I’ve experienced something very strange that scares me, sometimes I start laughing hysterically almost as if possessed! Now, my desperate question is; does this come from God or I’m being harassed by demons? God is my everything and I think of Him most of the time. I really need your advice! I can’t share this with people in church because I don’t think they will understand…

287. “If you love Me, keep My commandments,” says Jesus. “The commandments” pointing to their Godly ten commandments??? which Jesus also wrote and kept to show us how to fulfill our love for (for His allegedly) Father God? On the question of submission, should the law of our Gods apply in this submission thing? That counts for obedience, so is keeping the Sabbath as it is not Jewish. Its found in Genesis before Jews and Isaiah 66 way after Jews and the modern world as we know it.

286. I truly felt God leading me to do something that to humans might seem moronic, but the conviction was/is there. After obeying what He told me to do, nothing happened. What would a good attitude be? Wait, forget, ignore? It’s all so unclear! What could I do to improve my situation?

285. Can you give me Scriptures which explain the conception of Jesus? I was taught Yahweh placed His spirit in Mary and she birthed Jesus? I’m thinking Jesus placed His Spirit in Mary?

283. Interim Philosophy

282. Is it possible to obey God’s convictions without being aware of it?

281. Is it sensible to fear that you can rebel against God in Heaven? After all we will continue to have the ability to choose when we enter eternity. If we still want to please Him in heaven but we “mess up” or rebel will He be swift/harsh in punishment?

279. How do I pray for the well-being of another person?

277. The Nephilim – Did angels really sleep with humans and have breeds called the Nephilim? Gen 6:4.

274. If we have an attitude of total surrender, does it mean that God will ensure we will never rebel against Him?

269. What happened to your article titled “God’s View of Addicts”?

268. Do you have any advice for those who have trust issues with God?

262. I am facing a very difficult situation, and I am inclined to cast lots to determine what God’s will is for me. However, I do not want to irritate or offend God by misusing the lots, so here is my question: Because my situation is so difficult, something is telling me to cast lots for two rounds…

258. How should we deal with someone who is possessed by a demon? Should we avoid them and just stay out of their way? Should we try to talk to the person and remind them that God still loves them and that their soul can still talk to God, since they might not know? I’m really unclear on how to deal with this issue and it really makes me uneasy and a little scared.

256. Fatherless

255. wolfseekerofthetrue

254. So I understand that God will eventually show you your errors in your theology about Him. He has recently done this with me and it is very difficult for me to grow out of. Growing up in the Pentecostal church and much of its teaching has been on the prosperity gospel. Growing up I have always thought that God rewards us for our devotion of Him, but as I have matured He has given me examples from the bible that refute my beliefs. The devoted prophets being homeless living on extreme bare resources, Moses having to grind through the wilderness, Jesus Himself being homeless and always on the move from place to place, Jeremiah & Isaiah being ridiculed, mocked, beaten, Job clinging to God in the mist of his circumstances etc. As you always state in your material God arranges for His best guys to get kicked in the head. And clearly these men proved that they were for God for more than just the perks. They knew that He never promised the blessings, so what was it that made them cling to Him even though He was the one was controlling their life circumstances. I’ve tried to serve God just for how much He could bless me but I know it’s wrong now I should not expect rewards for submission from Him. The place I’m now stuck is getting out of that type of mind frame. How do I do that?

253. Can you explain what is going on at SCOAN? It’s on Emmanuel TV. There are lots of deliverance type stuff going on there and it is rather confusing to me. Is it all deception? Are those really demons talking? Saying they come from the ocean? Are they playing games? Are they really being cast out? It all seems very flat and absent of the power of God.

250. I have been studying the Nazirite laws in Numbers 6 and the article you’ve written regarding the topic and also about Samson. The main take away is that these are people that are dedicated to Yahweh in a way and they show this by not drinking wine and not cutting their hair. If God is bringing this up, I think it must be important. But I’m not sure how to apply it? If it’s about devotion, I’ve already decided to devote myself to Them. Is there something else I’m missing? Is the idea behind the Nazirite more about the relationship between the person and God and not what they are suppose to give up? Is it both?

249. Hi, please help me…clarify this. There are views in the Bible that suggest a Triune God… like Jesus saying He and his father are one and God saying… and “let us make man in our image.” I also know there are views in the Bible that suggest three separate Gods, then there’s the First commandment: “I am God, you shall have no other Gods before Me.” I haven’t really gotten a clear answer from God on this, but I also probably haven’t advanced far enough in my relationship to fully discern. My husband’s grandma, who is Catholic, said God told her He was three in one. Please help me, I’m so confused.

247. salvation

246. I feel bad about being a Christian. I know that we should continue to trust in God no matter what people around us say, but now things are getting ridiculous. In my school, evolution is taught like fact, and all of my friends criticize me and say that I’m stupid. Why are people that claim to be tolerant doing the opposite? Was I wrong to tell others that I believe in God?

244. Very interesting article about the casting lots. I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I am going to give it a try since I am in a verge of making a very important decision in my life and I have asked for the guidance of Holy Spirit but things are still uncertain, at least it seems to be. But I totally understand that it is highly sight-based method and that I should not overuse it. I have a question about the casting lots. Is it okay to flip two coins into the air, one coin at a time, let the coins fell on my hand, and then interpret the pattern by looking at how coin fell onto my hand? or do I have to let the coin fell onto a hard floor rather than catching it with my hand? I am asking this because I think ancient practice of casting lots involved throwing two sided stones onto floor or ground rather than catching it with hand.

243. In your post Miracles in the End Times: The Mechanics & The God-Honoring Response, you stated in the last line, “We humans weren’t designed to handle power well. Instead, we were designed to feel most content when we are embracing our total dependency on our three all-powerful Creators: Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit.”  Can you elaborate on this please? What contentment are you talking about, and how does a human find the “most contentment”? I’m under the belief that such a defeatist attitude would have the opposite effect. What joy is there to be had through weakness? Our lives are based on ambition and the pursuit of power in order to get what makes us happy. Or maybe I’m seeing things through a human perspective since we are raised to be independent and self-sufficient, and that’s why it’s such a foreign concept. But how do you rewire decades of programming?

242. What should we focus on when HS lets his attack dogs ( baseball bats ) decide how to treat our earth suits? If HS’ attack dogs ( baseball bats, demons, human beings ) have limited choice, it seems logical to turn our focus off of HS and attempt to bargain with His attack dogs, because in those moments, by definition of the word choice, HS will not be choosing whether our earth suits will be lightly beaten or paralyzed for life, His attack dogs will.

