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Practicing Trust: The Prayer Journal Exercise


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The more we’ve been burned by the people we depend on in life, the harder time we have learning to trust God. If our parents ditched us, ignored us, or hated us, we expect God to do the same. Even if we grew up with fabulous support from other humans, learning to trust a Being who is so vastly different than us is extremely challenging.

How you pray tells you volumes about what’s really going on between you and God. It’s easy to tell yourself, “I trust God,” but do you really? The answer is revealed in how you pray. Do you ask God for the same things over and over again? Do you ask Him to take care of you, notice you, listen to you, and want you? These are all indications that your actual trust in God is really quite weak. We humans don’t ask for things that we believe we already have. We don’t repeat our requests unless we believe the one we’re talking to either can’t hear us or is intentionally ignoring us. Read more of this post

Focusing on Truth (The List Exercise)


As humans who are filled with insecurities and fears, we often shut down on God or we find it very hard to emotionally connect with His desire for us. When we are in this place, we focus on the negative without even trying. Demons produce an endless supply of depressing, discouraging thoughts about how God views us and we swallow them all down without even trying to resist. Read more of this post

Learning from the Face of God


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If I were to say, “Imagine God looking at you,” what kind of expression would He have on His face? The color of His hair or skin, the shape of His nose and eyes—these things are irrelevant details. His expression is the important part because how you imagine God looking at you is a reflection of your core beliefs about Him. Read more of this post

What to Do When It’s Too Hard to Talk to God


Once you are a Christian, Satan is going to do anything he can to try and create a sense of division, distance and/or friction between you and God. One of the most effective ways for him to do this is to get you in a position where you are avoiding certain subjects in your prayer life. Whether it’s past sins, past traumas, current struggles, anger issues, looming fears, or anything else, it is vital that you keep those lines of communication totally open. Read more of this post