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Using Psychedelic Drugs in Your Search for Healing & Truth: Why It’s a Bad Idea

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Throughout human history, the use of psychedelic drugs has been enormously popular.  Because humans feel that their earthsuits are a central part of their existence, they have always been intensely fascinated by anything which evokes strong sensations in their earthsuits.  A strong shot of caffeine can quickly result in an improved mood and a higher level of energy—what’s not to like about that?  The right kind of sexual stimulation can result in an intense orgasm, and many humans find themselves addicted to that particular kind of rush, while others prefer a good massage or a terrifying movie.  Just as you can cause your car’s engine to rev by pressing down on the accelerator while you’re in a neutral gear, there are many ways that you can rev your earthsuit.  You can stimulate it physically, sexually, emotionally or mentally.  And once you rev one area, the others will be affected as well.  But here’s where we come to the important question: what’s the value in intentionally jolting your earthsuit?  What’s the value of revving your car’s engine while it’s in a neutral gear?  Because you’re not in drive, you’re not moving forward, you’re just forcing the machine to exhaust itself by going through useless motions.  What happens if you keep the accelerator pressed all the way down while the car is stuck in neutral?  Eventually you’ll do damage to the machine, because cars were designed for specific purposes and they have limitations.  If you don’t respect those purposes or those limitations, you’ll end up permanently damaging the car until it can no longer do what it was designed to do.  In the same way, if you don’t respect the purposes or limitations of the earthsuit God has given you and if you go through life forcing it to rev just because you can, you will end up permanently damaging it.  Read more of this post

Shady Shepherd Tactics: Delivering You From Spirit Spouses

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Here’s how it works in the world of Christian deliverance ministries.  First, you pick an issue that a ton of humans struggle with.  The juicier the issue is, the better. You want to go for a problem that frequently results in shame, heartache, or embarrassment.  Once you pick the issue, you then go on to the next step: demonize it.  Here’s where you make up some cockamamie story about how anyone who struggles with this issue only struggles with it because they’ve become some pawn of evil forces which are out to get them.  If you’re not an imaginative person, then borrow from the pagans, because they’ve got spiritually terrorizing people down to an art.  Once you’ve come up with a nice horrifying explanation for why people struggle with the issue you’ve picked, then you set up shop on the internet or in a church and you wait for a nice vulnerable victim to come stumbling into your lair.  You want someone who shows signs of being distressed, broken, or traumatized.  The more wounded they are, the more desperate they are, and the more likely they’ll be to believe whatever you tell them.  Here’s where you unleash your horror story on them about how the problems they are telling you about are sure indicators that they are in some great spiritual crisis.  And once you’ve successfully convinced them that they are helplessly locked in the clutches of some super powerful, super evil entity, you magnanimously offer to deliver them.  Isn’t that nice of you? Read more of this post

Pursuing A Better You: Methods & Motivations


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Human beings are spiritual beings. This means that you are not the body you see in the mirror. That physical machine is merely the earthsuit which your soul is using while it is in this physical dimension. Your soul did not decide to begin life trapped inside of an earthsuit—God forced this situation upon you. You were born inside your suit, and you have no way of escaping it on your own. When God decides that your time on this earth is over, He will kill you, which means He will separate your soul from your earthsuit. Your death might be instantaneous or it might be some long, drawn out affair. You don’t have a say in that, either, because God does not allow you to decide when your life will begin and end. The popular notion that we can commit suicide whenever we like and thus control when and how we die is a complete scam. The reality is that most suicide attempts get botched by God. Those that do succeed only succeed because the timing and methodology chosen coincide with His will. Read more of this post

The Self-Help Deception: Seeking Cures Apart from God


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Today you can find scores of books, seminars, and teachers who all promote the idea of self-help. As the term suggests, self-help is when you help yourself by yourself. While they completely discount God’s reality, self-help teachers urge you to buy into the lie that you can take charge of your own destiny. They tell you that you can use the principle of “mind over matter” to remove physical, emotional, and psychological burdens from your life. They say that you can control the quality of your life and health by wielding the great power of positive thinking. It’s all a bunch of irreverent rot.

If you are serious about pleasing God in life, you need to discard this ridiculous notion of self-help. While people say you are a powerhouse of potential who just needs to learn how to flip on your own switch, God says you’re an impotent dot of a creature who can’t do bumpkus without Him. Self-help encourages a mentality of self-reliance and autonomy. Such a focus is going to lead you far astray from where you need to be. Read more of this post

Dealing with Trauma: Protecting Yourself from Bad Counselors


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When you are hurting, you are vulnerable, and there are many counselors in this world who enjoy taking advantage of vulnerable people. Plenty of these wolves call themselves your brothers and sisters in the Lord. This is a very unpleasant situation, yet this is the way things are.

Now by the time you are seeking help from a counselor, you are feeling pretty overwhelmed by your own problems. The more desperate you are for answers, the more willing you are to take a submissive role in the counseling relationship. Here is where things get even more dangerous, for when you mentally surrender your heart and mind into the hands of strangers, you have no way of knowing what they’re going to do with them. The counseling relationship is built on trust, yet there is no human alive who is worthy of your absolute trust. That kind of trust needs to be reserved for God alone. Read more of this post

Deliverance Ministries: Scamming You in the Name of Jesus


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If I want to make a name for myself in this world, I need to impress people. If I impress them, they’ll pay me, worship me, follow me, and hang on my every word. As soon as I impress them enough, I can write a book. No matter what I say in that book, all of my fans will buy it. Cha-ching, hear the sound of money pouring into my bank account. I can hold conferences and charge people to attend. I can set up institutes and charge people to take courses. If I pick the right field, I can make a boatload of money at a very young age even if I have the IQ of a tomato. I don’t really have to be an expert in any particular field or have any formal education. I just have to pick a field where no real expertise is required—a field which relies entirely on the manipulation of vulnerable people. Deliverance ministries, for example. Now there’s a great way to get rich quick. Read more of this post

Dealing with the Death of a Spouse


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When you lose a spouse, it’s like you are forced onto a train of grief processing. That train is going to carry you on a long journey from devastation to healing and peace. Along the way it’s going to stop at many stations: guilt, denial, anger, depression. Whenever the train stops at one of those stations, you will feel temporarily stalled. But if you stay on the train, it will start moving again. No stop is permanent until the train reaches its final destination, which is internal healing and peace.

Now the key for you is to stay on the train. Whenever it stops at a station, you have the option of getting off and permanently wallowing in those feelings. The train won’t continue on its journey without you, so if you decide to set up permanent residence at one of those grim stations, you’ll never reach the destination that God wants you to reach: that of complete internal healing and peace.

In this post, we’re going to talk about some practical steps you can take to keep yourself on that train, continuously moving forward through the grief process. Station stops are inevitable, and you will have to do some pausing and feel some uncomfortable emotions. But if you stay on the train, those stops will only be temporary. Read more of this post