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Ezekiel 14: Yahweh Stands Alone


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In our lesson Ezekiel 13-14: Yahweh Condemns False Prophets, we made our way through all of Ezekiel 13 and the first half of Ezekiel 14.  In that passage, Yahweh was focused on the issue of Jewish false prophets and the folks who were keeping them in business.  As we learned in our previous lesson, it’s a very dangerous thing to turn the concept of Divine prophecy into a game.  When we misuse Yahweh’s Name and Authority, we end up on the wrong side of His wrath. Read more of this post

Choosing the Right Priorities: How does God want us to treat our brothers?


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“How should I treat my brother?” The common Christian answer to this classic question is “Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.” Or we might say, “God commands us to love one another.” And while these are useful guidelines to have in mind, in real life, we often need more specific instruction. What exactly does loving your brother look like? What if you currently hate him because of something he did to you? While Christians often talk as if love and forgiveness are qualities that we can just pluck off a shelf whenever we feel like it, in real life, we often find ourselves at a total loss when it comes to the resources we need to treat others as we’d want to be treated. So then what? Read more of this post

Enhancing Our Love for God


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When we first begin our relationship with God, who is it that we love? Not the real God, but a modification of the real God which we are personally comfortable with. To remain in this place of loving the God we have shaped in our minds might seem satisfying to us, but how satisfying is it to Him? Do you want to be loved for who you are or for who your friend wants to believe you are? What if your friend’s perception of you is a million miles from reality? Knowing this would hardly be a plus to you, especially if she kept resisting every time you tried to correct her understanding of you. Read more of this post