Recognizing Your Spiritual Dependency On Humans


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Jason’s father is the pastor of a mega church and a very dominant personality who has most of the Bible memorized.  When Pastor Jack declares that God disapproves of something or someone, Jason feels like God Himself has spoken.  The problem is that Jack is a hard man to please—impossible, in fact. Jason has spent his whole life trying to earn his father’s approval, only to have Jack constantly find fault with him.  Today Jason is convinced that he’ll never succeed at pleasing God unless he manages to please his demanding father, because he’s convinced that the two beings think alike. Continue reading

It’s Personal: Understanding How God Communicates with Humans


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When God is talking to Americans, He talks like an American—using terms, slang, and metaphors that Americans understand.  When He’s talking to Russians, He talks like a Russian.  When He’s talking to Italians, He talks like an Italian.  Because God gave us all of the language tools we use today, and because He understands us better than we understand ourselves, it’s a very simple thing for Him to communicate to us in ways that we will understand.  It’s also a very simple thing for Him to stonewall us, confuse us, and prevent us from pondering certain questions and possibilities.  The point is that if God wants you to understand something, there’s no way that you can stop yourself from receiving that information.  At the same time, if God wants to withhold information from you, there’s no way that you can pry that information out of Him.   Continue reading

It’s Biblical: God Talks to People Without Using the Bible


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If you want to know God’s will for your life, then you need to read the Bible.  If you want God to talk to you, then crack open the book because, hello, it’s the Living Word of God.  Every word in the Bible is inerrant and God-breathed, so if you want God breathing on you, you need to part His lips for Him, and that means opening up those sacred Scriptures.  If you don’t do this—if you slack off and don’t read the Word every single day of your life—then how do you expect God to take your interest in Him seriously?  You’re obviously not serious if you aren’t doing those daily devotions. Continue reading

Being Commanded by God


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When people hear the word command, they often think of someone with an angry expression barking orders in a harsh, stern tone. Is this how God looks and sounds when He’s commanding us? It depends. First of all, God speaks to us in a wide variety of ways. Many of His communications to us don’t have any tone at all because they are not verbal. Secondly, God is always responding to our soul attitudes. This means that how He talks to you will depend on how your soul is currently responding to Him. Continue reading

Relating to an Alien God


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Suppose you want to hear some music. You turn on your radio and a talk station comes on. You don’t want talk, you want music. Here is where you might say, “This radio is dumb. It doesn’t play any music.” Yet is this a correct conclusion? No. Your radio’s antenna is receiving all kinds of music transmissions, but before you can enjoy certain ones, you have to tune in to the right station. It works the same with God’s Voice. He is always talking to you, but He broadcasts His messages on many different stations. Most Christians refuse to acknowledge more than one or two stations. They want God to speak to them through emotional experiences or in the form of some clear thought voice. God does speak in these ways, but He also speaks in a variety of other ways. God is constantly changing which station He’s broadcasting on. If we’re going to hear Him, we need to learn how to listen to multiple stations at the same time. This is what the Holy Spirit will teach you to do if you are willing to submit to His education process.

Learning to recognize God’s Voice begins with realizing two critical facts. First, that He is always talking to you personally. Second, that His communications come in a wide variety of forms. As long as you are refusing to accept one or both of these facts, you simply aren’t going to get very far in your relationship with God. Continue reading

Practicing Discernment: Prophecies & Premonitions


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How do you know when a prediction about the future is from God? It’s not hard to sort these things out once you understand a few things about God’s communication style and His priorities for you. God has you on this planet for one reason: to give you the chance to decide how serious you are going to be about your relationship with Him. Every human has a relationship with God because God sustains us all. So even if we’re working hard at pretending He doesn’t exist, we are still utterly dependent on Him and our lives are being shaped by His decisions. When you are born, when and how you will die, who you will meet, what you will experience—all of these things are determined by God. It is God who is constantly putting a limited number of choices before us and those choices are the only ones we can choose between. So while we like to pep ourselves up with sayings like, “You can do anything you put your mind to,” the truth is that you can only ever do what God allows you to do. Continue reading