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Understanding the Love of God: The Five Versions of You


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Think about another human you know. In your relationship with that person, you actually have five identities which you are juggling. There’s who you think you are, there’s who you wish you could be, there’s who the other person thinks you are, there’s how you think the other person views you, and there’s who you actually are. This makes for one messy situation.

Take the husband who is feeling sorely tempted to have an affair with his secretary. He thinks his wife has no idea about his struggle, so he assumes that when she looks at him, she sees a faithful man. In reality, the wife suspects that he’s being unfaithful, so when she looks at him, she really sees a cruel traitor. When the man looks at himself, he sees a weak, frustrated man. The man feels intensely guilty about his struggle, and he wishes he could be content with his marriage. That’s four identities so far: who the man thinks his wife sees, who his wife actually sees, who the man thinks he is, and who he wishes he could be. But then there’s who he actually is—that’s an identity which no human on the planet knows, not even the man himself. The man’s view of himself is constantly being warped by his current stresses and circumstances. The man never sees himself with total accuracy—he’s always comparing who he wishes he could be to who he thinks he is. It’s the same with you. Read more of this post

Dealing with Racism: Why did God make me the wrong color?


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This post is speaking to souls who are being persecuted due to the color of their skin.

God is obsessed with variety–this is something we often fail to really understand about Him.  He doesn’t just think differences are nice, He feels differences are a must if things are going to stay appealing and interesting.  So for Him, it’s all about a rainbow of skin colors.  There’s not just “white”, there’s a rainbow of lighter shades with snowy white, golden, and rosy tones.  There’s not just “black”, there’s a whole spectrum of darker shades from a rich tan to inky midnight.  It’s all fabulous to God. Read more of this post

God’s View of Your Body


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Think of someone in this world who you really like. Now suppose you are standing outside somewhere waiting to meet this person for lunch. Much to your surprise, they come driving up in the ugliest car you’ve ever seen: splotchy paint, major dings and dents, ratty looking tape covering over a broken window, a missing headlight, a warped frame. As your friend pulls to a stop and begins to get out, you cry out, “Stop! Stay in that car! I refuse to be seen with anyone who drives such a hideous looking vehicle! Yuck!” Can you imagine yourself talking so crazy? Of course not. Your friend is the one you want to have lunch with, not the car. Your friend is the one you like. The two of you might have a good laugh about how ridiculous the car looks as you head off towards the restaurant together, but you’d never confuse your friend with some broken down vehicle. Neither would God. Read more of this post

God’s View of Skin Color

God's View of Skin Color

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In this world, Satan tries to convince us that different is bad. When we listen to Satan, we find evil pleasure in picking on people who are different than us—especially about differences they can’t change, such as the color of their skin. In this world, there is a whole lot of time and energy being spent trying to prove that some people are inferior to others simply because of their pigmentation. Many souls are taught that God approves of such racism. If you’ve been raised with this kind of teaching, it’s pretty hard to see things from a different perspective. Yet it is important that you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this area, for God has a very different view of skin color than we do. Read more of this post