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Movie Review: THE SHACK


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The Shack is based on the bestselling book that was published in 2007.  Christians did a lot of griping about the book’s theological problems, and the film version will no doubt be met with a fresh batch of complaints.  And yet for Christians to accuse The Shack of being theologically off base is pretty unfounded considering how well the movie depicts the beliefs of mainstream Christianity.  In fact, the film version—which is the only version this review is discussing—presents a passionate defense of three great lies which are truly central to mainstream Christianity: God has nothing to do with evil, God is emotionally dependent on humans, and God yearns to be our buddy, our friend, and our big, cuddly, teddy bear who we can snuggle up to, knowing that His heart breaks with ours.  Read more of this post

Miracles from Heaven: What the Movie Won’t Teach You


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God does miracles. Oh, and He’s involved in your life. These are the two big insights that the movie Miracles from Heaven attempts to wow you with by presenting the emotional story of a young girl who gets miraculously healed from a fatal disease. But if you’re already a Christian, you really shouldn’t need a movie to tell you that God is involved in your life, or that He is capable of pulling off miracles. He’s holding the whole universe together, isn’t He? Obviously He can handle healing one little girl. Read more of this post

Movie Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven


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If you want to get famous—or if you want to get yourself out of staggering medical debt—just tell people you went to Heaven. There are are some very predictable perks of claiming to have had a near death experience (NDE), and it doesn’t matter which side of eternity you visit. Heaven or Hell—they can both pad your bank account very nicely. But Heaven is by far the more popular choice and in 90 Minutes in Heaven, we find ourselves yet again following the journey of a preacher who believes he has really visited the other side. Read more of this post

Movie Review: War Room


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In the Christian community, Alex and Stephen Kendrick have become a famous pair of brothers who have managed to go from nobodies to somebodies in the movie making world. These are the same guys who brought us Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. Every time the Kendricks come up with a new movie, they try to offer spiritual solutions to very real problems. Courageous urges self-absorbed fathers to man up and realize how desperately their children need their emotional engagement and spiritual guidance. Facing the Giants urges Christians who are caught in the hell of spiritual refinement to respond by choosing all out submission to God. The other three movies focus on resolving marital strife.

In Flywheel, Fireproof, and now again in War Room, the husband is portrayed as the main antagonist in a marriage that has rapidly deteriorated. In Flywheel, the husband is a used car salesman who increasingly embraces worldly compromise while his God-fearing wife tries in vain to urge him back onto the narrow road. In Fireproof, the husband is a self-absorbed fireman who is leaving his wounded wife out in the cold while he is ruled by addictions to his job and to porn. In Fireproof, the wife doesn’t just sit around looking wounded and distressed as her parallel character does in Flywheel. Instead, she retaliates by obsessing over work herself, and she begins encouraging the attentions of a flirtatious married doctor. In War Room, we once again see enmity between husband and wife—and once again the problem is exacerbated by the husband’s long absences from the home. Read more of this post

Exodus: Gods and Kings (Movie Review)


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While watching Exodus: Gods and Kings, we got the distinct impression that the folks behind the movie were working off of two core assumptions. First, that the Bible is a crock when it comes to being historically accurate. Second, that there is no God—or if there is, He’s a little twerp. The key word there is little: in Exodus, God is portrayed as a snarky young boy with a shaved head and accented speech.

Exodus comes down to a war story in which Moses stars as a once famous Egyptian general who attempts to free the Israelites from slavery using guerrilla warfare tactics. It’s utterly absurd, yet it does serve to remind us of how many questions the real Exodus account leaves unanswered. For example, just how did the Egyptians clean up all the dead frogs? Read more of this post

Movie Review: Heaven is for Real

Movie Review: Heaven is for Real

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What does it mean to be a Christian? Does it mean we just carry around Bibles, quote verses, and at the same time tell everyone that we have no idea if anything God says is really worth a hill of beans? Apparently so, according to Heaven is for Real. In this movie, we don’t find any committed believers. We find a family that has no idea what they believe, and yet the father is a pastor. Go figure. Read more of this post

Movie Review: Grace Unplugged


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Grace Unplugged is one of those movies that delivers a very good message about putting God first—until the very end. In its final two scenes, the movie does a 180 degree flip and punches home the message that the real satisfaction in a Christian’s life comes not from exalting God, but from using God as an excuse to exalt oneself. Read more of this post