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Overcoming Shame


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When humans feel deeply ashamed, their instinctive response is to separate and isolate themselves from all others. Often physical isolation isn’t practical. You have to go to work to pay the bills. You have a spouse and kids living in your home. But though you feel forced to physically be around other people, you can still emotionally isolate yourself by refusing to engage. Your wife asks what’s wrong and you give her that indifferent shrug. When she presses you, you stonewall her with, “I’m fine,” or “I don’t want to talk about it.” And for the person drowning in shame, talking about their misery does seem pointless. After all, words can’t change the past. No, they can’t, but they can save your present and future, and that is far more important. Read more of this post

Suicide Q&A


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No. People can only attempt to kill themselves. God is the only One with the power to separate body from soul. From His perspective, no one dies early and no one dies late. We are all in this world for as long as He wants us to be. No one can successfully die without God’s permission and cooperation.


It depends on motivation. A sin is any action or attitude which fails to align with God’s moral code. As a general rule, God says that it is a sin to take a human life, but He also says there are certain situations in which taking a life is acceptable. For example, when Yahweh commanded Joshua to murder all of the men, women and children who were currently residing in the Promised Land, He did not count Joshua’s actions against him because Joshua was obeying a Divine command. It was when the Jews refused to obey Yahweh’s command to slaughter all of the original inhabitants of the Promised Land that they ended up in trouble with Him. When God gives us a direct order, He demands obedience, regardless of whether or not His current order aligns with principles we find written down in the Bible (see Present Convictions vs. Past Commands). Read more of this post