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Get Into the Bible


It isn’t going to take you long to realize that our view of the Bible drastically differs from that of the mainstream Church.  The Church teaches you that the Bible is a flawless extension of God which you can blindly trust.  The Church also teaches you that the Bible is a higher authority than God, since He is bound by its contents and “can’t ever contradict His own Word.”  The Church is delusional, and her idolatrous view of the Bible outrages God.

On this site, we teach you how to get closer to God.  This requires aligning with His truth and His values.  God detests idolatry.  God hates it when His people depend on an object instead of on Him for guidance in life.  If you stay in alignment with the popular view of the Bible, you are going to be massively hampered in your relationship with God.  Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are extremely jealous by Nature and They resent being treated as anything less than your Supreme Authorities in life.  The Church teaches you to make the Bible your primary god in life, and to then use it to try to control the real Gods.  If you are going to develop a strong relationship with your Creators, you must get the Bible in proper perspective.  The Bible is not a god, it is not an extension of the real Gods, it is not perfect, it is not alive, and it is certainly not all you need to guide you in life.

There is great value in reading the Bible–but only if you are reading it with the correct soul attitude, and that means relying on God to interpret it for you.  God must be first in your life.  He must be the One that you depend on for all things.  If you put anything in His place, you’re going to end up in a mess.

The purpose of this site is to provide guidance for souls who earnestly want to please and know their Creators (Yahweh, Jesus & the Holy Spirit).  You are not going to get a correct education about how to do this at church, because Christian churches today have become polluted with carnality and political agendas.  The serious pursuit of God requires a willingness to re-examine everything you have ever been taught about God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  On this site, we will present you with the information you need to start asking God the right questions.  You are going to find much of our material to be upsetting at first because the real truth is not an ego-pleasing joyride.  Our Creators are very complex Beings, and They do a lot of things that make human beings feel threatened and insecure.  But if we stick with Them and continue seeking Them wholeheartedly, They will build our confidence in Them, deepen our trust, resolve our doubts, and bring us out into a glorious place.  We were designed by our Creators to thrive only when we are revolving around Them in reverential submission.  As long as we are trying to control and direct Them in life, we will spiritually languish.

Because the Church teaches you to base your faith on the Bible while at the same time discouraging you from seeking God directly, you are going to have to make some major changes in the way that you think.  You need to learn to look to God, not a book, for truth in life.  You need to learn how to recognize when God is talking to you.  You need to learn to think critically and stop giving your trust away so easily.  You need to learn to see both the Bible and Christian teachers as the flawed, imperfect things that they are.

God Himself must be your Source of truth in life.  Everything you read or hear about God must be verified with Him directly before you accept it as truth.  We will remind you of this over and over again on this site.  It was never God’s intention that you put your faith in a mere book.  There are many “bibles” in the world that belong to many different religions.  If your faith in Jesus is built solely on what some book says about Him, you are in a very dangerous place.  A true Christian has a soul connection with his Creators and he should be relying on Them to guide him in life, he should not be just going along with some religious program and blindly accepting whatever some religious textbook has to say.  The judgment of your soul, where you will spend eternity, pleasing your Makers–these are all extremely serious matters.  You can’t just park your brains and trust some pastor or Christian website to teach you what God wants from you in life.  All incoming information has to be checked with God directly.  He is your only Source of truth.


Why is this site helpful to you?  Because we point out errors in Scripture that most people aren’t going to point out.  While those who hate God love to find fault with the Bible, their lack of reverence for God leads to weak, erroneous arguments.  Much of what bothers non-Christians about the Bible stems from their lack of understanding about basic truths.  They look for errors in the Bible so that they can mock God’s Authority.  But when we point out errors in the Bible to you, it is to push you closer to God and help you develop mindsets that are more honoring to Him.  We are not out to trash the book just to do it.  There is enormous value in reading the Bible, and we will help you identify many passages that are brimming with key insights about who God is.  But the Bible is meant to provoke you to think and to stir up conversation between you and the Holy Spirit.  It’s not supposed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.  If nothing in the Bible disturbs you, you’re not reading with your eyes open.

In the Church, you are taught to avoid many disturbing passages in the Bible.  We will put those passages in your face and challenge you to think about them.  In the Church, you are taught to completely deny what certain passages say.  We will counter that foolishness and challenge you to see commonly misinterpreted passages in a new light.  In the Church, you are taught not to question the way the New Testament writers apply the Old Testament.  We will give you hard evidence that many of these men are grossly lying to you about what the Old Testament actually says so that you’ll learn to start thinking critically.  Our goal is not to make you feel completely turned off by the Bible, but to get you to stop treating the thing like an idol.  God wants to use the Bible as a teaching tool in your life–He doesn’t want to have to compete with it for your respect and trust.

We will teach you how to use the Bible in a way that honors your Creators.  We will lead you away from mindsets that insult and offend Them.  Because we are not affiliated with any Christian organization, and because we do not rely on human beings to support us in life, we don’t have to suck up to anyone.  We answer to God, and we write what He tells us to write.  God exalts Himself–not a book, not dead people, and not leaders in the Church.  You are going to be very challenged and disturbed by a lot of what we say, but if you pray about it and sincerely seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, all of that discomfort is going to drive you closer to God than you ever thought you could be.