Spiritual Maturity: Learning From A God Who Loves To Teach


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God always initiates in His relationship with you.  This means that it won’t even occur to you to submit to Him or to change the way you talk to Him until He brings those subjects up with you.  God talks to you in many forms.  Often God talks to us through things that other people write or say.  However God chooses to introduce a new idea to you, you need to realize that He is the One who is inviting you to the next stage of maturity in your relationship with Him.  You also need to realize that God is not the least bit disappointed that you’re not already at that next stage.  Continue reading

Understanding Moses: Identifying Soul Attitudes in Deuteronomy 8


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After leading a mob of spiritual rebels around in a barren wilderness for forty years, a very elderly Moses gives a very long speech to them shortly before he dies.  That speech is recorded in the book of Deuteronomy, and in it Moses summarizes the wilderness experience, reviews Yahweh’s commands, adds some new commands, and passes on prophetic words from God that the whole nation of Israel is going to keep on wallowing in rebellion until God finally trashes her.  Deuteronomy isn’t a cheery book, but it is very educational and filled with many useful spiritual lessons.  Continue reading

Soul Attitudes That Please God: What They Are & How We Develop Them


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Soul attitudes are responses to facts.  When our Gods demand certain soul attitudes from us, They’re really telling us to respond to Their revelations in a particular way.  The soul attitude of reverence is the correct response to the revelation that our Gods are infinitely more powerful than we are.  Submission is the correct response to the fact that Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the Supreme Authorities.  Trust is a response to the fact that our Creators are good in Character, and dependency is a response to the fact that we can do absolutely nothing apart from Them. Continue reading

Four Ways to Identify False Teaching in the Church


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The true purpose of life is to develop a strong personal bond with our three glorious Creators: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We were created by Them for this reason, and until we align our priorities with Theirs, we’re missing the point of everything. But once we do reach the point where we are seriously pursuing God in our hearts, what then? Well, that’s when we get into the vast and thrilling topic of spiritual maturity.

There are two main areas in which we need to mature: knowing God better, and treating Him better. We can’t do either of these things without His help, but when we are responding well to God in our souls, He delights in helping us with these things. It isn’t a negative to God that we start off as such blind, bumbling creatures. He made us this way on purpose because God enjoys maturing us. This is very important to realize, because it’s easy to become very frustrated with your own rate of progress. We often want to grow faster and in a different order than God wants us to. But since we can’t grow without Him, His plan for us always ends up being the one we have to conform to. Continue reading