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End Time Theatrics: Liquefaction

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Suppose you decide that you like fish and that you’d like to have some as pets. You set up a large aquarium in your house and you drop a bunch of fish into it.  You call them your pets, but those fish are also your prisoners who now depend on you for their quality of life.  Fish are rather fragile creatures who need many things to go just right in order for them to feel good.  The kind of fish you’ve chosen, for example, can only do well in liquid that has specific chemical properties and is kept at a certain temperature.  Should you slack in monitoring the pH of the water, or should you turn off the filter that is constantly working to keep the tank clean, or should you let the afternoon sun beat onto the aquarium and raise its internal temperature too high, your aquatic dependents would quickly find themselves in a desperate situation.  Read more of this post

End Time Scam: Contacting the Dead

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One very difficult aspect of living in the end times will be uncertainty about whether someone you love is dead or alive.  The methods of killing that we’re used to God using—things like diseases, shootings, and vehicle collisions—make keeping track of the dead pretty doable.  Certainly there are times when we simply lose track of someone, but those occasions are the exception, not the rule.  But as the end times progress, the number of missing people will begin to rise at an alarming rate.  There will be three main factors contributing to this problem: missing bodies, unidentifiable bodies, and inaccessible bodies.  Read more of this post

End Time Warnings: The Jesus Issue

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Two men in business suits are having lunch together in a small restaurant.  One of them makes a disrespectful crack about Jesus and the other man snickers in amusement.  Suddenly the first man feels an invisible force seize hold of his right hand and ram it into his mouth and halfway down his throat.  Of course the man’s throat is too narrow for his fist to fit into, which is why blood is now spewing from his mouth as he collapses dead on the ground.  The same gory fate has happened to the man’s lunch partner, and both men are now lying on the floor with visible bulges in their throats and their arms protruding from their mouths. Read more of this post

End Time Theatrics: Vanishing Zones

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Since humans know deep down that they can’t defend themselves from God, they like to find created beings and elements to blame their problems on.  If we blame human terrorists for setting off the bomb that destroyed property and lives, then we feel we have a chance to effectively protect ourselves from future attacks.  We can hunt down the terrorists and neutralize them, thus bringing us the illusion of safety.  In times of crisis, humans work very hard to pretend that God is not the true Source of their problems.  If they acknowledge Him at all, then the classic Christian copout of pretending that God is horrified by what has occurred is a far more comfortable option than acknowledging reality. Read more of this post

End Time Theatrics: Morphing Matter

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In this world, we are used to human beings having certain consistent physical properties.  So if we tell you to imagine what a frozen man would look like, you’ll probably pull up a picture of a rather pale looking fellow with ice crystals stuck to his body.  But in your imagination, the man would still have a body, which means that if he were to be thawed out, there would be a corpse with the hair, skin, bone, and muscle elements that we’ve all come to expect with humans.

But now suppose you’re walking down a city street and all of a sudden, the fellow passing you on your right instantly freezes.  Only this time, it’s not just a case of his body turning ice cold.  This time the man literally transforms into a statue of ice.  Suddenly he’s not a man at all, but a very detailed sculpture of frozen water which is intricately carved to resemble  the man it replaced.  The frozen face has lines of expression, the clothing has fold marks and the right hand is still clutching the handle of a leather briefcase.  Only there is no skin on the face, no hair on the head, no fabric to the clothes, and no leather on the case.  Everything that was the man and everything that was attached to him—his briefcase, clothes, cell phone, and keys—have all been transformed into ice.  The man, his clothes, and his things are now nothing more than frozen water, and that water is starting to melt. Read more of this post