241. How do you know if God is punishing you?

240. Follow up Surrender

239. I’m in a confused bind. I care about pleasing God. But when I feel He is asking me to do something, I get very afraid and upset about it. I feel like a hypocrite and possibly displeasing to God. What do I do?

238. Reading your post on Total Surrender it became CONSCIOUSLY clear to me that I failed a chance at deepening my surrender to God. When God was making a certain attitude to embrace very, very, very hard, I kept fighting repeatedly, I mean this process went on for what had to be months here and there, He gave me many chances, and in the long run I do not believe I succeeded.

237. In St. John 1:1-5, 14 these verses speak of the “Word”! What is that? Why use that terminology? People say the Bible is the Word, and that Jesus is the Word. What exactly did the writer have in mind by expressing the passage this way?

235. In one of your articles you mentioned that God will eventually require us to give up everything that is important to us to surpass certain levels with Him. Can we do this on our own or is it something He has to initiate?

234. sally

232. You say that God’s patience is going to be very thin with us in the end times. Suppose there is a Christian who is still struggling with a certain sin or an addiction but still wants to please God. Will God still nail that Christian or will He be merciful and understand his struggle?

230. In Genesis 29, it says Leah was unattractive and Rachel was beautiful. Because of this, the husband of both of them, Jacob, only loved Rachel. In verse 31, it says “When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless.” If the Lord is near to the brokenhearted, would He also be near to unattractive, brokenhearted people in the world who are males? Or is it just the brokenhearted females because they are the fairer sex? It is understandable if He only cares about the females because they hurt inside, but I am a male and I can understand if God would not give any care about me, as there is no reason to (unattractive male who is not wealthy). I would just like confirmation that I should not ask God for compassion because He would turn away from me.

228. I have several thoughts on refinement that I need clarification on…

227. Is it God’s desire that we vote? It’s been told to me that it is a civic duty.

226. In one of your posts you mentioned that God is mega pleased with souls who have permanently surrendered to Him. Just what is that? I’ve never heard this term in church or in the bible. Have you removed your permanent surrender material? I cannot seem to find it. If so, are there any other articles that focus or touch on that topic?

225. All evil comes from God–or so you say, that both good and evil comes from God. So I have a question. My father keeps having these occurrences of “bad luck”. He tries to help a lot of people, but in the process something bad usually happens to him. Here’s what happened…

224. I read the The Process & Purpose of Being Dominated by God. I want to understand something more clearly: so in order to achieve intimacy with God, we have to respond well to His invitations right?…

223. If I tell God to “go to hell” what will happen?

222. Since it is your view that Paul does not believe in the Divinity of Jesus, how then do you explain Colossians 1:16? I really do see what you are saying. I have seen it for years. Paul does seem to stop just short of proclaiming the Divinity of Jesus, and in some passages, from that standpoint, seems to identify Him as only another man. If that is true I have a serious problem with Paul. However, Colossians 1:16 doesn’t describe any kind of man I have ever known: a man who existed before creation, whom God created the world through. It sounds like Paul is saying Christ is God. On another note, this idolizing of the Bible I began to catch onto when I was in college in my mid twenties. I think you are right in saying that the Bible has become an idol, even though I do believe it comes from God, just like Nehushtan.

221. It seems that God has very clearly set a pattern that all life follows: we’re born, educated (albeit in different ways depending on culture), and then we spend most of our life working to earn money, before finally retiring. What are His reasons for setting it up this way? Why does it have to be this way? There are some people that end up devoting their life to ministries that don’t necessarily follow this pattern (such as you, Pursuit of God). But it is confusing to me whether this is the path God wants me to go. What are some ways to discern this?

220. Before I introduce a new song at church, I always do my best to make sure it’s theologically sound. So I carefully think about it and then ask for second opinions (including Christians on the internet). I came upon an article written here by Anna Diehl called Corrupted Worship Songs: Your Grace is Enough…

218. FaithfulWarrior000

217. Akash

216. H6m5gd7

214. “For God so loved the world, that He gave his only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16)  What does ‘believe’ mean in this text? I’m sure it doesn’t mean ‘simply believing that Jesus is God’s Son’ or ‘knowing that Jesus is ‘for real.’

213. Sin,Repentance, & Discipline

210. 11947

209. What should I be doing after having recommitted myself to Christianity after a 2 year period of genuine atheism?

208. endtime question

206. Struggling

203. Please help me to understand how I should pray if my daughter has cancer. What if this is part of God’s plan? How do we deal with that? Will my prayers for her 100% recovery be answered?

202. Dot18

201. Dot18

199. I’m not really concerned how people in my country are responding to God.. is it okay? It’s obvious they are rebelling and doing it so eagerly and a way that seems so logical and smart. The more they get away from God,, the more sensible they are,… We’re in a really bad state, but I don’t care much. The only thing I fear is how terrible it would be if I get along their ‘logical’ thinking and start ignoring God. And how they are being against God is really bad for them, but again, that’s not my business. But what I’m worried is this: I’m supposed to be aligned with God’s priorities, and if I’m doing a good job, I should be angry when He is, right? God would be angry with rebels around me but I don’t care….does this mean my priorities are not aligned with my Gods’?


196. Why is it that Islam is growing so fast? Is not Islam a cult rejecting glorious Jesus Christ?  I am repulsed by any picture or mention of this religion and can not help it. In one of your articles you mention that our Gods are very sensitive about true Christians helping God’s enemies. Aren’t Muslims in general Yahweh’s enemies? You also wrote that every soul gets convictions from The Holy Spirit. Do Muslims get the same amount of convictions as anybody else? Why they do not just accept Jesus in much greater numbers? How, as a Christian, should I view Muslims to honor our three Gods? Mature Christians should not fear because they know Yahweh is being in absolute control of everything but I am stressed and angry at the way Yahweh is spreading Islam all over the globe. Am I being rebellious or immature?

195. I joined a Church of England church a few months ago, believing it was the right thing to do after reading many Christian websites that you can’t be a true Christian without being a member of a Church…

194. What is your opinion of “Our Lady Fatima”? I’ve seen some Catholics online reference prophecies made by her and claim they are being fulfilled. I thought Fatima would be a prophetess but it was actually a title they made for Mary. And the actual prophecies were written by someone named Sister Lúcia in the form of memoirs, sometimes they call them “secrets”. It seems fishy to me, since they say Mary was the source of the prophecies… more Catholic idol worship.

