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Interpreting God: Recognizing Errors in Your Method


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Joe is a man who carries around a bag that is well-stocked with medical supplies.  Inside of his bag are all sorts of surgical tools, syringes, and drugs.  With the components in his bag, Joe could really help a lot of people.  But he could also use the same components to do horrible things to people.  Joe is well equipped to do great good, or great harm.  If Joe should set his bag down in your presence, open it up, and start selecting certain components, what would his intentions be?  Would he be planning to help you or hurt you?  Just looking at the specific items Joe pulls out of his bag won’t give you the answer to that question, because the same items can be used to accomplish drastically different goals.  Read more of this post

Pursued by Spirits: How to Find Real Help in Dealing with Supernatural Beings


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Suppose your cell phone rings.  Should you always pick it up?  It could be a friend.  Or it could be an enemy who is recording your call so he can use the information against you in court.  Before you open up the line and start dialoguing with whoever it is that’s calling you, you should look at the screen on your phone and see if you recognize the number.  If you don’t, then you would be wise to send it to voicemail and let whoever it is leave you a message.  In this day and age, many callers who are just out to harass you will give up if they can’t make an immediate connection, so you save yourself a whole lot of trouble by finding ways to screen your calls. Read more of this post

Cultivating Submission: Why God Wants You to Hate His Moral Code


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God has a moral code.  Because He is the Supreme Authority, He demands that we align with His moral code.  We don’t like His moral code, thus a conflict is created.

So why don’t we like God’s moral code?  Because He has intentionally designed us not to like it.  Now maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, I don’t have a problem with God’s moral code.”  This is called denial.  You actually have an enormous problem with God’s moral code, because what God basically says is that who you naturally are is bad.  Not just a little bad—really bad.  There’s no human on the planet who isn’t bothered by this kind of judgment.  We’re so bothered by it, that we try not to face it by being very selective about which parts of God’s moral code we will recognize.  For example, we say, “God says that murder is bad.  I agree, and I don’t murder, so there’s no conflict between God and I.”  Ah, but God’s moral code is far more extensive than this.  The reality is that every human has a long list of innate qualities, desires, and characteristics which God says are bad.  So what does this mean?  It means we’ve got a God who sounds like He is rejecting us for things that we can’t help.  Well, who wants a God like that?  Here’s where the mass stampede away from God begins as many souls say, “Why should I submit to a jerk like that?  If God is so impossible to please, who needs Him?”  Read more of this post

Real Talk for Angry Rebels: Negotiating Your Return to God


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Once upon a time, you called yourself a Christian and you believed in the Christian Gods: Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Then some nasty thing happened to you, your quality of life tanked, you blamed God, and made your best attempt at cutting Him out of your life.  Now a bunch of time has passed, your life is still lousy, and you’ve decided that this no God thing just isn’t working for you.  So you want to come back and take another run at Christianity.  If God would finally agree to play nice, you and He could get along well, right?  Well, no, this isn’t how it works.  God isn’t going to agree to play nice, but He is going to say that if you don’t submit to Him as the Supreme Authority in your life, you’re going to end up in a situation that makes your current troubles seem like Heaven by comparison.  Still want to come back? Read more of this post

Sticking It To God: What Every Really Angry Soul Needs to Know


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In our line of work, we come across a lot of souls who are furious at God. The reason is always the same: they’ve been brutally hurt by Him one way or another and they don’t know what to do with the pain. What’s really great about these souls is that they aren’t playing the usual Christian game of trying to downplay God’s role in their misery. Really vocal God haters tend to have a strong grasp of God’s sovereignty—a fact that could really take them to some awesome places if it was properly applied. But while they usually have a great grip on sovereignty, they tend to have no confidence in God’s goodness. Instead of realizing that He has positive motivations for doing what He is doing to their lives, they write Him off as a despicable Ogre and decide that they want nothing to do with Him. At least some of them decide this. But others take a very aggressive approach and obsess over finding a way that they can try and get revenge on God. They want to somehow hurt Him to the degree that He has hurt them—and perhaps a skosh more. This obsession with getting their own back often results in some pretty absurd ideas about how they will personally experience Hell, and it is those misunderstandings that we want to clear up in this post for all of you little dears who are currently on the “I hate God” track. Read more of this post

