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Genesis 6 in Context: Demystifying the Nephilim


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Today it is commonly taught that Genesis 6 describes male angels having sexual relations with human females, the outcome of which is a generation of angel-human hybrids called Nephilim.  So is this really what is going on in Genesis 6?  No, it’s not.

There are many translations of the Bible, and each translation is working towards a certain set of goals (see Bible Study Help: Which translation should you use?).  When the goal is to convey the general idea of a passage as simply as possible, translators end up taking a lot of liberties with the text.  Now suppose you are a Bible translator.  Once you decide in your mind that angels are being described in Genesis 6, then you might put the word “angel” or “supernatural being” in your translation of that chapter, even though that’s really not what the text says.  In your mind, you’re making the passage more clear to others, but in reality what you’re doing is shifting the language to reflect your own interpretation of words which could be interpreted multiple ways.  When people come along and read your revised version of the passage, they don’t see the other options you had to choose from, because by not translating the original language more accurately, you make your interpretation sound like the only one that’s possible.  This happens with Bible translations all the time, which is why it’s very helpful to compare different translations of the passage you’re studying. Read more of this post

Lying Angels: How to Tell When You’re Being Duped by Supernatural Beings


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Are you being visited by angels? Are they showing up in glorious, radiant forms? Does being in their awesome presence fill you with a thrilling mix of terror and joy? Is your soul feeling bathed in warmth, love, and light so that it just longs to pursue a relationship with these creatures? Well, before you go casting yourself entirely into their hands, you need to realize that these supernatural visitors who act so benevolent are not at all what they seem. Those wonderful auras and those dramatic entrances—they’re all just part of a well-rehearsed show that demons have been playing with gullible human beings ever since this world began. Sure, your ego wants to believe that these magnificent creatures are as enamored with you as they pretend to be. You want to latch on to all this guff about you being chosen, gifted, and special. You want to believe that these strange visions and powers you’re suddenly experiencing really are evidence that you have been endowed with some amazing supernatural abilities. Well, you haven’t. You’re just one more in a very long line of suckers, and if you’re smart you’ll get out now before they can get their hooks in any deeper. Read more of this post

Angel Q&A


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Humans have always had an unhealthy obsession with angelic beings. We also insist that if God creates a variety of things, He must view some of those things as better than others. Well, no, this isn’t how God thinks. What is better, color or sound? What is more appealing: the sight of a beautiful sunset or the aroma of your favorite food when you’re super hungry? To God, multiple things can have equal value, even if those things are vastly different. But we humans have a fixation with comparing and ranking. When we’re presented with two things, we feel compelled to label one as better than the other. Read more of this post

Jacob Wrestles with an Angel


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In Genesis 32 we find the famous account of Jacob wrestling with an angel who acts as God’s representative. Some teachers will summarize it like this: “Human Jacob wrestled with God so long and hard that God got tuckered out and just couldn’t find a way to overcome. So God was coerced into giving Jacob the blessings he demanded just so God could get free of His mighty creature.” Of course our egos love this interpretation of the story because our flesh yearns to dominate our Creator. But the way our flesh wishes things could be and the way things actually work are worlds apart. In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the wrestling story within its original context and see what God-honoring lessons we can learn. Clearly “we can physically overcome God” isn’t going to be one of them. Read more of this post

Angels in the Book of Daniel


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The book of Daniel is found in the prophetic section of the Old Testament—which means towards the end. There are sixteen prophets with books named after them in the Old Testament (Lamentations is usually included in the group, bringing us to a total of 17 books, but Lamentations is really just a poem written by Jeremiah—it is not a prophecy). These books capture only a portion of what the prophets actually said in their lives. Some of the books (like Jonah) include a lot of historical narration and very little actual prophecy. Other books (like Obadiah) are pure prophecy—meaning that the book is one long stream of speeches given by Yahweh through the mouth of one of His prophets. Read more of this post