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Compassion Training: Focusing on Principles Instead of Particulars


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God is an incredibly merciful and compassionate Being. He’s so much these things that it often makes us mad. We don’t want God to be empathetic towards that jerk who just hurt us in some major way. In such moments, we want God to be on our side and only on our side. Yet this isn’t how He is. God is on everyone’s side. He is full of empathy for you as well as for your enemy, and in both cases, His empathy is quite sincere. It really bothers us—this idea of nasty people and bad people getting buckets of blessings from God. It really bothers us that slackers, creeps, perverts, and bullies could wind up in the very same Heaven that we’re planning on going to. Well, it might bother us, but this is how God operates, so there it is. God isn’t going to dial down how merciful He is just to suit us. He delights in things like compassion, patience, grace, and forgiveness—all of which are qualities that we really struggle to develop. Read more of this post

Dealing with Sinners


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We all sin. We all have issues—serious, deep-rooted issues. We all have our dark secrets that we’re not about to share with anybody else. Before we begin a discussion about how to respond to sinners, we need to get real about the extent of our own depravity. A “sinner” isn’t just that dude over there who is so obviously wallowing in carnality. A sinner is also you—the judgmental soul who’s sitting one pew over feeling all smug and superior because you’re better than that crud ball. Whenever we start laying down rules about how to deal with sinners, we’re not just talking about how you should deal with the lowlifes all around you. We’re also talking about how those lowlifes should deal with you. Read more of this post