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Witnessing Realities: Why Your Testimony Is Irrelevant

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Here’s a common stream of logic that is used by Christian leaders when they are discussing the subject of evangelism.

  • There are many people in the world who have never submitted to God, either out of ignorance or because they’re choosing to embrace an attitude of spiritual rebellion.
  • As an individual Christian, it’s your spiritual duty to try and persuade unbelievers to convert to your religion so that God’s Kingdom will grow. Witnessing—the verbal sharing of your faith with others—is a critical way that you do this.
  • There are many ways to approach witnessing. One of the most effective ways is to share your personal testimony.  In other words, you should tell others about why you became a Christian, and what God has done for you.  Since well-stated testimonies are the most convincing, take some time to work out what your testimony is.  Practice saying it until you’ve got a nice, polished story.  Then get out there and start pitching God to unbelievers and see how many new converts you can herd into His Kingdom.

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Understanding Salvation: How We Find the Real Gods & The Irrelevance of Titles


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Here’s a scenario which baffles many Christians.  Suppose there’s a tribe deep in the Amazon jungle.  This tribe is so remote that they have no contact with the outside world.  All they know is each other and a couple of the small tribes around them.  None of us “civilized” folk even know that this tribe exists, so the Church has never attempted to send missionaries in to reach them.  With no access to the Bible or jungle savvy evangelists, how can our remote tribe of pagans ever get saved? In their tribe, they worship gods of nature—tree gods, monkey gods, and a sun god.  But they’ve never been told about the real Gods.  So how should we view these people?  Are they beyond all hope of salvation because they don’t have any Bible quoting Christians to tell them the Gospel message?  According to the arrogant apostle Paul, yes, these souls are as good as damned.  Paul liked to tell himself that Yahweh is simply too limited to work without the help of us humans. This is why Paul says:

But before people can ask the Lord for help, they must believe in Him; and before they can believe in Him, they must hear about Him; and for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them; and before someone can go and tell them, that person must be sent. (Rom. 10:14-15)

Wow, talk about pompous.  But now let’s set aside the massive ego of Paul and get back to truth. What do our Gods say about Their ability to introduce Themselves to people without our help?  They say that They are more than up to the task.  So you see, jungle natives really don’t need to be preached at by some title touting human before they can understand who the real Gods are.  They just need those Gods to speak up. Read more of this post

Know Your Bible Lesson 69: Understanding the Cross

KYB 69

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Crucifixion is primarily a means of sadistic torture. The goal is to keep someone in a horrific state of pain for as long as you possibly can, while simultaneously showcasing his personal agony for all to watch. Because victims had their limbs pinned down, they were incapable of defending themselves from any person who wanted to come along and add to their misery. They were also unable to ward off birds of prey and any other creatures who wanted to start eating them before they were dead. This was an extremely horrific situation which makes the sadistic American tradition of publicly electrocuting criminals to death seem docile by comparison. It wasn’t the loss of blood which crucifixion victims died from, but rather the inability to breathe. The nails that were hammered through their limbs were intentionally positioned to cause horrific nerve pain when pulled or pressed on. Victims had to try and push their bodies up in order to take a breath. This resulted in excruciating pain, and eventually victims no longer had the strength to endure the pain, so they suffocated to death. But death could take days, for the self-preservation instinct is very strong within us. Victims were essentially placed in a position where they had to assist in their own torture by inflicting pain on themselves in order to try and breathe. Such is the sadism of human beings: we all have a dark side which finds perverse delight in the suffering of others. Read more of this post

Taking Advantage of a Merciful God: Can it really be done?


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God says He hates rebellion, but then He offers us instant, eternal forgiveness for our sins and eternal life in Heaven if we just call on the Name of Jesus. Wow, talk about a dope. You’d have to have the intelligence of a turnip not to see a juicy opportunity in this set up. If salvation is ours for the taking anytime we want, then let’s spend our lives spitting in God’s face and then use His own foolish rules against Him to gain passage into Heaven with our dying breath. Obviously God is some pathetic pushover who is so desperate to save us that He’s willing to eat any amount of abuse from us. Just look at Jesus standing there letting His own creations beat and spit on Him—if that doesn’t say “spineless” what does? If God is such a mercy loving masochist, then why should we bother with submitting to Him before our dying moment? He’s not a King, He’s a fool, and One who we humans can easily take advantage of. Or can we? Read more of this post

Understanding Salvation: Getting the Holy Spirit


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The Holy Spirit (aka the Holy Ghost) is God Almighty, not some random force of energy. Like Yahweh and Jesus, the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere at once. So if we want to be technically correct, no one is ever without the Holy Spirit. Both the saved and the unsaved are continuously benefiting from the Holy Spirit’s protection.

Simply put, salvation is a matter of submission. We must submit to our three Creators as the Supreme Authorities that They are. We can’t just submit to One while ignoring the other Two. Followers of Judaism claim to be obeying Yahweh as God while they reject the Divinity of Christ. Well, it was Yahweh who ordered us all to revere Jesus as a second God. As long as you’re blowing off Yahweh’s command and acting like His entire New Covenant is irrelevant, you are hardly obeying Him. Once the real Gods educate you on who They are and what They want, you will be judged by how your soul responds to Them. Read more of this post

What happens to the soul at the moment of salvation?


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When a baby is orphaned as an infant, he has no idea how serious his situation is. He doesn’t understand that he is alone in the world with no legal guardians who are devoted to loving and caring for him. When two strange faces loom over his crib at the county orphanage, he doesn’t recognize that their eyes are filled with love for him. When that couple then goes into a long legal battle to fight to get legal guardianship of him, the baby is oblivious. To him, the days pass by as a series of being lifted in and out of his crib, eating, sleeping, and staring up at a colorful mobile. He doesn’t know or appreciate that there are two strangers in the world who have become so bonded to him that they’re aching over the thought of losing the chance of being his parents. Then when the day comes that those two strange faces reappear and lift the baby out of his crib and take him miles away from the orphanage, the baby doesn’t realize that his entire life is being radically changed for the better. When he is gently set down in a new and different crib, he registers the new surroundings, but he doesn’t realize what they symbolize. He has gone from living in an orphanage to becoming the son of a couple who are deeply in love with him. Legal papers have been transacted which had no effect on the baby himself, yet those papers have set his life on an entirely different course. Read more of this post

Behind the Scenes with God: Human Variation, Lifespans, and the Mechanics of Salvation

Behind the Scenes with God: Human Variation, Lifespans, and the Mechanics of Salvation

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“We are all created equal.” This is true in a certain sense, for God loves us all and He died for us all, and all human life should be held in the highest regard. However, when we move past generalities and start looking at each individual soul, we discover that we were definitely NOT created equal.  We are each created for a different purpose—meaning, that God has a unique plan in mind for each of us. We start picking up on His different plans the moment we notice that other people act differently than we do. We don’t all have the same personalities or temperaments. We don’t all think the same way. We don’t all learn the same way. Each human is like a unique instrument—custom designed to play its own kind of music. Yes, there are a lot of trumpets, a lot of drums, a lot of violins. And if you’re a violin, you feel most comfortable hanging out with other violins. But even when you get among your own kind—people who think and communicate in a way similar to you—you will still discover differences. There is no other human who is an exact clone of you. God doesn’t crank us out in batches, we are each a handmade masterpiece. Read more of this post