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Eclipsing False Christian Prophets: The Revelation 12 Sign

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There are a lot of false prophets in the Church today who are trying to get you to see celestial events as prophetic signs from God.  Lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and the shifting about of star clusters which were given really stupid names by folks who worshiped false gods and planets—it’s all just fodder for false prophets to use to get you hyped up on adrenaline and generous with the donations.

So far in this three part miniseries on celestial signs, we have debunked the theory that a double rainbow appearing over America’s White House was God’s clumsy way of saying something important to America (see Eclipsing False Christian Prophets: The Biblical Allusion Con).  Then we showed you how to recognize the idiocy of claims that a solar eclipse was some Divine warning to America (see Eclipsing False Christian Prophets: Unsealing the Idiocy).  In this post, we’ll show you how to use good discernment skills when you come across claims that the position of stars on September 23, 2017 is yet another vague warning that God is about to do something epic. Read more of this post

Eclipsing False Christian Prophets: Unsealing the Idiocy

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In the first lesson of this miniseries, we explained how false prophets allude to Scriptures in order to con you into thinking their prophecies are credible (see Eclipsing False Christian Prophets: The Biblical Allusion Con). We ended that lesson by debunking an absurd claim that the appearance of a double rainbow over the American White House was a message from God.  It’s now time for us to shred the lunacy surrounding a second celestial event: the much ballyhooed solar eclipse that is due to occur on August 21.  Read more of this post

Eclipsing False Christian Prophets: The Biblical Allusion Con

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A solar eclipse is on its way, and that means there are a bunch of false prophets out there just hankering for a way to get their greedy mitts on your money.  To help woo you and your wallet in their direction, they are cranking out a fresh pile of malarkey about celestial signs, the end of the world, Israel, someone nuking America—you know, all the standard stuff.  And while you could certainly choose to hop aboard the merry-go-round for yet another ride up and down the fear pole, we encourage you to take this opportunity to get educated instead.  Educated, that is, on how people with no fear of God are intentionally jerking you around for their own carnal gain.  It’s really quite despicable, the way these arrogant windbags get off on spiritually deluding you just so they can sell more books and rake in more offerings.  But God will take care of them.  Meanwhile, you really need to stop acting like a sponge by just soaking up whatever ludicrous theory the prophetic posers come up with.  Read more of this post

Recognizing Your Conversations with God: Lesson 5 – Body Talk

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In our last lesson, we did our first round of script analysis.  We showed you how to take a string of your own thoughts and rearrange them into a multi-party dialogue between you, God, and a mysterious group of naysayers who seem to be invested in discouraging you, countering what God says to you, and emphasizing the negative.  Just who are these pills and how are they getting so much access to your mind?  Well, it’s a surprisingly complicated answer, but we’re going to break it down into little steps.  Read more of this post

Recognizing Your Conversations with God: Lesson 4 – Script Analysis


In our last lesson, we discussed two new discernment principles which are critical to learning how to recognize God talking to you.  The first principle was that God always initiates in His relationship with you.  The second principle was that when God speaks, He encourages you towards Him—meaning that God is always going to encourage you to make choices that will benefit your soul in the long term.

At the end of our last lesson, we introduced our first script exercise, and gave you some ideas for how you could come up with some mental material that you can write down for analysis.  For those of you who have some scripts ready, it’s now time to do some analyzing.  Read more of this post

Recognizing Your Conversations with God: Lesson 3 – God’s Agenda

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In our last lesson, we explained the concept of soul blocking.  Your theology is your set of beliefs about God, and what you currently believe about Him has a major impact on how you react to Him.  When God says things that make you uncomfortable, your soul will often respond by rejecting part or all of what He said.  Three of the most common reasons that souls refuse to accept what God is saying are the following: Read more of this post

Recognizing Your Conversations with God: Lesson 2 – Soul Blocking

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Before we move on to our next lesson in this series, let’s do a quick review.  In our first lesson, we explained the following points: Read more of this post

Recognizing Your Conversations with God: Lesson 1 – Two Kinds of Thoughts

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“God never talks to me.  He only talks to other people.” 

If this is what you think, you’re dead wrong.  God most certainly does talk to you.  Not only does He talk to you, He talks to you a lot.  When He does, you talk back.  The reality is that you and God are frequently conversing with each other on a soul level.  It doesn’t matter if you never read the Bible—the Bible has nothing to do with the kind of conversation we’re talking about.  We’re talking about you and God chatting it up with no props involved.  It happens all the time in your life.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your gender is, or what religion you claim to be.  Talking to God isn’t something that only Christians do.  It’s not just an adult activity.  Everyone talks to God, and if you want to learn how to start recognizing the conversations that are already happening between you and God on a daily basis, you’ve come to the right place. Read more of this post

Spiritual Discernment & Warfare: Brain vs. Soul (3 of 3)


In our last lesson, we learned that there’s nothing simple about communicating with other people in this world. By the time there are earthsuits and demons in the mix, your soul is getting bombarded with false information. If it tries to make decisions based on that information, what will be the result? Fear, depression, stress, doubt, and a certainty that God doesn’t want you anymore. Now let’s be clear: we are NOT saying that all depression and stress comes from spiritual blundering. This is a common misconception in the Church which has resulted in some very harmful teachings. Just because a Christian is depressed, it doesn’t mean he is making wrong soul choices. An important thing to understand is that you are walking around with two sets of emotions: your soul’s and your earthsuit’s. Spiritual joy is not the same thing as earthsuit joy. Earthsuit depression is not the same thing as spiritual depression. We must also remember that when we examine another person, we are only able to see their earthsuit, and this makes it impossible to correctly diagnose the condition of their soul. The Holy Spirit is the One we must depend on to give us accurate information about someone else’s spiritual status, and as soon as you start trying to ask God to tell you what’s happening in the secret world of someone else’s soul, His most common answer is going to be, “It’s none of your business.” As we learned in our last lesson, God has intentionally built isolating factors into this world so that you will learn to see Him as the only One who can truly help you in life. God is the only One who fully understands you, and He is the only One who has the power to hold demons back and force your earthsuit to align with your soul’s agenda. Without God, you have no hope at all. But with Him, you can find joy, hope, and peace without having to become anything more than your frail, powerless self. The key to grasping a hold of that truth is learning what to focus on in life. Read more of this post

Spiritual Discernment & Warfare: Access & Communication (2 of 3)


In our last lesson, we learned that while your soul is traveling through this world, there are four main groups that are communicating with it. Read more of this post