Preparing for the End Times: An Introduction

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This is a post about the end times.  The real end times.  As in, the end times that are actually going to happen—not the end times everyone thinks are going to happen.  Now maybe you find the end times to be a very tiresome subject and you’re sick of hearing people yammer on and on about it.  This is certainly how we feel about the topic of the end times.  Today the internet is polluted with legions of morons, glory hogs, and greedy con artists who are using the topic of the end times to try and promote themselves or get something out of you.  Many want your money and your email address so they can electronically hound you from now on.  Others will just settle for your admiration, some gushing comments, and a like on their website.  Well, we don’t want any of that nonsense.  We have no interest in your money, we find admiration annoying, and we aren’t going to maintain websites for you to yammer on, which is why we keep our comment fields closed.  You see, we just aren’t doing this for you, and the honest truth is that it really doesn’t make any difference to us if you listen to our material or not.  What we teach you about the end times is the truth, which is why it is so different from what everyone else is telling you.  But so what?  Humans blow off truth all the time, and since we’re not responsible for your choices, why should we get worked up over what kinds of choices you’re making?  If you make dumb choices, you’ll end up in Hell.  If you make wise ones, you’ll have a shot at Heaven.  Either way, your personal future with God won’t have any impact on our own futures with God, and this is why we’re just not invested in pressuring you into making wise choices.  See how it works?  This is a “take it or leave it” kind of deal.  Read more of this post

Destruction in the End Times: Respecting Ownership


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When humans create movies about aliens attacking earth, the plot often unfolds like this: the aliens attack.  At first the humans cower with fear.  Then, as the destruction continues, human leaders convert their fear into anger and say something like, “Hey, this is our planet.  We’re not going to let these punks take it from us.  Let’s fight back and reclaim our turf.”  Then someone whips out some brilliant bit of technology, the humans launch a counter attack, and our planet is saved.  In these kind of movies, a hatred of the aliens is promoted as very justifiable because the aliens are trying to take something that belongs to us.  Well, this possessive attitude about our planet might work well in spicing up alien movies, but it simply doesn’t fly with God.

Did you create the earth?  No, you didn’t.  In fact, when it comes to creating things, the most you can ever do is manipulate things that Someone Else provides for you.  You are totally incapable of making something out of nothing, and this is why you really can’t claim ownership of anything.  Everything that is belongs to the Gods who brought those things into existence, and those Gods are Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. What God owns, He gets to destroy anytime He wants to, and understanding this principle is going to help us steer clear of snarky attitudes during the end times. Read more of this post

God’s End Time Prophet: Forcing The World To Ask Who


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A tornado suddenly drops out of the sky without warning and mows through a town before anyone can run for cover. How did the funnel cloud form without our detecting it? A few cases of a fatal disease quickly become hundreds. How did the infection start? How is it spreading? A fire breaks out in a forest. How did it start? An earthquake flattens a city. How did so many buildings collapse? How can we improve our infrastructure? In life, when bad things happen, we always ask how. We have whole fields of scientific research that are in endless pursuit of answers to how questions. How can we prevent disease? How can we stabilize economies? How can we protect the environment? How can we reduce crime? We claim to want to know why things happen, but we’ll never find the answer to why as long as we’re avoiding the subject of who, and who is a question we never ask.

Even Christians are so intensely bothered by the subject of who that when a real tragedy strikes, you’ll find many saying, “God had nothing to do with this horrible event. It was just a terrible coincidence.” In other words, there was no who, there was only freak randomness. How very unhelpful of Christians to try and bury the truth when it is most desperately needed. But this is what we do because we’ve all got a major hang up with facing the fact that there is always a who behind every problem in our lives, and that who is a God who is going to hold us accountable for how we’re responding to Him. Ignoring Him, avoiding Him, and acting like His reality ceases to be whenever it suits us—these are the responses which get us into big trouble. Read more of this post

Respecting the Difference Between God & His Prophets

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Because the Church today has made a complete mockery out of the prophetic calling, few Christians understand how it really works.  You see, there’s an enormous difference between calling yourself a prophet and having God call you one.  Suppose you decide to take a tour through Europe just because you want to.  Since the whole trip is your idea, where you decide to go and what you decide to do will entirely depend on what you feel like doing.  You’ll be your own tour guide, and when problems arise, you’ll resolve them however seems best to you.  This is what it’s like for the vast majority of the folks who are claiming to be speaking for and serving the Christian God today.  They’re just saying and doing whatever they want, and then they slap His Name on it. When problems arise in their self-made ministries, they resolve them however seems best to them.  They don’t really care about what He wants, but they do expect Him to bless anything they do in His Name, even though He never approved of it. Read more of this post

Recovering from the Distress of Witnessing Demonic Possession

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Witnessing someone having a demon-induced fit is an extremely upsetting experience.  Once the horror show is over, you will naturally have many questions about what happened and what it all means.  Questioning is a very good thing—it’s how you move forward in your understanding of truth.  The tricky bit is getting solid answers. Read more of this post