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Understanding Hazing: The Dark Agenda Behind the Games

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Since college hazing keeps resulting in deaths that are getting top billing in the news, it’s a good time to explain the psychology behind this ritual.  For anyone interested in joining a fraternity, sorority, or any other social club which requires that you voluntarily submit to a period of being mocked, humiliated, degraded and assaulted by established members before you’ll be “accepted” by the animals, here’s why you don’t want to go there:

Every human relationship has an element of power.  If the power is managed well, you end up with a functional relationship.  If the power is mismanaged, you end up with abuse.

In peer dynamics (teen-teen, child-child, adult-adult), power needs to be equally shared by both parties for the relationship to be healthy.

In authority dynamics (boss-employee, policeman-citizen, general-cadet, teacher-student), the power must be allocated unequally.  The authority figure must insist on keeping the majority of the power, while still allocating enough power to the lower ranking person.  How much difference in power is appropriate depends on the purpose of the relationship. Read more of this post

Understanding Your Perverse Fantasies: A Sign of Stress, Not Defectiveness


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There’s a widespread belief among Christians that if a man’s spiritual priorities were in the right order, he wouldn’t have certain kinds of thoughts, he wouldn’t be hooked on porn, and he wouldn’t have certain nasty desires welling up within him 24/7.  And yet the truth is that a man can have excellent priorities and be embracing all the right soul attitudes while he is being plagued with some very dark mental fantasies.  The psychological principles we’re going to discuss in this post can be very helpful to anyone who is feeling tormented with perverse fantasies of any kind.  When you’re obsessing over certain kinds of themes, you can easily end up shunned by both the mainstream Christian community as well as the world at large.  Happily neither of these human groups are accurately conveying God’s assessment of you.  And once you understand a few basic principles about where perverse fantasies come from, you can stop treating yourself like a worm and become more receptive to the compassion and help God is offering you. Read more of this post

Emerging From Darkness: Guidance & Hope for Malicious Torturers


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CAUTION: This post is speaking to active torturers. This is a dark, graphic subject matter which is not going to be edifying to a general audience.

Sadism is a mindset in which we derive pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, and/or humiliation onto others. Sadism comes in different flavors. In sadomasochistic pairings, someone who gets off on inflicting pain finds someone who gets off on being degraded, and the two party on. Here’s where we get into the world of BDSM torture fests in which the many forms of “play” revolve around sexual arousal. In this post, we’re not talking to sadists who are toying around with willing victims. In this post, we’re talking to those of you who are addicted to dishing out hardcore pain. You don’t want willing victims, you want terrified ones. You’re out to inflict malicious forms of pain and suffering, and seeing some honest terror and agony being expressed by your victim is an essential ingredient for you. You’re not just in it for sexual arousal, although that can be a nice side effect. For you, the whole screaming, writhing, bloody freak out gives you a deep internal rush. For you, it’s all about dragging things out as long as possible, while constantly trying to push the boundaries of sick and twisted. Bring on the medical experimentation and anatomical disfiguring. You expect your victims to die—they’re totally expendable to you. Maybe you’ll keep a few souvenirs from their corpses, but then it’s on to the next one because you need to keep that rush coming. Read more of this post

God & Monsters: Hope for Sex Offenders, Sadists & Other Hated Abusers


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This post is speaking to a very specific audience. If you are not struggling with an intense desire to hurt or degrade others, this is not recommended reading.

Maybe you molest kids. Maybe you beat your family members. Maybe you feel intensely addicted to seeing people writhing in pain. Maybe you can’t get a sexual high unless someone is being degraded. Whatever form your dark impulses take, once you find yourself hopelessly tangled up in them, it is so easy to give up on hope and surrender yourself to some condemning label. Creep. Pervert. Monster. Sick and twisted. Animal. We can come up with all kinds of labels, but what does this really accomplish? The reality is that you weren’t born this way. This is a destination that you have arrived at for very logical reasons. You aren’t just “screwed up”. There are reasons for what you do, and if you really understood them, you’d find them surprisingly rational. Read more of this post