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Understanding Verbal Blessing & Cursing: So Much Hype, So Little Power


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In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the human practice of verbally blessing and cursing other humans.


There are two main ways that humans view blessing and cursing.  For non-serious users, the phrase “Bless you!” is the same as saying “Thank you!” or “I like you!” or “Wow, you seem like such a nice person that I hope things go well for you in the future.”  Alternately, to say “Curse you!” is a way of saying “I hate you!” or “You’re such a jerk!” or “I hope rotten things happen to you because you’ve upset me!”  For non-serious users, blessing and cursing people or objects is just a way of expressing personal joy or anger. Read more of this post

Miracles in the End Times: The Mechanics & The God-Honoring Response


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Humans do not have supernatural powers.  They can’t perform miracles, their spells and curses are nothing but noise, and they can’t see into the future.  They can’t read minds, and they can’t separate their souls from their earthsuits, much to the chagrin of many astral projection addicts.  We could spend this entire post talking about what humans can’t do, but no matter how true it is that humans are impotent little specks who aren’t even smart enough to understand how much they don’t understand, most people would think we’re wrong to paint humans in such an unimpressive light.  Do you know why?  Because humans are such undiscerning dopes that you can get them to believe anything if you just toy with their senses and tell them what their egos want to hear.  Now don’t misunderstand—we love humans.  Humans are the most precious element of this creation and the only part of this world which God is going to keep when He wipes this place out.  If humans were content to be the dearly loved, powerless specks that they are, we wouldn’t need to bother with this post.  But because humans refuse to accept how limited they are, they insist on putting their faith in fantasies.  From the very beginning, humans have been seeking out ways to try and lessen the difference between them and their Creators.  Why did Adam and Eve sample the forbidden fruit?  Because they thought it would expand their abilities and move them one step closer to being equal to God.  Why do we constantly do what God warns us not to do?  Because we resent the whole notion of Him putting limits on us.  How dare He.  Who does He think He is, anyway? Read more of this post

Seeking the Advice of Demons


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Demons have a very different perspective of reality than you do. They know a lot of things that you don’t know. They’re able to do a lot of things that you can’t do. An understanding of these basic facts lures many people into trying to contact demons for advice in life. Even Christians get sucked into this, figuring that demons might prove easier to talk to than God. Let’s face it: God can be one aggravating conversation partner. He is notorious for going silent on you right when you really, really need an answer. And then of course there’s the issue of us not wanting to have to work at learning to recognize God’s leading in our lives—that causes us to miss out on many messages from Him. But biggest of all is our unwillingness to trust Him. After all, we humans are lazy. When we want guidance, we want it to come according to our schedule in a form that we choose. We don’t want to settle for silence. We don’t want to have to trust that God is handling things while He intentionally keeps us in the dark. When we reach out to a nonhuman being, we want that being to answer now. If God won’t cooperate, or if we don’t like what He has to say, then we start looking around for other options. This is when we start viewing demons as potential advisers in life. Read more of this post

Attracting Demons


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What factors determine how attracted demons are to certain individuals? There are two reasons to ask this question. One is that you want to avoid being someone who demons are drawn to. The other reason is that you are seeking out their company. Both of these motivations are going to lead you in the wrong direction because your focus is wrong.

Demons do not run this universe; God does. So if you want to understand mechanics, you need to turn your focus onto God and off of created things. God controls everything that He creates. Some creatures—such as humans and demons—are given a measure of choice. But by the time God is limiting how many choices we have and deciding what those choices are, He is still controlling the situation.   Read more of this post