Why You Must Learn to Separate God from the Church


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Maybe your pastor ran off with the church secretary. Maybe the church treasurer stole a bunch of money. Maybe the worship leader made a play for your wife. Maybe the whole congregation is spreading slander about you. Maybe the evangelist on television conned you into giving him all your money. Maybe your priest molested you. When the Church treats us badly, the common response is to see her actions as the actions of God, and here is where the problem lies. Because while God will most certainly use the Church to cause you problems in life, the Church is just a tool to Him, she’s not His incarnation. When you merge the Church and God into a single entity in your mind, you end up in a major mess. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of humans do: they see the Church as an extension of God Himself, and they then try to use the actions and motivations of humans to understand who God is. If your pastor is kind, God must be kind. If your pastor is a jerk, then obviously God is a jerk. If your priest can’t be trusted, then God can’t be trusted. If other Christians exclude you, then God must be excluding you. This whole line of logic is seriously flawed, and if you insist on clinging to it, you’re going to end up in Hell. Why? Because God isn’t going to let you write Him off because you refused to acknowledge who He is. Read more of this post

Agitated Atheists: Why We Won’t Debate With You


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We know God. We know Him quite well, in fact, and this really irks people who need God to not be real. If we’re irking you, and you’re trying to get in some long debate with us about the existence of God and how exactly we relate to Him, this post will help you understand why we’re not going to argue with you. You see, all of your fussing over the existence of God is really just a game.  What you’re really interested in is your accountability to God–and that is the thing you’re trying to wriggle out of by arguing with Christians.  You tell yourself that as long as you can pick apart someone’s argument for why God is real, then He can’t be real, therefore you aren’t accountable to Him.  Well, this is ridiculous.  Read more of this post

Taking Advantage of a Merciful God: Can it really be done?


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God says He hates rebellion, but then He offers us instant, eternal forgiveness for our sins and eternal life in Heaven if we just call on the Name of Jesus. Wow, talk about a dope. You’d have to have the intelligence of a turnip not to see a juicy opportunity in this set up. If salvation is ours for the taking anytime we want, then let’s spend our lives spitting in God’s face and then use His own foolish rules against Him to gain passage into Heaven with our dying breath. Obviously God is some pathetic pushover who is so desperate to save us that He’s willing to eat any amount of abuse from us. Just look at Jesus standing there letting His own creations beat and spit on Him—if that doesn’t say “spineless” what does? If God is such a mercy loving masochist, then why should we bother with submitting to Him before our dying moment? He’s not a King, He’s a fool, and One who we humans can easily take advantage of. Or can we? Read more of this post

Responding to Haters


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If you begin with the assumption that there is no God, Christianity sounds pretty ludicrous, and dedicated Christians sound delusional. This is where the haters come in. There is a large crop of folks out there who have nothing better to do then sit around pointing out all the ways that Christians seem like idiots from their perspective. Many of them have gone so far as to construct elaborate websites which are dedicated to mocking Christian doctrines and specific Christian teachers.

Now if you really think Christians are idiots, why bother with them at all? Well, atheism is just another religion and among the adherents of any religion we can find those who are zealously trying to gain new converts. Many who feel a burning need to construct websites with the general theme of “all Christians are morons” identify themselves as being in the atheism camp and they’re just out to convince others to think like them. Read more of this post

Why You Need to Mock God


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This post is speaking to non-Christians.

What kinds of emotions come to mind when you hear Christians talking about Jesus? Rage? Bitterness? Hate? Think about how you spend your time. Are you going out of your way to mock and insult the Christian God? Are you intensely bothered whenever you hear Christians declaring their love and loyalty to Jesus? Your aggressive behavior is only a surface symptom of a deeper issue. When we find ourselves hating God and feeling a need to mock and slander Him, it is often because we feel that He has wronged us in some terrible way and we’re really just out for revenge. Maybe He did something He was never supposed to do. Maybe He failed to do something that He was supposed to do. Whatever the reason, when God hurts us intensely, where can we go for help? Most of His followers want to sit around saying “God doesn’t do evil.” Well, this doesn’t help you very much, does it? When God crushes us, we need a better explanation than “Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.” Read more of this post