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Understanding Soul-Earthsuit Mechanics: The Origin of Warm Fuzzies


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You’re singing a worship song to God and suddenly you experience a surge of physical energy and emotional joy. You pray to God when you’re afraid and a sudden wave of peace comes over you. You hear God speaking to you through something you hear or read and suddenly you feel an electric tingle run up your spine. We call these things “warm fuzzies.” But what really causes these things and how do you know whether they are from God or not? To answer this question, we must venture into the complex world of soul-earthsuit mechanics. Read more of this post

Spiritual Discernment & Warfare: Access & Communication (2 of 3)


In our last lesson, we learned that while your soul is traveling through this world, there are four main groups that are communicating with it. Read more of this post

Spiritual Discernment & Warfare: An Introduction (1 of 3)


The topics of spiritual discernment and spiritual warfare are so closely related that we will cover them both in this series of lessons. Spiritual warfare is about learning how to react to your spiritual enemies in ways that will benefit your soul. Well, before you can react wisely to your enemies, you have to be able to recognize them. That’s where spiritual discernment comes in. Read more of this post

Pleasing God When You Can’t Control Your Flesh


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“How much do you care about pleasing God? Let’s see you prove it.”

This is what Christians will say to you in the Church. This is what the New Testament writers will tell believers in their letters. But there’s a major problem with this little challenge, and it comes with those last five words:

“Let’s SEE you prove it.”

What can humans see? Can they see your soul longing for God? No. God has blinded other people from seeing the real you because He considers your soul’s response to Him to be none of their business. On this earth, He has you hidden from view inside this physical earthsuit that you drive about in. As a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit riding along in that earthsuit with you and He knows exactly how you feel about Him. But other people don’t, and it bugs them. Other Christians think that you should find their approval of your spirituality desperately important. Other Christians think they are qualified to stand in for the Holy Spirit and assess your spiritual progress for you. So when other Christians see you getting drunk again or waking up in bed with someone else’s spouse, other Christians are going to say that you obviously don’t care about God. When they see you getting that divorce or abusing your kids or beating up your wife in a fit of blind rage, they’re going to start questioning the validity of your salvation. If you listen to other people’s assessment of you, you’re going to end up drowning in shame and self-loathing and brainstorming ways to end your life. You’re going to end up turning away from the only three Beings who stay by your side when your flesh is dragging you through the moral muck: Jesus, Yahweh, and the magnificent Holy Spirit. Read more of this post

Courageous Coward: Pleasing God When You’re Afraid


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Suppose God calls you to serve Him in a way that will involve some very upsetting extras. In your heart, you want to obey and you tell God you will follow Him anywhere because He is your King. But here is where you must remember that you are a spirit being who is traveling about in an earthsuit that has a mind of its own. Your earthsuit doesn’t care about pleasing God—it only cares about protecting and pleasing itself. Your earthsuit is going to adamantly oppose any assignment which puts it at risk of physical injury, emotional stress, or relational conflicts. So while you can be courageously dedicated to God inside, your earthsuit is going to be a sniveling coward and it will try to do anything it can to sabotage the mission. Rocks in your stomach, watery knees, taut nerves, sleepless nights—your earthsuit is going to throw the equivalent of a two-year-old’s tantrum to try and get you to change course. These are very smart bodies that God gave us. They are rather like those computerized machines we see in the movies that lock up the controls when they sense danger and ban the humans from overriding their safety systems. Your earthsuit has no use for pleasing God. Your earthsuit doesn’t care about God. It is an unregenerate, selfish mess that is only going to care about itself until the day that God ejects you from it. Read more of this post