193. Why does God love Jacob so much? He didn’t spend much of his life listening to God did he? I don’t see why Esau is less loved…at least Esau didn’t trick anybody. Jacob seems to have lived a life of lies..would God have taken him to Heaven? What was the point in emphasizing His love for Jacob, when he was such a bad role model??

192. Spirits of divination. Sometimes when we are really seeking God would He allow us to be challenged by one? Can they read your thoughts? Why would they know me inside and out? Them, the individual talking, have descriptions or titles for themselves? Example: individual says something on your mind. You’re interested so you talk to them. They say I am Abodon or The thief on the cross. Does spiritual self-importance show if it is a test? Not judging the person, just the words.

191. billy-bob

189. Theo

188. “When Jesus chose out three of His disciples to share extra information with on earth, everyone knew He was showing favoritism.” Who are these three people and where in the Bible can I find it?

187. Transference

186. Help wanted

185. Ji Eun

184. Will you give a commentary on who the “lawless one, who’s coming is in accordance with the work of Satan” is in 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12.  Those verses which Paul wrote are loaded when it comes to the common End Time theology material taught by the Church. I know where you stand on Paul, and I’ve read all of your opposing End Time theology that removes the Antichrist figure but there just seems to be a significant portion of places in the Bible where Paul and other NT writers did talk about things regarding the future that would lead you to the Church’s beliefs and teaching on the “end times” as fairly accurate seeming.

183. Sally

182. The God Compass

181. Concerning ‘intercessory prayer’, is it true that at times God will still guide us to pray for other people based on the following Bible teachings…

180. I now realize I have been stumbling around for a long time and have gone too far from focusing on my Gods as I should have. The harsher the situation, I should have held on to the Lord more tightly but I’ve let go without noticing and strayed for too long. I discovered several days ago that I do not understand some concepts about God that is quite basic and felt something is really wrong. I know that God will hold on to me and that the reason I could realize I’ve been wrong is because He did not give up on me. But I don’t think I’m repenting hard enough. I don’t think I’m really feeling it. I don’t know if I mean it, because I already know what I should say. I have already learned how I should think and how I should feel about God’s involvement in my life- I already know the words and the emotions- and so I’m worried if I’m acting it out. I’m worried I’m not truthful even to Him.  When David sinned, he repented. But he felt really bad about what He has done. Strongly. But my repentance is not strong at all, It was almost just ‘noticing something is wrong and kinda wanting to get back on track’. I know this is better than just sitting around and not caring how God thinks of me, but I think I should have much more fear of the Lord. It’s as if I’m taking His forgiveness for granted.

179. many questions

178. I have a question about casting lots. If God indicates that He doesn’t want to communicate with me through the lots, or if I get “silence” for an answer, does that mean I am not allowed to cast anymore lots on this issue in future?

177. What do you think about the Illuminati?

176. English is my secondary language, please help me understand the word ‘charade’ in ‘you need to stop confusing His human charade on earth with His Divine Identity’ from the message Problematic Worship Songs: THIS I BELIEVE (The Creed) by Hillsong. My dictionary only gives this translation: “a comic show” (such as “I love Lucy” or “Three’s company”). Could you please explain how we should interpret “His human charade on earth”? 

175. Uncle Bob

174. Tania

173. I heard many pastors speak of how modest and humble Jesus is, and that it is the greatest characteristic we can learn from Jesus, since He is the first ‘person’ to teach us to be humble compared to other prophets in other religions…

172. Holding On

170. Tyson

168. I’m really trying to understand what seem to be huge contradictions on your site…

167. Soph

165. You write that the Bible isn’t fully the inspired Word of God. I understand where you are coming from if you mean it wasn’t “inspired” when Job’s wife told Him to “curse God and die”, but that just means that she didn’t speak from inspiration. It says in 2 Timothy 3: 16 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” So, if it is as you say, that the Bible is not the Word of God and His way of communicating to us today, how is it that God speaks to us and reveals His will?  

164. Anger

163. Flower

162. I am getting incestuous thoughts in my head. Now that I accept myself as I am, those thoughts have grown to include others in my incestuous thoughts. Why is this happening? Why did God make me so disgusting??

161. Torture

159. I am a teen. In my school we have to do a minimum number of events for community service/events. So if God works through me to help the elderly/disabled,isn’t it bad that I take the glory for doing these things when I write it down on forms explaining everything that I did for them?

158. Is it really true that everything we’ve ever done, whether good or bad, will be known to everyone when we have to answer to our Gods? I used to hear about this when I was younger and I think I may have read it in the Bible, I can’t remember… If it’s true, what would be the purpose? Especially, if we repented and asked our Gods to make us all that They want us to be. What would be the point of everybody knowing everything we’ve ever done? It wouldn’t make sense to me because I wouldn’t want to know everything that others have done, particularly any wrongdoings. It would probably make me see the worst in others. Again, what would be the point?

157. What does Deuteronomy 8:3 mean?

156. hcho1

155. **They brought the coin, and He asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?” “Caesar’s,” they replied. Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at Him.** Why were they amazed? I don’t think I’m understanding it properly.

154. In reading your reply to Question 152 you mentioned what seems to be the highest level of submission. I want it but I know I don’t have it. Just reading it went over my head at first, I had to re-read it to even mentally understand what it was. I totally understand submission for self serving reasons (it makes me feel good to know God is pleased) but the layer further you were explaining is very foreign. How does someone get there? Is it only for special souls/callings?

153. Will socializing distract me from my relationship with my Gods?

152. Sometimes I wonder if my submission to God is nothing more than a cheap manipulation tactic on my part to avoid punishment or trials. One of the reasons I submitted/re-submitted after nearly a decade of hardcore rebellion is because God made it clear He could make my life infinitely worse than it was/is. He didn’t get into specifics but I knew He wasn’t making a baseless threat. I start to think what if God still decides turn my life upside down whether it be because I’m being punished or as a trial? I know if there is any manipulation going on on my part God has already seen through it so it’s not like I’m hiding anything. I guess sometimes I worry if my submission to God (along with the other three soul attitudes He wants) is genuine. I’ve asked God that if there is any attempt at manipulation on my part for Him to show me and to help me better my treatment of Him because I know there there is no stopping the punishments or trials God wants to have happen.

