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Correcting Your End Time Theology: Revering the God of Satan


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Reverence is a form of respect which is motivated by a fear of being harmed by someone or something’s power.  Without thinking about it, you automatically revere many things in life.  The sober fear that comes over you when you see a damaged power line sizzling and jerking on the ground is reverence.  You realize that if you get too close, the power line might electrocute you.  So you keep your distance and you give careful thought as to how you will handle the situation.  This is one of the effects reverence has on us: it slows us down.  It inspires us to put careful thought into how we are interacting with the thing or being who we revere.  When we deeply revere God, His preferences become very important to us, we really want to obey His convictions, and we are much more careful in how we talk to Him.  Just as you might be rude to a human who you don’t respect, but you’ll bring out your best manners when you’re talking to someone who has the power to drastically change your circumstances in life, developing reverence for God results in us improving our treatment of Him.  We stop treating Him like some intrusive pest, and we start treating Him with great respect. Read more of this post

Singing Smack to Yahweh: SHOW ME YOUR GLORY by Jesus Culture


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Reverence is one of those four critical soul attitudes that are essential to you pleasing your Makers.  Without it, you’re going to Hell—this is how important reverence is.  So now let’s dig deeper.  Why is reverence so important?  Well, reverence is a fear based respect which is a logical response to recognizing that someone or something has the power to harm you.  Humans revere fire, which is why they keep a cautious distance from it.  Because they know that fire has the power to severely injure them, they are afraid of it, and that fear translates into a sober respect which prevents them from just tossing lit matches onto the carpets of their homes.  Read more of this post

The Benefits of Reverence: Keeping Us Close to a Loving God


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Our three glorious Creators love us more than our tiny minds can even fathom and They want nothing but the best for us. Where things get sticky is that Their idea of what is best for us often differs quite a bit from what we feel is best. Of course, being our Creators, They’re always right. Ever try to argue with someone who is always right? It really grates on the old pride. After a while, you find yourself stubbornly defending some really stupid argument just because you’re tired of always having to back down. We play the same games with the Holy Spirit all the time. He tells us to do something, we say we know better, we realize how lame it is to claim to be smarter than He is, yet we just don’t want to back down. And then there are those times when He asks us to behave in a way that will make us look stupid and feel misunderstood. Uh, no thanks. Why does God have to mess up our lives right now? Read more of this post

How to Recognize a Destructive Fear of God


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All fears are not equal. There are good fears and bad fears. Good fears will help you in life. Bad fears will hold you back, burden you, and cripple you. Good fears are based on truth. For example, it is true that the soft tissues of your hand will become severely injured if you expose them to too much heat. Once you learn this, you develop a healthy fear of being burned which causes you to not get too close to an open fire or a hot burner. This fear of being burned does not slow you down in life. Instead, it becomes a helpful guide. When you start getting too close to a fire, this fear pops into your mind and you move back to a safer distance. This is a good, healthy fear to have, but it is also limited to certain circumstances. When you’re walking down a street, or lying in bed at night, you aren’t feeling paranoid about being burned. You only think of this fear when you’re in a situation where being burned is possible. It is not a haunting presence that follows you everywhere you go. Read more of this post

Volcanic God (Exodus 19)

Exodus 19 - Volcanic God

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“Does God even like us?” This question surfaces in many minds when people come across scenes like Yahweh descending onto Mt. Sinai in Exodus 19. After all, if you love someone and want to develop a relationship with them, why would you drive them off with a bunch of terrifying images? Yet at first glance, this is what Yahweh does to Israel. He assembles several terrifying geological events, throws in a very upsetting, blaring noise, and basically says: “This is how I want you to think of Me.” Read more of this post

Why We Must Fear God

Why We Must Fear God

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The phrase the fear of the Lord is often misinterpreted as a negative, cowering response of an intimidated creature towards his ominous Creator. This is not what God is talking about when He complains in the Bible that people have no fear of Him. The fear of the Lord is better translated as reverence—another term which we are bad at understanding. When we think of reverence, we think of respect, but we cannot stop there for God demands much more than respect from us. Read more of this post

When a Man Touched the Ark: Lessons for the Modern Church

When a Man Touched the Ark: Lessons for the Modern Church

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In ancient Israel, the Ark of the Covenant was a sacred object that symbolized Yahweh’s holy Presence among His people. Yahweh gave His people detailed instructions for how the Ark was to be constructed and handled. The actual Ark was never to be touched. It was attached to two poles to allow men to carry it. The poles were never to be removed from the Ark. The only authorized Ark bearers were Kohathite Levites (Deut. 10:8, Num. 4:1-20). Read more of this post