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In keeping with our confidentiality policy, we will never post personal contact information about any of our readers on this site.  We also do not allow comments to be posted on any of our main sites (here, YouTube, or Podbean).  But we also understand how hard it is to find Christians who agree with the theological views expressed here, and several of you have expressed a desire to connect with like-minded people.  In response to your request, we have started a Discussion Group on Facebook (click here to see it).  Once you join, you can leave at any time.  You can also invite others to join the group.

We have decided to use Facebook for this group because it will put you in control of how much information you share about yourself.  Realize that there is no such thing as a truly “safe” internet social group, so be cautious about what kinds of information you share with strangers.

Because we know how quickly social forums can get out of hand, we will be monitoring the activity of this Discussion Group and banning any members who act inappropriately.  We will not be actively participating in the discussions ourselves, because the purpose of the group is to help you connect with each other, not us.  You already know our views from reading our material, and we want you to have the ability to discuss this information with others in an environment which has at least some degree of privacy.  This is an experimental project.  If it proves to be unedifying to those who participate, we will terminate it.


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