151. Why in the Old Testament does God say that it did not enter His mind the things that the Israelites did to sin? Was He talking about what practices they were doing to worship one of the many idols they took up?

150. How could Jesus, being a true God like the Father and the Holy Spirit, be tempted by Satan?  Jesus was asked to adore Satan and for a reward Satan would give to Him all kingdoms of the world. Really this a question that the mainstream Church can’t answer. Some say that Satan didn’t know Jesus in Heaven. Others say that temptation of Jesus was just hallucination or made up to give more credit to Him.

149. Is it bad that I feel weird when I try to pray to God out loud? I mean, I feel very comfortable talking to God in my own head, but out loud it just feels weird, I can’t explain it. So 99% of the time I just pray in my head. Is it wrong?

148. When we die and all is stripped away, what is left? Since everything that I identify as me–likes, dislikes, preferences even memories–are part of the physical, what then is my soul? 

147. For those with a similar situation as the person who asked question #144, should we pray for that family member? If yes, how should we pray so that we can please God in this matter? If no, how can we with a God created human nature watch loved ones go to Hell?

146. CompassionContinuedPt.3

145. Sparrow

144. What would you think….

143. I got it.

142. Red Cloud

141. Question

140. What does the word “brattitude” mean? I can’t find this word in a dictionary. Perhaps this is a typing error?

139. After reading your material on “Using our Talents,” it’s almost as if there is no point in working hard to achieve a dream or a goal. And not to mention God’s sovereignty I really don’t feel like I should even try to reach my dream anymore. What trips me up even more is why would He give us our talents and interests if He won’t allow us to even enjoy them? Some of us are really trying to honor God with our talents but we still don’t even get to fully realize our dreams! Only to see people who don’t even have an ounce of respect for God to reach their dreams and don’t even deserve it or work for it! I do understand and recognize that we can’t really get too far without compromising our relationship with God, but doesn’t He honor work ethic (Colossians 3:23 Proverbs 13:4)?

138. When I read an article about supernatural beings, I can’t help but wonder why no story like that reaches my ears. In the core of a very busy city, nobody seems to have any trouble with demons. At least, no one seems to be aware of it. I mean, I know demons can make their words seem like God’s to me, but I have never ‘felt’ a supernatural being. It’s common sense these among most people (not the ones who are weirdly absorbed in church communities) that demons and ghosts are imaginary, just as unicorns are. And while some friends might tell others about an encounter with a ghost, it would just be for fun, just to spook each other out. And if that friend is too serious about it all, others would think he’s out of his mind, and if he sticks to his story, he might end up being locked in in a psychiatric ward. Yet in places like Africa, people seem to be open to the fact that there really could be demons around us, and relatively many seem to be constantly bothered by them. Why had God made this difference between cultures? It’s almost like demons don’t exist in Korea but they do in certain other countries….though that’s probably not true..?

137. What happened to the Permanent Surrender category? I tried to search key words, but none of the articles on permanent surrender come up. Has it been moved to another section?  This material has been removed.  See #8 on our FAQ page.

136. Some scientists say that you can see demons using ultra violet light or being able to see ultra violet light by getting a part of your eye (that filter UV ) surgically removed.. is this true??  Also how is it that animals can sense the presence of demons but we humans can not??

135. Prophet

134. You mentioned in one of the articles that Heaven might be somehow connected with Hell and souls on both sides of eternity will be able to see each other. Souls in Heaven will be transformed in new creatures with purpose of serving our three magnificent Gods. This is what I believe. But what if I see my wife or my mother in Hell. Would I see them the same way as God would, rebellious souls deserving eternal torment? Would God prepare us for such encounters? 

133. How to know that a spirit is near to you or if it is trying to communicate with us through different methods?

132. Considering most Christians believe the Bible is infallible, is it actually possible to be please God while holding onto such a belief considering His attitude towards idolatry? Obviously if God is informing an individual soul about the Bible being imperfect that’s one thing but are there some souls who He just doesn’t bother with trying to correct their views on the Bible not because those souls are rebellious, but because He just simply doesn’t feel it’s important for their spiritual growth? I guess I’m asking because I want my loved ones who are saved to have a good relationship with God too, but the majority of them believe the Bible to be infallible as well. I know ultimately what goes on between God and other souls is none of my business at the end of the day but I still can’t help but worry about them.

131. You were recently asked about when the end times will kick off and you responded not to think in terms of decades and that it’s coming quicker than that. While I won’t ask for a specific date, my personal guess for awhile now has been between 5-10 years when it will start, is that about right?

130. Clouds

129. I read your article about constrictive convictions, and this really describes what is happening to me. However, it is getting so extreme that I don’t know whether it’s from God or Satan at this point. It is to the point where I feel conviction about practically everything I do outside of working, eating, and sleeping. It is like God won’t let me read ANY book, watch ANY movie, go to ANY church, engage in ANY of my usual hobbies, etc. It would seem rational if He wanted to have one on one time with me, but then when I try to spend time with Him instead of doing those things, He is completely silent. I’m just not sure why He would want me to sit around doing nothing during my free time if He isn’t going to talk to me. Because sitting around doing nothing is literally what I’ve resorted to doing the last few days. I seem to be having some serious discernment problems, if you have any input please help.

128. beliefs

127. I have been wondering how physically prepared we should be for the end times. Of course, following our Gods is the most crucial process during the end times, but how do we prepare ourselves and such in terms of shelter, food, clothing, money, etc…? I think us serious Christians who want to honor and please our Gods want to do and be our best for Them, so I’m wondering how to also be physically ready while being spiritually focused on Them.

126. Hello, in the section End Times, apart from the regular articles, there was a small list of what End Times would be like and how the Church would respond. There was mentioned a small town in US where the End Times would start. That information was very concrete, though it stuck in mind. Now I can not find it anymore. Why did you taken away? Something changed?

125. LoveHateLove

124. Trees

123. There are quite a few posts about the end times lately… They’re fast approaching, aren’t they? What do you think we’re talking here, ten, 20, 30 or maybe 40? I’m getting up there and don’t have a lot to fall back on except depending on our Gods.

122. G&Y LOVE36

121. It is hinted in the end times posts that God is very angry with some churches and will be nailing them. Given that His patience is shorter around the time, will He be punishing all people who align themselves or even attend these rebellious churches?

