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Unlocking Divine Secrets: Understanding How Intimate Knowledge of God is Acquired

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There are two ways to approach trying to learn more about the Beings who created us.  Which approach you use will depend on how you view your access to the information you want.

If you want to know who someone’s biological parents are, what do you do?  You get on the internet and start digging for birth certificates.  When it comes to finding out information about humans, a lot of data is out in the open.  The person you want to know about can’t control how data about them is stored.  Maybe they don’t like the fact that so much information is considered “public record,” but they’re stuck with it.  As long as people are  broadcasting personal facts about others into public data streams, anyone can dip into that stream and sift out the data they want.  In this situation, that data is out in the open–you just have to find your way to it.  All that is required is perseverance on your part.  You don’t need permission from the person you’re researching before you can learn things about them.  Instead, you can go around them and find out things that they don’t even want you to know. Read more of this post

Understanding Your Complete Loss of Faith: Great News for Devastated Christians


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One of the most thrilling moments in a serious Christian’s life is when he suddenly finds his great confidence in God crumbling to dust right in front of him.  As his faith melts away like ice cubes in a pot of boiling water, the Christian is left feeling completely helpless and unable to stop the erosion process.  In a horrifyingly short period of time, he goes from being totally confident about so many things to being in serious doubt about everything–even the reality of God.  Beliefs that used to have such a clear ring of truth suddenly sound so ludicrous that the Christian can’t talk himself into accepting them any longer.  His doubts become so intense and his faith so non-existent, that he feels he has no choice but to thrust the whole concept of God away from him and find some way to try and deal with the dark, meaningless existence that fills the place where his confidence once was.     Read more of this post

Interpreting God: Recognizing Errors in Your Method


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Joe is a man who carries around a bag that is well-stocked with medical supplies.  Inside of his bag are all sorts of surgical tools, syringes, and drugs.  With the components in his bag, Joe could really help a lot of people.  But he could also use the same components to do horrible things to people.  Joe is well equipped to do great good, or great harm.  If Joe should set his bag down in your presence, open it up, and start selecting certain components, what would his intentions be?  Would he be planning to help you or hurt you?  Just looking at the specific items Joe pulls out of his bag won’t give you the answer to that question, because the same items can be used to accomplish drastically different goals.  Read more of this post

Getting to Know God: Understanding the Process


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Let’s have six people take six different close up pictures of a horse. One person will zoom in on the horse’s ear. The next will zoom in on the horse’s nose. Another will take a close up picture of the horse’s lips, another of his mane, another of his leg, and another of his eye. When we later examine all of these pictures together, do we see a horse? Yes and no. We’re definitely seeing parts and pieces of a horse, but there is still a lot of horse that never got photographed. If we were to show these six pictures to someone who had never seen a horse before, would that person get an accurate idea of what a horse looks like? No. That person would stare at our six close-ups and think, “Wow, these are some very strange features. I can’t imagine how all of these things could fit together on one animal.” Read more of this post

Relating to an Alien God


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Suppose you want to hear some music. You turn on your radio and a talk station comes on. You don’t want talk, you want music. Here is where you might say, “This radio is dumb. It doesn’t play any music.” Yet is this a correct conclusion? No. Your radio’s antenna is receiving all kinds of music transmissions, but before you can enjoy certain ones, you have to tune in to the right station. It works the same with God’s Voice. He is always talking to you, but He broadcasts His messages on many different stations. Most Christians refuse to acknowledge more than one or two stations. They want God to speak to them through emotional experiences or in the form of some clear thought voice. God does speak in these ways, but He also speaks in a variety of other ways. God is constantly changing which station He’s broadcasting on. If we’re going to hear Him, we need to learn how to listen to multiple stations at the same time. This is what the Holy Spirit will teach you to do if you are willing to submit to His education process.

Learning to recognize God’s Voice begins with realizing two critical facts. First, that He is always talking to you personally. Second, that His communications come in a wide variety of forms. As long as you are refusing to accept one or both of these facts, you simply aren’t going to get very far in your relationship with God. Read more of this post

Relating to God: Pursuing the Right Dynamic


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If you think you are someone who doesn’t deserve the mercy of God, you’re right. You certainly do not deserve His mercy. The fact that you realize this puts you a lot farther down the road than all of these arrogant souls who think that they do deserve God’s mercy. No one deserves God’s mercy. That’s what mercy is: showing compassion and favor to those who don’t deserve it.

So does God find being merciful a strain? Not at all. In fact, He loves it. God is the kind of Being who gets high on being merciful, kind, compassionate, loving, and gracious towards those He has made. God loves taking care of His little creatures, and that includes you. God loves you just as you are. He made you on purpose because it pleased Him to do so. Everyone begins their life by doing one act that greatly pleases God: they come into being. The day you went from being an idea in God’s mind to a living human, He was beaming with joy. God loves every soul that He creates: period. That’s one of the sweet advantages of being God: you don’t have to create anything that you don’t want to create. God created you because He wanted you, and now here you are. So far, so good. Read more of this post

The Price & Privilege of Knowing God


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This post is speaking to Christians who have totally surrendered themselves to the Holy Spirit and are now experiencing conflict with other Christians and a lack of interest in going to church.

The knowledge of God is a very divisive thing. The more insights you receive from the Holy Spirit, the more cut off you will feel from the rest of the Christian community. This is because the vast majority of your siblings in the Lord do not have a deep knowledge of God, nor do they want one. They are not fully committed because commitment costs. To put it bluntly: God simply isn’t worth that much to them. But He is worth a great deal to you, which is why you surrendered yourself to the Holy Spirit and earnestly sought His wisdom. Now what you have gained is very precious to you—so precious that it’s worth what it’s costing you in fellowship with other believers. But this new sense of isolation does take some getting used to. Read more of this post

My loving God has turned into a Monster!


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When we have already established a relationship with a God who we thought was all loving and kind, it is quite traumatic to be suddenly exposed to His dark side. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the conclusions we tend leap to about God during this period of shock and see if we can put things back in perspective. We’ll also learn why we are really much better off with God the way He actually is, as opposed to the God we thought we knew who was all smiles and warmth. Read more of this post

Knowing without Understanding


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Knowing God and understanding Him are two very different concepts. It’s important to realize this, for a successful pursuit of God requires a willingness to settle for attaining only one of these goals. Understanding what kind of Being God is, how He perceives reality, and how exactly He does His God thing is entirely beyond our reach, and to set our sights on such a goal will only sidetrack us with a bunch of brain breaking questions that He isn’t going to answer. But while God will not allow us to fully understand how He functions, He does invite us to know Him with ever deepening levels of intimacy. Read more of this post

How to Seek God

How to Seek God

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Why do you suppose you want to seek God? You didn’t get this idea on your own. What appears as an isolated thought in your mind is actually the result of your soul hearing God calling out to you and choosing to respond back to Him. So by the time you are asking how to seek God, you have already started seeking Him. The connection has already been established. Now we can talk about how to strengthen it. Read more of this post