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Your Second Chance At Life: How To Use It Well


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God could end your life at any time.  This is true for all of us, but for the most part, we don’t really give much thought to God’s absolute control over life and death.  But when God arranges for us to have some close brush with death, suddenly our perspective changes.  Maybe He healed you from some fatal disease.  Maybe He saved you from dying in some horrible collision.  Maybe He botched your attempt to commit suicide.  Maybe you were impaled by a bullet or a knife that barely missed puncturing some critical organ.  Maybe you almost died on an operating table.  Maybe you’ve lived past the expiration date that medical experts put on you.  Maybe you survived someone’s attempt to have you killed in the womb.  Maybe you were saved from execution at the last second.  Whatever the circumstances, when God does this sort of thing, He’s forcing you to see how easily He could have taken your life.  He’s also making His decision to prolong your life on this planet feel like the very personal, purposeful decision that it is.  The big question now becomes: why?  Why is God keeping you here?  Why didn’t He have you die when it seemed you should have?  Why is He making an exception in your case?  If you’re currently pondering these questions, then you’re definitely on the right track, and helping you stay on the right track is the purpose of this post.  Read more of this post

Saving Souls & Changing Lives: Wrong Reasons to Go Into Ministry


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When you think of serving God, what is your focus? It’s outward, of course. That’s why we often call our ministry efforts outreaches, because we’re reaching out to other people. Whether you’re serving God as a pastor, prophet, Sunday school teacher, evangelist, missionary, or internet blogger, what’s the point? Why do you do what you do? To help people find God? To help people know Him better? To bring hope to the hopeless? To save souls from Hell? To spread light in the darkness? It’s easy to come up with some holy sounding motivations and mission statements, isn’t it? But here’s the problem with outreaches—you’re not reaching out to God, you’re reaching out to people, and such backwards priorities are going to land you in a heap of trouble. Read more of this post

Understanding Why God Calls Us to Serve Him


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When it comes to serving God, there are two main ways that Christians spin off course. The first is not understanding what soul attitudes are pleasing to God. These attitudes are reverence, submission, dependency and trust. Their polar opposites are fearless disrespect, domination, independence, and doubt. In the Church, we find many servants who are trying to make their Master serve them. Instead of waiting for God to assign tasks to them, these Christians are constantly assigning tasks to Him and then grumbling against Him when He doesn’t stay in alignment with their agenda. Such attempts to dominate and control God will get us nowhere. Before we can even begin to experience serving the way God intended it to be, we must remember that our role is to receive orders, not give them. We do not direct God. He directs us.

The second way we go astray is in not understanding what God’s motivation is in asking us to serve Him. In this post, we’ll dig deeper into this second topic and learn how a proper understanding of God’s goals leads us to form correct expectations about how He might ask us to serve Him in the future. Read more of this post