120. God loves diversity re: gender, and if God knows that some people are born gay, why do you mention gay people and child molesters in the same sentence? I think it’s fairly clear that one is worse. Your website helped me when I needed it the most, but then I came across your article on homosexuality. I understand that in the Bible homosexuality is condemned….but child molestation IS NOT. How do you reconcile this? If two consenting adults have sex, how is that the equivalent to someone molesting a child? I’m fairly sure God doesn’t view these two “sins” equally.

119. I believe God is putting me through a trust trial, and I really want to be able to learn what He wants me to learn during this trial, and be able to trust Him, but I just don’t think I have the resources to be able to do what your material says…

118. Forgive me for eavesdropping, but I was looking at the Q&A section and stumbled upon #107 regarding lucid dreaming. I admit I don’t have proper context so I could be totally wrong, but I believe the person may be referring to daydreaming/ fantasizing specifically. I have a similar issue as do most of my millennial friends. One could blame movies/ video games/ books, our ADD society, or the times that we live in, but escapism seems to be the drug of choice among my peers. I’m aware of the psychological and social ramifications, but my question is: what is God’s take on it and why? It’s clearly a coping device for deeper issues, but how can God help us wake up from it, or at least redirect the dreams in a way that honors & includes Him? This would be a good post as so many people suffer from it. Again, I don’t mean to pry.

117. Assuming there is a tribe of natives that have never heard of other countries and much less the gospel of Jesus, but instead this tribe believes in a great spirit that governs our world… Knowing that our Gods speak to us in terms we can understand, would our Gods present Themselves to people in that culture as a great spirit or great spirits?? Or different gods?? How do the present Themselves to people who have no possible way of hearing the gospel or have no connection to the world??

116. My husband and I are experiencing the Mandela Effect. We are permanently surrendered…what is going on??

115. I know I need to stop this, but I keep feeling like I need to accept Christ and I do it over and over. How do I stop listening to the compulsion in my mind to do this? I get afraid that if I ever stop asking and just believe God has saved me, I will end up being deceived and stand before God when I die and be told I was never saved. I know that I cannot move forward if I keep doubting this, and I can’t claim the promises of God about how He sees life. I’m not sure if He saved me. This is stagnating me, but one part of me feels like I can never be sure, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. I worry that I don’t have heart felt faith that Jesus really died on the cross and rose again. it’s so farfetched to actually imagine that happening. I want to believe and I have told God that. It’s annoying to Him, I know, but I have that persistent thought that I need to ask again especially when I commit a sin.

114. I have been struggling with why God would allow demons to attack me in their causing me to doubt if I was saved…

113. Why is it that when God is displeased with us He clearly makes it known to us, but when it comes to souls who greatly please Him, it’s almost as if He’s purposely more quiet about it?

112. Can you explain Isaiah 30:15? Is God actually speaking here? If so is it still applicable for us today, and what are some ways to practice it?

111. Last week, I read an article on your site, titled ‘Is God Punishing Me?’. I saved it to print out later, but unfortunately the content is now gone. Would you please fix the link again?

110. Can you guys do a movie review of The Encounter (2010) with Bruce Marchiano as Jesus? I like some of the points in the movie but it seemed so shallow and the portrayal of Jesus seemed to make our God look like an all loving hippie who has no wrath or anger, just love, love, love.

109. God gives, and God takes. Once He opened the heart of a hiring director to let me into his company. Now He has harderend the hearts of two different managers who together are saying unfavorable things to my immediate supervisor. My question is, is it acceptable to fight to uphold my working reputation, or is that considered taking vengeance and stepping onto God’s turf? This firm markets itself as a Christian one. It may be revelant, but a month ago I consciously permanently surrendered and that’s when the animosty worsened considerably. Have read the article ‘When God destroys your reputation’.

108. There are certain things posted here that I do not agree with given what I know of the Bible but I have also read on your site that there are portions of the Bible you believe are reliable and others which you feel have been corrupted. What I would like to know therefore is where your assurances of what you teach comes from and how you know that the parts you feel are correct are in fact correct. How do you know that what you are teaching is not based on a part of the Bible which has itself been corrupted? Do you have another source of spiritual illumination against which you subject the Bible to scrutiny?

107. Do you have any thoughts on lucid dreaming (morality of it/what God thinks)?

106. Is God all for us jumping out of comfort zones in life?

105. In a recent response to me (Question 103) you wrote: “The casting out bit is a classic demon ploy, and one which they will always try whenever God dials down the sensual confirmation. ” I am interested in the operation of this! But a small comment first. Now I think in this, the strongest strategy is for the demon to say that they are ‘god’, and you are suffering under the hand of God. If they do this, they must establish it in some manner…

104. Bob77

103. I read your article Why the Holy Spirit Left You: Guidance for Panicking Christians.  The question is, is this from a ‘word of knowledge’, for a summation of your personal experience. If it is from experience you might be able to comment on my situation…

102. Why did God give me sexual desires? I struggle often with my perverse wantings and wish I could find a way to deal with it. It really bothers me.

100. If God controls everything, how does it work when we are good at something? Let’s say I’m really good at driving or playing a game, or I’m learning and getting good, how is God involved in this? Do we actually have skill at something, or not?

99. I listened to a false prophet, caused myself problems because I believed her, now I have to clean up the mess I made by myself, and I feel like God is punishing me, forsaking me, and has absolutely no sympathy at all for me and for those affected. How can I get God to help me clean up this mess I made and to care about us and help us out?

98. Regarding the article “Should I stay in a church that affirms gay marriage?” – Being born different is not a problem, so why in the name of sweet logic is being born not hetero a problem?  

97. What is the secret place of the Most High? Is it attainable or is it just wishful thinking?

96. Why did Jesus hate the Pharisees and the Sadducees so much?

95. What are the ancient paths in the book of Jeremiah?

94. Why are unicorns mentioned in the bible? Is it the typical unicorns we imagine today?

93. Did Adam and Eve really live to be over 900 years old? Or was there a different numbering system used at the time Moses wrote this? Why do people say that the numbering system was different therefore implying that Adam couldn’t have lived to be 900 years old but rather something like 100? Why did our Gods limit our years? Was it our wickedness?

92. I have read most of your articles. One thing I’m still having major problems with is the issue of tithing. In the church I attend, tithing is a huge deal. I have a decent job that typically should be able to meet my needs. However, money seems to be a huge deal. There’s just always one bill or (forgotten) bad debt, financial issue that rears its head every month, and I’m worried that it’s because I don’t pay my tithes.

