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Recovering from the Distress of Witnessing Demonic Possession

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Witnessing someone having a demon-induced fit is an extremely upsetting experience.  Once the horror show is over, you will naturally have many questions about what happened and what it all means.  Questioning is a very good thing—it’s how you move forward in your understanding of truth.  The tricky bit is getting solid answers. Read more of this post

Exorcism Q&A


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What people call demonic possession is a case of demons gaining temporary control over someone’s earthsuit.  Your earthsuit is the miraculous machine that you see when you look into a mirror.  It has three main components: a brain (which is like the computer that runs the whole thing), a body, and emotions.  When demons possess your earthsuit, they can force your earthsuit to do things that you don’t want it to do.

Your earthsuit and your soul are two entirely separate entities.  If you think of your earthsuit like a car, then your soul is the man driving the car.  While the driver is not the car, he will feel very upset if the car starts malfunctioning.  Read more of this post

Demonic Possession: When Should You Get Involved?


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If you can see that someone has a problem, is it your moral duty to try and fix that problem for them?  Many Christians would say yes.  God says no.  You see, God is the One dishing out the problems in the first place, and He has very strategic reasons for giving people the problems that He does.  When you then come along and condemn what God is doing, where is your respect for God’s Authority?  Where is your acknowledgement that His wisdom is vastly superior to yours? Read more of this post

Demons in the End Times: Understanding Possession & Exorcism


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Because God’s control over His own creations is absolute, not partial, demons never have free rein over humans.  Demons never get the luxury of getting to do everything they want exactly how and when they want.  Instead, demons are stuck in the same position that humans are stuck in: they’re forced to make the best of a situation that is far from their ideal.  Read more of this post

Pursued by Spirits: How to Find Real Help in Dealing with Supernatural Beings


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Suppose your cell phone rings.  Should you always pick it up?  It could be a friend.  Or it could be an enemy who is recording your call so he can use the information against you in court.  Before you open up the line and start dialoguing with whoever it is that’s calling you, you should look at the screen on your phone and see if you recognize the number.  If you don’t, then you would be wise to send it to voicemail and let whoever it is leave you a message.  In this day and age, many callers who are just out to harass you will give up if they can’t make an immediate connection, so you save yourself a whole lot of trouble by finding ways to screen your calls. Read more of this post

Hating Demons: Is it really as righteous as it sounds?


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God is good and demons are evil. God is for us and demons are against us. God is wonderful and demons are trying to negatively impact Him in some way. What more reason do we need to hate demons? We certainly shouldn’t be for demons, because God has already damned them, and we don’t want to be insulting God by hoping demons will somehow get another chance. Demons are out of chances. We don’t know what they did to burn up God’s patience, but we know how gracious He is, so if He says He’s fed up, there’s nothing more to say. Read more of this post

Better than Exorcism: Dealing with Persistent Demon Problems


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Demons are scary. Maybe when you first met yours, they put on their friendly act in order to lure you in. But at some point, they started showing their nasty side and now you’re in serious torment. Maybe demons are attacking your body. Maybe they’re attacking your mind. Maybe they’re attacking your surroundings. Whatever their methodology is, we can teach you how to deal with these persistent pests in a way that will help your soul. Read more of this post

Spiritual Warfare in the Church: Delusions vs. Truth


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Have you been told that you have the gift of discernment? Do you sense the presence of demons more often and more clearly than other people? Do you believe you have a special ability to “see” into the spiritual realm? Have you been taught that your special abilities are indications that God has specially equipped you for battling demons? If so, you have been led to a very dangerous place. The way you currently perceive spiritual warfare and your own spiritual abilities is very detrimental to your soul. You are caught in a current of deceptions which are only going to carry you deeper and deeper into a land of delusions. You can’t grow close to God when you’re clinging to delusions, but the kinds of delusions you’re headed toward are extremely addictive lies. They will please your ego so much that you won’t want to let them go. Demons know how to make lies sound far more attractive than truth, and teaching you that you are some spirit kicking warrior is one of their favorite games to play. Now wait a second—are we saying that demons would encourage you to believe you are a threat to them? Oh, yes. That whole rebuking package that you’ve been sold—it comes straight from them. Demons love it when you start rebuking them in the Name of Jesus or better yet—chanting Bible verses. Maybe you’ve been sold the version in which you’re supposed to hold up some large cross to drive the evil spirits back. Or perhaps your spiritual mentors took you down the holy liquids road—teaching you to dab on some holy oil or holy water or holy something else as a physical shield against those powers of darkness. It’s all such a fantastic scam and you have been the victim. If you’re serious about wanting to know God and please Him with your life, there is a whole lot of relearning you need to do about the spiritual realms. We can get you there, but it isn’t going to be a pleasant ride because God’s truth is often very repulsive to our pride. But truth is truth, and trying to ignore it doesn’t change anything, it just ends up harming you. God will not adjust reality to suit your wishful thinking. If you want to please Him, you have to submit to His rules and align with His definition of truth. Read more of this post

Rebuking Demons


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In the Church you are often told that rebuking demons is an effective strategy to use in spiritual warfare. But the truth is that this strategy isn’t all that great and it often ends up prolonging the fight. You see, your focus is what demons need in order to do damage. They want you to be thinking about them, not God. Whether you’re fretting over their lies or rebuking them, your focus is still on them, which means you’re making their job a lot easier than it needs to be. Read more of this post

Why didn’t God make us stronger than demons?


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This question brings up another question: why do we need to be superior to demons?  After all, God is infinitely stronger than demons and we have God to protect us, so why are we upset about being so weak on our own?  The answer is that we want our independence.  Read more of this post