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Improving Your Social Skills: The Principles of Coercion & Power


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The principles we’re going to discuss in this post apply to American culture.  Every culture has different social norms—behavioral rules which play a big role in determining how people feel during their social interactions with others.  Because there is so much variation among cultures, some of the principles we’re going to discuss in this post might sound backwards to how things work in your country.  But because humans are far more alike than they are different, you’ll probably find at least some of these principles useful even if you’re not around Americans.  Read more of this post

Dealing with Racism: Why did God make me the wrong color?


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This post is speaking to souls who are being persecuted due to the color of their skin.

God is obsessed with variety–this is something we often fail to really understand about Him.  He doesn’t just think differences are nice, He feels differences are a must if things are going to stay appealing and interesting.  So for Him, it’s all about a rainbow of skin colors.  There’s not just “white”, there’s a rainbow of lighter shades with snowy white, golden, and rosy tones.  There’s not just “black”, there’s a whole spectrum of darker shades from a rich tan to inky midnight.  It’s all fabulous to God. Read more of this post