91. Since everything comes from God, why did He make sin?

90. How to get back with God after you’ve murdered someone?  Will He even take you back?

89. I recently just spoke out in Young Adults bible study about the level of biblical idolatry in today’s church. They of course all jumped on me as expected. However I don’t know what to say to “How do you know if things come from God or not without a bible to run them off of?” What do I say to these people?

88. Is there any possibility of having church fellowship with you?

87. So, What is the difference between following Yahweh and following Jesus? I’m having a real hard time looking at them as separate Gods. And very rarely do I think about the Holy Spirit. I have read most of your material and it is definitely making me ask questions. Jesus is the same as his Father so the more I read this material, I feel like there is no hope for me and that I’m going to Hell. Seeing God ,Jesus or the Holy spirit as loving I can’t see especially after reading about the priest going to Hell. You say God is not a Ogre but the way your writing about Jesus, your making Him sound like He doesn’t love us either–that what He did was just for show. What’s the point of being a Christian? I agree with the 4 key attitudes reverence, submission, trust and dependency, and I have none of those. I was raised in a military home with a Vietnam vet as a father, and I was not brought up that way. I’m really trying to understand.

86. I have recently been reading a couple of your articles which referenced the sacrificial system for sin. After reading them I have this thought in my head that I can’t seem to shake, but I have never heard it talked about. I feel like God is trying to teach me something but I am not there yet in order to hear it, something is still missing. God expected the sacrificed animals to be without blemish, etc. The best specimens of their kind. I know that with animal breeding the best specimens are usually the ones that are bred to make a stronger and more robust next generation of animals, more resistant to disease, less physical problems, reduction in herd defects, etc. The sacrificial system seems to me like it carried along with it an automatic reduction in the quality and quantity of livestock, because the best animals weren’t around for market sale, breeding, etc. The more that animals needed to be sacrificed to atone for sin the lower the quality of the remaining herds would have been. I feel like the lesson is something deeper than just being a secondary subtle punishment (less income possible and more livestock problems to deal with), so I figured I would ask.

85. Do you think so that is possible for an ex-Christian to come back follow God and Jesus? Even if there is no faith or passion for Them anymore inside of my heart ? I don’t believe anything written in the bible and I don’t believe in church or pastor, priests. Yesterday because of some problems that are  happening in my life (which really started 8 years ago when I was a Christian and the end was I left God and started to fight with my own strength) is getting worse and my agnosticism is not helping anymore. My questions are about what I did last night. I prayed to God and Jesus. I asked for Their help because I can’t take it anymore. They know that I don’t believe any more in Jesus or the Holy Spirit–only in God and even I am not sure if He is the One that the Bible describe but I asked Them to help and accept me the way that I am and help me out with faith. I don’t need too much to be happy just a normal average life like everyone else.  The best thing about leaving God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is that you stop believe in demons. I prefer to call them garbage, useless thoughts that try disturb us from our path of self-realization. I am a fighter and I know that you only lose a battle if you accept this in your mind and I refute this so I begged Them for help again.

83. When I try to talk about God to my unsaved friends, it always ends up in a circular argument, and I’m tired of fighting with them.  Am I doing something wrong?  Aren’t we commanded to share the Gospel?

82. How come so many of the people in the Bible are treating God badly?  Why aren’t there more good role models?

81. What does God mean when He tells people to be holy in the Bible?

80. Is it wrong for a Christian to take prescription medications to treat chronic depression?

79. Is it true that God can’t do miracles if we’re lacking in faith?  That sounds wrong to me.

78. Samson is in the Hebrews “hall of faith,” yet you say he’s probably in Hell.  How do you come to that conclusion?

77. What’s the difference between God’s “permissive” will and His “perfect” will?  Doesn’t He always get His way?  Or do we get in His way?

76. Crucifixion is such a horrible thing. How could God the Father want that for His Son?

75. Is there really power in Jesus’ Blood?

74. Jesus said He would come back before “this generation” passes away.  How long is a biblical generation?

72. I read your article on bible idolatry and I fully agree. However, I’m wondering what should believers use the bible for? I agree God can speak through it, but I’ve recently learned that God can speak through anything. What separates the bible from everything else or makes it special? Is it? Should it be separated? And have you personally run every bit of scripture past God?

71. Do you think the more money a person has, the less likely he/she will pursue a relationship with Our Gods? Hence, no reason at all to envy rich folks…

70. What do you think about rich celebrities or otherwise who were raised as Christians but have sunk to new lows?…

69. I came across your site in the middle of a massive crisis of faith. I stopped going to church altogether because it felt like I was being forced to go and I never felt at peace or closer to God and all they seem to want from me there is money. The priest’s teachings never seem to have anything to do with me and I was getting angrier and more frustrated with everything. I did try out Buddhism and felt more peace for a short time than I had in a while but I was not worshiping, I am still a Christian, I just practiced meditation and tried to be less focused on material things. Is it wrong to practice Buddhist teachings to help you be a better person while still believing in God for as long as it doesn’t contradict God’s teachings? I know the Buddha was just a man and don’t worship him in any way but I feel lacking as far as Christianity is concerned and I’m not sure how to progress.

68. You claim that Jesus did not come to fulfill the Old Testament Law because that Law needed no fulfillment, yet Jesus spoke Matt 5:17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them.”  Your thoughts?

67. Rereading the accounts of: 1) the Canaanite woman and the Roman centurion, compared to 2) Peter, Paul, the apostle John, Moses & Noah.  Why do our Gods give more spiritual insights to sincere souls that do not have special callings and give less insights to those who have special assignments?

66. Why does Yahweh visit Abraham as 3 men? If Yahweh was really pushing for the whole monotheistic god package, why throw Abraham a curve ball of appearing as 3 strangers? Why is it that when Jesus was introducing the polytheistic Gods package, did He come in the form of 1 human Jewish man? Why not have Yahweh and the Holy Spirit accompany Him as a united front of 3 men like Yahweh did with Abraham?

63. You’ve written that the end times would last years, I’m curious how God will keep the world running while He is doing all these miraculous things for such a long period. For instance, I remember reading somewhere that if shipping shut down completely, it would take something like a month to run out of food. Why would people care to go to work, when they are in the end times? These questions also make me wonder how He sustained Egypt during His miracles…

62. I noticed you call God Yahweh and not Yehovah. Both of them can work with YHWH and I’ve read arguments for both and have been going back and forth to be honest. I’m wondering what is your reasoning for Yahweh and not Yehovah? Because this has been something that has been bugging me to get right for a while.

