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Downgrading the Devil: Debunking the Myth of Lucifer


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Among Christians, it is commonly believed that bad ole Satan wasn’t always the shady, malicious character he is today.  Instead, Christians are told that a long time ago, evil Satan used to be a beautiful, brilliant, perfect and powerful angel named Lucifer.  Lucifer had it all.  Lucifer was the chief angel—God’s right hand guy.  But then Lucifer got a big head and all greedy for more power.  So he staged some kind of coup against God, which sparked a massive civil war among the angels.  A third of the angels sided with Lucifer, the rest sided with God.  Team Lucifer lost, and they all got booted out of Heaven, cursed, and turned into the ugly, slinking creatures we know as demons today.  The archangel Michael then took over as the top commander of all the good angels, and today he and Lucifer are constantly going at it.  This is the quick summary of who Christians think Lucifer is.  And guess what?  It’s all a bunch of hooey. Read more of this post

Satan Q&A


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We receive a lot of questions about Satan, so we’ve put together this list of answers for anyone who wants to know more about this infamous demon.


Satan is a demon. Demons are angels. The only reason we call some angels demons is to designate their position with God. While angels are still on God’s good side, demons have committed some kind of unforgivable sin which God has eternally condemned them for. Demons have already received their judgment from God and they know they’re going to Hell. Right now, they’re still free, but their very dark destiny looms in front of them with no hope of salvation. Read more of this post

Satan: The Prince of Nothing

Satan the prince of nothing

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Satan’s ego would love for you to refer to him as the god of this world and then go on to imagine him holding all kinds of sway over this place. But in reality, Satan is no more equipped to run this world than you are. Oh, but Satan has an army of demons at his disposal, right? Tell you what: we’ll give you an army of 10,000 guys and send you out to catalog all of the life forms in the ocean. You know, whales, anemone, crabs. Don’t forget the plankton. Just make a list of every single living organism in the planet’s oceans.  How long do you think you’ll need to get it done? What do you mean it’s impossible? You’ve got a whole army of guys to help you out and all we’re asking for is a simple catalog of critters. How sad are you that you can’t pull off such a basic task? You’re no sadder than Satan. When it comes to handling a planet-sized project, he’s as lost as you are. Read more of this post

The Benefits of Worshiping Satan

The Benefits of Worshiping Satan

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We humans are a selfish lot. We give to get and we are ace manipulators. When we notice that our dog likes treats, we use the hope of treats to manipulate him into doing what we want. Sit, stay, rollover. He has to earn that crunchy biscuit. Of course the lower animals aren’t the only ones we’re good at pushing around. Is our parent not buying us the toy we want? Throw the tantrum, call them names. Is our spouse not doing what we want? Break out the nagging, turn off the sex, or start giving them the cold shoulder—whatever has proved to be most effective in the past. It certainly is easy to get our way down here. And once we’ve mastered our equals, why not reach for some higher star? We discover that we are not alone in this universe. There are invisible nonhuman beings darting about who have powers that we don’t have. Hm. How can we get a piece of that action? And then there’s some super-powerful Guy named Jesus who says we all ought to serve Him. Well, what’s in it for us? Is Jesus going to let us push Him around? No? Well, then we’re just not interested. Ah, but He says if we don’t bow down to Him, He’ll throw us into Hell. Well, now we’re really not interested. Who does He think He is, anyway? Maybe it’s true that Jesus can make our lives perfect with just one word, but if He’s not going to bless us on command, then we might as well keep shopping. These angelic beings sound like they have potential. Oh look, they come in two different types: nice and nasty. The nice ones are all devoted to Jesus, so we can forget about getting any help from them. But the nasty ones are more than eager to talk deals with us. Well, this is very convenient. Read more of this post

Understanding the Limits of Satan’s Power (God’s Relationship with Evil)

Understanding the Limits of Satan's Power

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Suppose I have a large, savage dog who I know hates people and wants to kill anyone who gets near him. I’m the only person in the world my dog doesn’t dare to attack and I’m the only one he will listen to. I walk my dog regularly at the public park and because I know what a danger he is, I keep him muzzled and on a leash—well, most of the time. One day I see you walking in the park. My bloodthirsty dog sees you as well and starts growling with anticipation. You’re walking a ways away from us, and you happen to glance over just in time to see me unmuzzling my dog, unhooking his leash, and pointing in your direction. The next thing you know, a wall of snarling muscle is hauling towards you. As my dog knocks you onto the ground and starts trying to kill you, you catch several glimpses of me standing in the distance with my arms crossed, watching the whole scene quite calmly. We’re the only people in the park, so there’s no one you can call to for help. Just when you realize that you’re going to die a gruesome death, I call my dog back. One word from me, and he leaps off of you and runs back under my control. Later on in the hospital, as you tell the police what happened, who are you going to blame for trying to kill you? The dog? No, because the dog was just an instrument—a brute beast who was acting on sheer instinct. Certainly you’ll demand that my dog be put to sleep, but the burden of moral guilt will be assigned to me, the dog owner, for intentionally sicking my dog upon you. You will accuse me of premeditated murder—only instead of a gun, I used a well-trained dog. Of course you would be correct in your accusation, and anyone who had witnessed the scene would agree with you.

Read more of this post

Making a Deal with the Devil

Making a Deal with the Devil

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A man sat in the dark and it made him very angry. So he went to God and said, “Give me a candle so that I can have light in my house.”

But God said, “No. It is better for you to sit in the dark right now. Trust My plan for your life.”

This made the man even angrier, so he turned away from God and went to Satan instead.

“Why hello, there,” Satan said with glee. “How can I help you?”

“God is making me sit in the dark even when He knows how much I hate it,” the man complained.

“If you give me a candle, I will repay you.” “You poor thing,” Satan hissed. “How very cruel of God not to help you with this simple request. Here is a candle that you can have. I am always happy to help.”

“Thank you,” said the man and he took the candle home and lit it. Immediately his house was filled with a very bright light. “Why, this candle isn’t like an ordinary candle at all,” he said in surprise. “It puts off extra light, and it sparkles as it burns. God never offered me a candle like this because He is always trying to withhold blessings from me.” Little did the man realize that his candle wasn’t a candle at all, but a stick of dynamite. After a short while, the wick burned down and the dynamite exploded. Now the man was back in the dark, only this time he was in terrible pain and couldn’t move an inch. “Satan, you tricked me!” he cried out in shock.

“What are you complaining about?” Satan scoffed. “I gave you what you asked for.” Read more of this post

Selling Your Soul to the Devil

Selling Your Soul to the Devil

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What does it mean to “sell your soul to the devil”? Is it possible to make bargains or enter into eternal contracts with Satan that we can’t get out of? Can a Christian fall into Satan’s possession by engaging in willful rebellion against God? These are the questions we will answer in this post. Read more of this post