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In Depth Bible Studies: OT


This site contains many articles which are based on specific passages of Scripture.  Those articles vary in depth.  For those who are really wanting to dig into the text of the Old Testament, expand their understanding of Scripture, and sharpen their discernment skills, we recommend the following articles.

Yahweh Talks Ethnicity: Jews & Non-Jews Are Equal Before God
Generational Curses
How long is a biblical generation?
An Introduction to the Gods of the Bible
Learning from Yahweh: What It Means To Be Holy
Why did Yahweh lie about being the only God in existence?
Does God Love Women Less?
Why did God create sin?
All About Fleeces: Asking God for a Sign
Will God Forgive Cowardly Soldiers?
Anointed: What it Does & Doesn’t Mean
Can Christian leaders claim special protection from God?
Know Your Bible Lesson 6: The Sacrificial System

The Prophetic Books of the Bible: Who’s Talking?
Distinguishing Between the Real End Times & the Day of Yahweh
Can God force us to obey?
Can God force us to sin?
God’s Will vs. Human Choice Q&A
Why We Must Fear God
The Names of God
All About Tithing
Practicing Discernment: Yahweh Lies
Practicing Discernment: Bible Promises
Can a prophet of God read your mind?
Creating a Different God: How the Bible is Being Changed to Lead You Astray

Historical Books

Rethinking Genesis: Is God Really Threatened by Us?
The Name of Yahweh in Genesis
CH 1: Rethinking the Creation Account: Who is Elohim?
CH 3: Debunking The Fall: The Many Lies Christians Tell About Genesis 3
CH 6: Genesis 6 in Context: Demystifying the Nephilim
CH 16: Rethinking Ishmael
CH 17: All About Circumcision
CH 22: Why the Sacrifice of Isaac Had Nothing To Do With Christ
CH 24: Finding a Wife for Isaac: Lessons for Christian Singles
CH 31: Famously Misapplied: May the Lord Keep Watch Between You and Me (Genesis 31:49)
CH 32: Jacob Wrestles with an Angel

CH 4: Why did God want to kill Moses in Exodus 4?
CH 7-12: Saving Egypt: The Story of the Ten Plagues
CH 14: The Red Sea Deathtrap
CH 20: Applying the Ten Commandments: Guidance for Christians
CH 24: Seeing God
CH 32: Why the Levites?

CH 9-10: Abihu & Nadab Offer Strange Fire to the Lord
CH 25: Leviticus 25 – Jubilee & the Sabbath Year

CH 6: The Nazirite Laws: All Are Welcome to Draw Near
CH 11: Too Many Quails
CH 12: Snarky Siblings: Aaron & Miriam Hassle Moses
CH 13-14: The Last Straw: Israel Refuses to Enter the Promised Land
CH 16: Korah’s Rebellion
CH 20: Understanding Yahweh: Why Moses & Aaron Were Banned From The Promised Land
CH 21: The Fate of the Bronze Snake
CH 22-24: Balak & Balaam: God Wars
CH 25: Phinehas: Zealous for God to be Honored

CH 8: Understanding Moses: Identifying Soul Attitudes in Deuteronomy 8
CH 23: God & Ethnicity: Understanding Cultural Bans in the Bible

CH 7: Achan’s Greed
CH 9: The Gibeonite Deception
CH 22: Suspicious Activity

CH 6-8: Gideon: Idolatrous to the End
CH 13-16: Samson: Carnal to the End
CH 17-21: Anarchy in Israel

CH 1-3: Three Priests Who Went to Hell (Lessons Learned from Eli)
CH 4-7: Revere Yahweh or Die: Lessons Learned When the Philistines Stole the Ark
CH 28: Lessons Learned when King Saul Consults a Dead Man
CH 16-2 SAM CH 4: Learning from David: The Anointed Life

CH 12-15: Treachery & Wrath: Lessons Learned from King Jeroboam
CH 13: Understanding 1 Kings 13: Why Yahweh Fed His Prophet to a Lion

CH 1-2: Elijah & Ahaziah: Death from Heaven
CH 6-7: Fleeing From Phantoms: How God Used Noise to Scatter an Army

CH 21: King David & the Deadly Census

CH 6-7: 2 Chronicles 6-7: Why We Shouldn’t Ask God to Heal Our Land
CH 20: Applying 2 Chronicles 20: Learning from Jehoshaphat

Know Your Bible Lesson 40: Esther

Wisdom & Poetry Books

JOB: Lessons We’re Afraid to Learn
Looking for Jesus in the Book of Job
CH 41: What kind of animal was Leviathan?