61. I was going over the article: How God Wants Us to Relate to Four Kinds of Beings, and I was curious as to why only 4 kinds of beings? Why not 2: us and our Gods? Why not 3: just animals, Gods, and us? Or why not us, our Gods, and angelic beings? Why haven’t we been introduced to some of the other countless projects our Gods have going on? Yes we are an idolatrous species but knowing this why still have angelic beings and animals? Why not have more? It’s not like we aren’t worshiping other things than our Gods….

60. I’ve been thinking about the Creation account in Genesis where our Gods say that they created everything (plants, earth, animals, and finally humans)…

59. Why do our Gods want us to refer to Them with male pronouns or think of Them as males? Clearly They think of men and women as equal so why not female instead of male? Or why all 3 of our glorious Creators as males instead of maybe 1 of 3 being female or 2 of 3, etc?

58. So I have a relatively minor seasonal problem. I have an unhealthy fear of spiders, roaches and butterflies. I don’t fear all bugs. Maybe because i don’t have a memory of when I haven’t been terrified of these pests, I didn’t think to talk to God about it. I assumed that’s just how I am, a natural part of me. I now despise my reaction to these things, because I know it’s irrational. After recently spraying a spider to death, I asked God if He would help me to get over my fear. Is there a correlation between small and big fears? Does the fact that I can’t handle small present things mean bigger future ones would be a crushing experience? I mean if I can’t handle a simple butterfly flying towards me, how am I suppose to handle a swarm of bugs in the end times? Is God planning on injecting me with a dose of courage at some point?

56. How do I know if the Creator loves me?

55. Could you please explain the concept of being “anointed”? The way it’s so commonly used today makes it seem that everyone must be qualified to have this title. Also, could you explain the dynamic of God using someone? I think it’s so fascinating how God uses horrible circumstances and turns them into the very tool in order to mature someone for a future task (ie: Moses and David). On the contrary, can we squander God’s purpose for our life with continual rebellion (ie: Saul)? Or was that just a single exception?  Is it a bad thing to want success and God? Or then again could I be fooling myself that I would keep God first in my life if he granted me all the success I desired?

54. Sadistic joy

53. Was on YouTube earlier today and am still greatly disturbed by a video I watched. It was 10 torture/execution methods used in history. I can’t help but sitting here and thinking in light of Gods sovereignty…..why, oh why, oh why was this even ever imagined by humans??? If it’s not really from humans because no human can really imagine anything outside or apart from God, and it’s not the devil seeing how God takes full responsibility for all “good” and “bad” that goes on in this world…..How, oh how can God be involved in that and okay actively watching it? It is disturbing beyond my brains ability to process without going into psychological shock.

52. I have been struggling to find the right church home as I’m finding the KJV Bible is the only scripture I should be reading as it’s without error from my understanding. I had previously been attending a non- denominational church but stopped going as they read out of the NIV which leaves several verses out from God’s Word. I also enjoy singing contemporary Christian Music and enjoy singing to God but the Baptist church I had started going to strayed away from that and the pastor said that the reason they sing the old fashioned way is that it’s the only right way. My question is what’s wrong with contemporary Christian music? Also I struggle with Saturday or is it Sunday? Or should it be any day I pick and nobody should judge me? Does the Bible mention this? Also I struggle everyday with the same sin which is lust I ask God to help but it seems that I make half-hearted attempts to change. What could I do to change this? I feel like I’m a lukewarm Christian and the harder I try to change my behavior the more Satan interferes with my plans.

50. Thoughts on David Wilkerson’s “Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth”? Why can’t Christians see the profanity and God mocking in all politicians? I feel that God is inevitably going to thrash the western nations and we had better be on His side when He does. But there are even websites to try and stop ‘frightening prophecies.’ People are going to get hammered and many won’t know why.

47. I’ve read your post on how about being a parent is a high calling and we should not reject if God suddenly put a child under our care (whether she/he is our biological child or not). The problem is I don’t have any desire to have children. I’m a woman and while my society claims that if you’re a true woman then you should want to have a child (relating to nurturing instinct, bla bla) I just simply don’t want to.

46. I had an abortion almost two years ago. I did not want to have this and it has effected me very negatively, I feel I robbed the baby’s future and destiny. I regret it deeply and would do anything to get my unborn child back but I know that will never happen. I just want to know did my child have a future ahead or did God know I would make this tragic mistake, I’m very confused and distressed. I can only pray for forgiveness and another chance at motherhood in the future.

45. Being a virgin and wanting to fulfill God’s desire to only have sex when I’m married, can I expect God to give me a virgin girl, or is that unrealistic?  If the answer is no, then God can give me a woman that is not a virgin, correct?   If God gives me a woman that is not a virgin, the correct thing is still to wait until we are married to have sex, right?  Also, is it possible that God has someone for me that is currently seeing someone else? Would he sabotage that relationship if certain girl is meant for me?

44. Submission Struggles

43. I’m rereading the account of Moses speaking to God through the burning bush and I noticed God says take off your sandals for you are standing on holy ground. but then He doesn’t say the same thing to Moses when they are in the tabernacle or on the mountain top. Why did He only ask Moses to take off his sandals that one time? Was it to spur Moses into reverence (cause I know He loves reverence & submission)?

42. Can you explain Isaiah 55:6?

41. Suppose God creates two souls (A and B). In one of your posts, you mentioned God presents each soul options in which they get to choose. The choices souls A or B makes lands them in heaven or hell (in terms of salvation). Say soul B makes the choice/s that lands it in hell. God is all-knowing. Why do you suppose He makes soul B or people like soul B that He knows despite all the great choices/options He gives them, they will not want to submit? Is this more an aspect of His sovereignty? For lack of better words, a part of me finds this a bit difficult to get. Why create souls that could “vex” Him. Doesn’t He want to be happy all the time? Is the right conclusion about this then is that God likes Hell as much as Heaven?…

40. nolongercare

39. I grew up in a legalistic Christian home, from the time I was 5yrs I knew something was not right. I thought they were hypocrites, but I didn’t know because I wanted to believe them. I became a Christian when I was in my 40s, it’s been many years since then. Everything I thought about Christians came true and worse. Through it all I became a more Godly person, but I realize I have bitterness from the past. Regarding the article Loving People Like God Does: God has shown me how dishonest and selfish Christians can be, now I would like to love them like God would want me to. It’s been very difficult for me to love them, I have this bitterness in me that I want to overcome. Where do I go from here?

