Shady Shepherd Tactics: Delivering You From Spirit Spouses

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Here’s how it works in the world of Christian deliverance ministries.  First, you pick an issue that a ton of humans struggle with.  The juicier the issue is, the better. You want to go for a problem that frequently results in shame, heartache, or embarrassment.  Once you pick the issue, you then go on to the next step: demonize it.  Here’s where you make up some cockamamie story about how anyone who struggles with this issue only struggles with it because they’ve become some pawn of evil forces which are out to get them.  If you’re not an imaginative person, then borrow from the pagans, because they’ve got spiritually terrorizing people down to an art.  Once you’ve come up with a nice horrifying explanation for why people struggle with the issue you’ve picked, then you set up shop on the internet or in a church and you wait for a nice vulnerable victim to come stumbling into your lair.  You want someone who shows signs of being distressed, broken, or traumatized.  The more wounded they are, the more desperate they are, and the more likely they’ll be to believe whatever you tell them.  Here’s where you unleash your horror story on them about how the problems they are telling you about are sure indicators that they are in some great spiritual crisis.  And once you’ve successfully convinced them that they are helplessly locked in the clutches of some super powerful, super evil entity, you magnanimously offer to deliver them.  Isn’t that nice of you? Continue reading

The Ruler of Our World: Is it God or Satan?


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We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. (1 Jn. 5:19)

Who is in control of this world—God or Satan? The apostle John says that Satan is in control. But is John correct? How can any creature of God ever really be in control when such a creature can’t even sustain his own existence? Can Satan prevent God from uncreating him? Not hardly. Well, if Satan can’t protect himself from total annihilation, he is hardly in a position to control anything. Continue reading

Spiritual Bondage: Exposing the Scam


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In an age when deliverance ministries are on the rise and the Church is steeped in an idolatrous obsession with demons, you need to scrub the concept of spiritual bondage out of your theological database. It used to be that when a person spoke of being in bondage, they simply meant they were feeling burdened by some ongoing trial. Maybe there was some addiction or insecurity that they couldn’t shake and it was wearing them down. To be in bondage simply meant struggling with a trial. But in today’s demon worshiping climate, the term spiritual bondage is being used to promote some very dangerous deceptions. Today when people talk about someone being in spiritual bondage, what they’re really talking about is that person’s soul being held hostage by demons. Once you believe that demons can get their grubby little claws on your actual soul, you’re going to become very easy prey for all kinds of vipers in the Church today who want to “deliver you” right into a cesspool of terror and trauma. Continue reading

The Spirit of Jezebel: The Futility of Classifying Demons


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Because we Christians are so bent on competing with demon worshiping sorcerers, we put a whole lot of time and effort into trying to identify individual demons. It’s a very unrealistic goal, considering how much we don’t know about demons. For example, we have no idea how many of them there are compared to us. We have no idea how they travel around, how they communicate with each other, or how they interact with matter in our world. We’ve never seen them as they actually are—we don’t even know if their real selves are visible to our human eyes. The only time we see them is when they appear to us in costume—intentionally donning some form that they feel would be most effective in luring us in. A pretty looking humanoid with long feathery wings, a creepy looking troll, a black slinking shadow, the ghost of a human child—the costumes are endless. Clearly demons are very skilled at putting on a theatrical show, but how does this help us? If we can’t even identify other humans in costumes, how can we possibly identify demons who are flitting about in creative disguises? Well, maybe form is the wrong focus. Maybe we can start tracking the little rats by the way they behave. Continue reading

Satan Q&A


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We receive a lot of questions about Satan, so we’ve put together this list of answers for anyone who wants to know more about this infamous demon.


Satan is a demon. Demons are angels. The only reason we call some angels demons is to designate their position with God. While angels are still on God’s good side, demons have committed some kind of unforgivable sin which God has eternally condemned them for. Demons have already received their judgment from God and they know they’re going to Hell. Right now, they’re still free, but their very dark destiny looms in front of them with no hope of salvation. Continue reading

Identifying Demonic Strongholds


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How do we defeat demonic strongholds? The apostolic-prophetic intercessors, aka prayer warriors, have a lot to stay on this matter. And we should feel inspired to listen after seeing what lofty titles these people give themselves, right?  My, what ego.  And yet a quick cruise through social forums like Facebook reveals that Christians love their titles. It’s always amusing when they let us know they’re not just a prophet, but an overseer of prophets. Ah, yes, going for that extra rank. How impressed we’re not.  Realize that whenever people are busy clinging to self-exalting titles, they’re losing their grip on any real wisdom. What you’ll get from these demon ousting experts is a whole bunch of made up hoopla about how to identify which spirit is behind your particular problem and which specific stronghold you need to aim your poisonous prayer darts at. Continue reading

The Futility of Naming Demons


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Stay away from naming demons. Don’t try to figure out their names and don’t talk to them by name. Stay far away from this whole ridiculous hoopla of demon naming that so many Christians get themselves tangled up in today. There’s nothing more ridiculous than these know-it-alls who start boasting about their in-depth knowledge of individual demons. “There’s the demon named Anxiety and the demon named Depression.” Have you ever noticed how often these demons are named after emotions? And how convenient that their names are so easy to pronounce in our native languages—who knew demons preferred English, right? Realize that whenever some human tells you that they know a demon’s real name, they’re full of baloney. We don’t know the names of demons, nor should we care. Oh sure, demons will gladly make up some catchy title if that will entice us to spend more time thinking about them. But as a Christian, you shouldn’t be dwelling on demons and you shouldn’t be caring at all about what their names are. Continue reading