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Understanding God’s Definition of Success: Encouragement for Chronic Sinners

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Among Christians, the folks who practice constant repentance tend to be those who shouldn’t be repenting at all.  In other words, they’re overdoing it.  They’re claiming responsibility for soul attitudes that they don’t even have and they are striving to appease a God who isn’t even upset with them.  As harmless as this might sound, it’s actually very damaging to your relationship with God for you to be constantly assuming that He’s irritated with you when He’s not. You simply can’t develop the kind of relaxed confidence that God wants you to have when you’re always projecting anger onto Him that He’s not even feeling towards you.  The purpose of this post is to help you get better at recognizing when you are in a good place with God. Read more of this post

The Great Gift of Sin: Why Our Depravity Gives Us Hope


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Ever feel confused about the topic of sin? You should, because it is confusing. Ever feel like God is impossible to please? It’s only natural to arrive at that conclusion once you understand a few things about how He defines sin. In this post, we’re going to sort out the confusion that leads to you feeling depressed and hopeless about ever being good enough in God’s eyes and help you understand how easy He is to succeed with. We’ll also learn why salvation is a permanent deal, and not some flimsy thing that you have to worry about losing through bad behavior.

In the Church today, various Christian denominations take drastically different stands on the subjects of sin and salvation. Some insist that it’s possible for you to be sinless. Many teach that unless you continuously strive and strain to be good, God will revoke your salvation and disown you. Cruise around the internet and you’ll find some very hostile language getting used on both sides as everyone insists that their views are right and everyone else is speaking for Satan. If Christian leaders can’t agree with each other on such essential theology, how can you ever hope to find peace yourself? How can you ever gain a confident understanding about what God requires of you and when He’s pleased with you? The answer’s simple: you need to talk to God directly. Read more of this post

Why God Wants You to Stay Selfish


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God designed humans to be utterly selfish beings. This means that we have self-serving motivations behind everything we do. Our relationship with God is no exception. We initially submit to God not because we think He’s so glorious, but because we don’t want to fry in Hell. After that we only serve God in order to get things from Him—things that are extremely important to us.

To avoid getting bogged down in condemnation or unnecessary frustration, you need to have an accurate understanding of how God defines spiritual maturity. God has no intention of turning us into selfless beings. God doesn’t want us to morph into passionless, opinion-less automatons who sit around droning mechanical praises at Him. On the contrary, God wants us to remain self-serving creatures who only serve Him in order to get something that we consider to be supremely important. Maturing has nothing to do with changing our give-to-get nature.  Maturity is about God changing what kinds of rewards we are interested in. Read more of this post

The Gift of Ego


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One of God’s most defining Characteristics is His massive ego. God loves Himself, and He never gets enough of exalting Himself. Everything He does has some Self-serving motivation behind it. God doesn’t create or sustain anything that doesn’t benefit Him in some way.

You are a human.  God has designed you with a special ability to bond with Him. He wants to have a personal relationship with you—a joyful soul communion that will continue to deepen for all of eternity. But for this to be possible, there must be some degree of understanding on your side. Making you a selfish, egocentric being was an essential part of God’s plan to draw you closer to Himself. Read more of this post

Why did God create sin?


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God says that He hates sin. When we hear this as a complete thought and then try to understand the presence of sin in the world with spiritually young minds, we end up concluding that sin somehow snuck in here against God’s will and that He has nothing to do with it. A wall then appears between us and God, with Him on the good, pure, innocent side of things and us wallowing in the moral muck. We’re told salvation will resolve the sin problem for us, but it doesn’t. We still sin, and the longer we believe God hates sin and wants nothing to do with it, the more isolated our sin makes us feel from Him. This is when we need to go to the Holy Spirit for help in resolving our crisis before we get hopelessly bound by shame and guilt. But in the Church, we’re not taught to go to the Holy Spirit, we’re taught to overcome our sinful desires in our own strength. Well, that’s not going to happen. Oh, but in the New Testament, we find some of the apostles commanding us not to sin like it was some simple choice. Well, that just shows you how spiritually advanced those men weren’t that they should hand out such useless advice. Read more of this post