37. I’m interested to know what you think about the concept of chivalry. I was raised to let women enter and exit the elevator first, let them get in line to eat first, stand up to shake anyone’s hand, take my hat off when indoors, etc. At family gatherings, my dad usually made me and my siblings be the last ones to get our food. It always seemed strange to me…made me feel like a lesser person than others.  To be clear, I don’t think we should pretend men and women are equal in every way (as you have written about on this site), but it seems that sometimes this whole chivalry thing is taken to an extreme.

35. Uncle Bob

34. I have had an immense fear of being beheaded since 7. Decapitation literally has been a fear I’ve had to work through for a while. I really hope it’s always just been demons screwing with me and not an ominous long term soul preparation for something that would undoubtedly be extremely #*&! (for lack of a softer word). With the end times coming, would you say it’s wise to prepare yourself to be physical assaulted or killed? How do you even prepare? How mean you wouldn’t have a choice but to say “Ok Lord, if they beat me, they beat me, if they kill me, they kill me, as long as You are here.” My fear is this…..what if the Lord gives me that feeling of abandonment in a time I need Him the most? I couldn’t handle it. My soul would shatter. Why would He do such a thing? He did it to John the Baptist when he was beheaded. Why would He do that?? Why would God abandon the ones most loyal to Him? There can’t be a greater hell for the accepted. It’s like the King sending His most trusted loyal and obedient adoring knight into a trap that will result in his graphic death. Purposely! For what reason?

32. Although we are under the New Covenant, I understand we are still to follow the Ten Commandments...

31. I came across your blog when searching for material on the connection (rather lack of connection) between the Holy Spirit and sensuality. Interested to see you believe there are three Gods. I do not believe this and I am no scholar or educated person but my question is, is this the historical orthodox teaching of the Christian Church through the ages?

30. I’m currently torn between a decision to pick between staying at the college I’m currently in or pursuing another one. I feel that God hasn’t given me any indication on whether I should stay or leave…

29. Many versions of Bible translation have “whom I have chosen” ( or “I have chosen him”, or “the man of my selection”) in Luke 9:35. Is that an incorrect translation?

28. Because my church has voted for same sex marriage, I am faced with the problem of whether to stay or not. I am a member of this church for 8 yrs and have many friends there. There are other churches nearby which I visit from time to time, but I’m not sure if it is a good solution to move to any of them. I have made it known to fellow worshipers that I’m not in favor of their decision, Would it be right to defy their choice and stay where I am.

27. Okay my question is about Christian Anarchy. but it’s really been more of a hindrance for me then anything I’ve stumbled across. I currently have no desire to vote. I actually would consider myself to be on the the Human Activist side of things with my political beliefs. I feel like our government has a lot of darkness in it. Anyways I do realize why I am here on this planet and know I am supposed to serve God by being His instrument for righteousness to try and practice Christlike behavior, but be human as well with free will. My question is should I go along with the Christian Anarchy dogma? Or should I ignore it and just focus on Christ as my centerpiece? Because I believe what consumes your life controls your life and I have recently taken Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life a few years ago. I just want to do the right things. I’m finding a lot of truth to the Christian Anarchy belief system with the Sermon on the Mount but I’m stuck on Romans 13.

24. The Lord put on my heart seven years ago that He is preparing me for the end times and I believe He is. I know God has told you how it will happen. You ask Him and He will tell us. I know from experience with God, He has told me something but it didn’t turn out that way. That’s His way of teaching us that He’s in control not me. You seem to be for sure how it will happen. Personally I’m not for sure it will happen as you say. Next you will say it doesn’t matter what I think because we get our information from God not men. That is true. The question is how can you be so positive about the end times?

23. Do you have a prayer against astral projection demons? As you know they are not human spirits.

21. Is “Medical Medium” Anthony William considered new age? He uses the term “Spirit” as getting his guidance from and alleges that he has had the gift of healing discernment from an early age when he diagnosed his symptom free grandmother with lung cancer.

20. People talk about sacrifice, sacrifice and more sacrifice. What’s that about? The church leaders keep saying if you don’t sacrifice, you don’t conquer. The more you sacrifice, the more you’re pleasing God. You have to sacrifice a lot of your time, go out to witness to unsaved people, sacrifice whatever talents you have for the church, faithfully give your 10% tithe + love offerings. If you don’t fully sacrifice, they call you disobedient, they distance themselves and tell other people to keep their distance. Meanwhile you see all these people sacrificing but they’re colder than Siberia, they’re not warm people and they downright give you the cold shoulder because you’re disobedient and not doing the same things they’re doing… What do you think?

19. What is the astral projection? Why do people do it? Is it really real?

18. Pinocchio

17. In Lesson 55, you talked about Peter’s declaration of who Jesus is and Jesus confirmed (by His pleased reaction) this revelation is from Yahweh. Does this declaration “You are the Messiah” from Peter’s perspective mean “You are my savior”? but not “You are another God”?

16. Jesus Christ uttered the words”Father, why have You forsaken Me?” while on the cross. He also prayed to His Father before dying. Doesn’t that mean Jesus Christ is Yahweh’s Son?

13. I haven’t been to church for awhile. It seems that no one else in the world holds these same beliefs about the Bible and God…

11. I’ve been diagnosed with a combination of chronic disease. I’m in pain daily and often become too debilitated to function. When I try to explain to my sisters and to some Christian people why I cannot make a social event, or tell them about symptoms I’m having, they say “Confess it,” and that I “need faith” or I’m not praying. Or I “have trauma to my soul I need to get rid of of.” When I tell them I don’t believe in that doctrine, then they say I need to be humble. It’s adding insult to injury how they speak to me. How do I get them to understand they’re believing in false doctrine?

8. For the past couple of months now, I’ve been struggling with a deep seething anger that won’t let up. I think it might have started when the news broke out about the Nigerian girls kidnapping. I’ve wondered why the number of girls recovered is so low. Where are they?…

7. My question is on Esther. Does God change His mind, and overrule His own commandments? Israelites were given a commandment not to intermarry, rather they were forbidden from giving or taking marriage from outside of Israel. Why the God who forbid it allowed Esther who married a Gentile King…and to use her to save the Jews?? God forbids can He “use” that marriage to bring restoration??

6. What’s your thoughts on Glenn Beck? He thinks he’s right on politics and for Christians. He seems misleading.