Putting Zion in Perspective: Dirt Is Not Divine
Unicorns in the Bible
PS 1: Why We Need to Grow Past the Wishful Thinking of Psalm 1
PS 2: Taking Christ Out of Psalm 2: David Exults in Having Yahweh’s Favor
PS 8: Misapplying David: How Psalm 8 is Used to Insult Christ
PS 23: Psalm 23: Yahweh is a Good Shepherd
PS 34: Psalm 34: David Praises Yahweh as the Savior Who Always Saves
PS 35: Psalm 35: Bratty David Bosses Yahweh
PS 51: Psalm 51: David Pleads for a Clean Heart
PS 74: Psalm 74: Asaph Flaunts His Contempt for Yahweh
PS 82: Psalm 82: Asaph Wants Yahweh to Judge the Wicked
PS 90: Psalm 90: Moses Gripes at Yahweh
PS 91: Psalm 91: Life is Perfect & God Always Does What We Want
PS 109: Psalm 109: Learning from David’s Hatefest
PS 110: Debunking Messianic Psalms: The Real Meaning of Psalm 110
PS 118: Psalm 118: The Cornerstone Who Isn’t Christ
PS 137: Psalm 137: Dashing Infants & Disparaging Yahweh
PS 138: Psalm 138: David Praises Yahweh for Rescuing Him
PS 139: Psalm 139: Yahweh is an Involved Creator

CH 31: Stop Comparing Yourself to the Proverbs 31 Woman

Ecclesiastes: The Ramblings of a Spiritual Fool
King Solomon’s Song of Lust

Prophetic Books

CH 6: Cancelled Invitation
CH 7-8: The Real Immanuel
CH 10: Motivation Matters: God Judges Our Hearts
CH 10: God Explains War
CH 14: Downgrading the Devil: Debunking the Myth of Lucifer
CH 20: Prophets in Action: Isaiah Walks Around Naked
CH 24-26: Isaiah 26:3 In Context: Does God really give us perfect peace?
CH 30: Understanding Yahweh’s Wrath: Judah’s Alliance with Egypt (Isaiah 30:1-17)
CH 30: Understanding God’s Promises: Yahweh Promises to Bless Israel (Isaiah 30:18-33)
CH 50: Lessons Learned from Isaiah: With God, Nothing is Impossible
CH 58-59: Isaiah 58-59: Rebellious Jews & Warrior Yahweh
CH 63-65: Lessons Learned when Isaiah Pleads for Leniency

CH 2-3: Jeremiah 2-3: Yahweh Justifies His Wrath
CH 6: Understanding Yahweh: Stay On the Ancient Paths
CH 7: Understanding Yahweh: “Child Sacrifice Never Entered My Mind”
CH 13: Metaphors from Yahweh: Rebellious Underwear
CH 14-15: The Snarky Prophet: Lessons Learned from Jeremiah 14-15
CH 18: The Potter & the Clay
CH 26: When God speaks, how do YOU react?
CH 29: Famously Misapplied: For I know the plans I have for you…
CH 38-39: Saving Jeremiah: The Story of Ebed-Melek

Learning from Lamentations

CH 4-5: Prophets in Action: Ezekiel & the Siege of Jerusalem
CH 4-7: Know Your Bible Lesson 32: Ezekiel in Action
CH 13-14: Ezekiel 13-14: Yahweh Condemns False Prophets
CH 14: Ezekiel 14: Yahweh Stands Alone
CH 15-17: Know Your Bible Lesson 35: Three Parables of Yahweh
CH 18: Debunking the Impact of Adam: Unlearning Lies About How God Judges You
CH 19: Ezekiel 19: Yahweh Laments Two Lions & A Vine
CH 20-21: Ezekiel 20-21: The Sword of Yahweh
CH 24: Parables of Yahweh: The Rusty Stewpot
CH 28: Taking Satan Out of Ezekiel 28
CH 34: Parables of Yahweh: The Good Shepherd Rescues His Flock
CH 37: Parables of Yahweh: The Valley of Dry Bones

CH 2: Know Your Bible Lesson 29: The Dream
CH 4: Know Your Bible Lesson 37: Man Turns Cow
CH 5-6: Know Your Bible Lesson 38: Writing on the Wall
Angels in the Book of Daniel

CH 2-4: Amos 2-4: Yahweh’s Wrath in Context

Serving a God Who Lies

CH 3: Zephaniah 3:17 In Context: Does God really sing over us?

CH 11: Know Your Bible Lesson 39: The Great Divorce

CH 1: Understanding Divine Election: Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated (Malachi 1 & Romans 9)


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