Seances, Mediums & Ghosts


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Suppose you were a soldier in a nation that was ruled by a king with absolute authority. You and your military buddies really don’t like the king. In fact, you hate him intensely. So one day all of you get together and try to overthrow the king. Your brilliant plan goes horribly awry and the king condemns you all to the worst fate imaginable. At his command, you and all your rebel buddies are going to be thrown into a terrifying place that the king has built to punish all those who defy him. You’ve seen glimpses of what happens to the people who get thrown inside that place: hideous torments that even your evil mind would never conceive of on its own. Now that the king has passed judgment on you, there is no way to reverse it. Now all that’s left is to sit around dreading the moment when the king will give the order for you to be dragged off to his torture chamber. You’re terrified, and much to your distress, the king seems to enjoy watching you squirm in dread. Days turn into months, months turn into years, and still there is no command from the king about you. You’d like to hope that maybe he’s changed his mind or forgotten about his judgment, but whenever you see him, you can tell by the way he looks at you that he hasn’t. Now and then the king even drops some taunting reminder of what your terrible fate will be, and this just makes you hate him all the more. You become obsessed with revenge. Why should you just sit around and do nothing while time runs out? There has to be some way you can hurt the king before he takes away your freedom. When you hear that the king has taken over a neighboring nation and is now trying to win the loyalty of the citizens there, you get an idea. Why not stir up trouble in that nation and incite the natives to reject their new monarch? Why not spread stories about what an unfair ogre the king is so that the people will want to rebel against him? For some reason the king seems very invested in winning these foreigners over. Good. If the king cares about something, that gives you the opportunity to stick it to him. You and your buddies travel to that new nation and start making all the trouble that you can. Read more of this post

Learning from Annabelle: The Stupidity of Demon “Experts”


In Monroe, CT, a man with serious issues has got himself a little museum that is dedicated to the occult. If it’s demonic, he’s got it. This fellow looks around for physical objects associated with demonic horror stories, then he adds them to his collection. His museum was recently one of the starring features on a television show during which he proudly claimed that his little house of horrors was perhaps the most haunted place on earth.  Is that supposed to be a good thing? Read more of this post

The Futility of Naming Demons


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Stay away from naming demons. Don’t try to figure out their names and don’t talk to them by name. Stay far away from this whole ridiculous hoopla of demon naming that so many Christians get themselves tangled up in today. There’s nothing more ridiculous than these know-it-alls who start boasting about their in-depth knowledge of individual demons. “There’s the demon named Anxiety and the demon named Depression.” Have you ever noticed how often these demons are named after emotions? And how convenient that their names are so easy to pronounce in our native languages—who knew demons preferred English, right? Realize that whenever some human tells you that they know a demon’s real name, they’re full of baloney. We don’t know the names of demons, nor should we care. Oh sure, demons will gladly make up some catchy title if that will entice us to spend more time thinking about them. But as a Christian, you shouldn’t be dwelling on demons and you shouldn’t be caring at all about what their names are. Read more of this post

Mind Wars: Defending Against Demonic Voices in Your Head


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Once we start learning how sneaky demons can be with their impersonations of our thought voice and their use of first person pronouns to entice us into owning their lies, how do we go about defending ourselves from such clever adversaries? In this post, we’ll discuss strategies that you can use against demons, and we’ll also learn how to see through the strategies they will try to use on you. There might be an intense war raging in your mind, but you certainly don’t have to surrender. Read more of this post

Astral Projection: A Dangerous Delusion


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Astral projection is promoted as a self-induced out-of-body experience in which you guide your soul out of your body and fly about. You can find step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish this on the internet. You basically get yourself in a very relaxed, drowsy, just-about-to-fall-asleep hypnotic state. Then you hyper-focus on a mental image of moving your “astral” body (or soul) out of your physical body. When the soul is about to “take off” and leave the body, many report feeling strange vibrations. But our internet counselors urge us not to let these strange vibrations scare us, or else we might snap ourselves out of our hypnotic state and ruin all the fun. Read more of this post

Tarot Cards & Christians

Tarot Cards & Christians

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The term “tarot cards” can either refer to a certain style of playing cards which is simply used for entertainment, or it can refer to a fancy deck of cards which are used for divination. In this post, we are talking about occult tarot cards—those that are specifically designed and used for divination purposes.

When you start laying out tarot cards in the hopes of getting a glimpse into your future, what you are actually doing is trying to communicate with demons on a soul level. Demons are the only ones who are going to be assisting you in interpreting your tarot spread. God is a real wet blanket when it comes to giving us tips about the future. God’s general rule about future knowledge and humans is “the less said the better.” This is because He knows that we humans don’t handle future information very well. Just look at how much trouble we have moving on from the past. The last thing we need is to go searching for reasons to worry about the future. Read more of this post