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TB Joshua & the SCOAN: Getting Rich on Holy Water


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These days it’s very easy to fake a miracle, and many folks are getting mighty rich by flashing that ever impressive credential of Divine healing. But now wait a minute—if God is the Source of the miracle, why are you paying some irrelevant mortal? Because you think the human is anointed—a title which many healers today flaunt as a means of claiming that God both favors and serves them. You see, God has to be serving them if He always heals at their command, and that’s exactly what He appears to be doing when these healers run their shows.  They claim to be have such mastery over that Holy Ghost power that they can take on random volunteers. People can come from all around and stand in line to receive that healing. There’s no need to wait on God, because it’s guaranteed that whoever Brother Amazing lays his hands on will receive some special blessing. Read more of this post