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The end times are rapidly approaching and we want you to be prepared to thrive in your personal walk with God during this unique period of human history.  Unfortunately, the main Church is preparing you all wrong.  She teaches you to expect some dramatic rehash of the Book of Revelation.  She freaks you out with stories of a coming antichrist, the formation of a world government, and the infamous 666 branding.  The Church isn’t listening to God, which is why her predictions about the end times are all wrong and the preparations she is telling you to make are useless.

The end times do not need to be viewed as some terrible, fearful time.  Instead, God wants you to go into this period with a good understanding of what His motivations and methods will be.  He wants you to have a basic sketch of what He’s planning to do so that you can stay aligned with Him and continue to develop soul attitudes which are honoring to Him.  To help you attain these goals, we recommend that you read all of the posts in our End Time Preparation category.  These posts will give you essential information about what to expect, as well as help you identify theological principles that you need to start working on with the Holy Spirit. You do not have to go into this period feeling afraid and defeated.  God wants you to thrive.  Seek His wisdom about the end times, and He will give you the equipping you need to excel during this period.

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Understand the Purpose of the End Time Prophet:
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Interpreting Demonic Activity:
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For Parents:
Preparing Our Kids for the End Times

For Shepherds:
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For First Responders:
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For Law Enforcers:
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End Time Teaching in the Bible:
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Being Cautious with Prophecy:
Christian Prophets Explain the Mechanics of Prophecy: Don’t Just Believe What We Say
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How Our End Time Teaching Differs From the Four Main Interpretations of Revelation:
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Are we just one more group of nutty Christians who are putting out delusional theories about the end times?

Perhaps we are.  Only God knows, so you need to ask Him.  The dramatic topic of the end times has been abused for centuries by those who want to try and make a name for themselves.  We aren’t trying to impress you with our future knowledge.  We know how meaningless the approval of fickle humans is.

This site exists to help serious Christians thrive in their own walks with God.  If you want to ignore this information, go ahead–it makes no difference to us. We don’t want your money and we don’t need your loyalty or your word of mouth.  We know how crazy some of this stuff sounds, but if you consider how wild some of the biblical accounts are which you claim to believe in, the kinds of miracles we describe really aren’t that different at all.   It’s the same God, and the end times are His show.  We urge you to take His warnings seriously.