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Metaphors from Yahweh: Rebellious Underwear (Jeremiah 13)


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Christians like to pretend that their Gods are classy, polite, and delicate in speech.  They get quite offended at the suggestion that their Gods can be quite crude and rude.  Well, this is what happens when we try to view the Bible as our God controlling book of incantations instead of viewing it as the educational tool that it is.  There is only one right reason to read the Bible, and that is to know your Gods better.  Of course you can’t get anywhere unless They are willing to work with you as you read, and this is why slogging through daily devotions without Them is an utter waste of time.  But when we wait for Them to prompt us, and then we read, wow.  The biblical records are filled with some very shocking and helpful insights about who our Gods are, how They operate, and just how wild They can be.  Read more of this post

Can a prophet of God read your mind?


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There are many people running around in the Church today who claim to have the gift of prophecy. They then go on to act like this gift gives them the ability to read your personal mind, know your hidden secrets, and see the status of your heart. So can they? Does the gift of prophecy come with psychic abilities or are these people just playing shady games?

Before you start giving prophets admiration that they don’t deserve, you need to understand a few basic principles. Yes, it is quite possible for God to give one of His legitimate prophets inside information about you which can include your current heart attitude towards God, insights into your background, and even glimpses into your personal future. We find examples of God doing such things in the Bible, and He continues to do them today. Let’s look at a biblical example of this. Read more of this post

Prophets in Action: Isaiah Walks Around Naked


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One of God’s major pet peeves is when we rely on ourselves or other people more than we rely on Him. Now of course we all have relationships that are important to us. Sometimes we even say things like “I can’t imagine my life without ___.” But if we’re Christians, then we’d better be exaggerating when we make such an extreme statement. God is very jealous by nature and He wants to be the only One we truly can’t live without. If He starts feeling like He’s having to compete with other things for our attention and trust, He’s going to get agitated. When God gets agitated, the people we’ve become too dependent on have a way of suddenly dying. Read more of this post

Know Your Bible Lesson 32: Ezekiel in Action

KYB 32

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In our last lesson, we learned about how Yahweh called a young priest named Ezekiel to be His mouthpiece for the Jews who are living in Babylonian exile. By now, Judah has been attacked twice by King Nebuchadnezzar—the current ruler of the mighty Babylonian Empire. Each attack ended with Nebuchadnezzar hauling off thousands of Jewish prisoners. Those prisoners were taken to Babylon, sorted out by brains and physical potential, and then assigned work that would benefit the empire. The first haul of prisoners included a young man named Daniel. In Lesson 29 we learned how God used Daniel to interpret a frightening nightmare that Nebuchadnezzar had. The king was then so impressed that he promoted Daniel and his three friends to high ranking positions in the empire. Daniel is currently serving as Nebuchadnezzar’s top adviser and his life has turned out to be pretty sweet. Not so much for the priest Ezekiel. Read more of this post

Know Your Bible Lesson 30: The Yoke of Babylon

KYB 30

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In our last lesson, we learned that King Nebuchadnezzar [nebb-uh-kuh-NEH-zar] of the Babylonian Empire got his army spanked during a battle with Egypt. Withdrawing to his capital city of Babylon, he takes a break from war until his men have a chance to recover. But while he’s building his troops back up, nations see his crippled state as an opportunity to rebel. Three years go by with King Jehoiakim of Judah refusing to pay the tribute that Nebuchadnezzar demands. Nebuchadnezzar can get along without the wealth, but if he lets this rebellion go unchecked for too long, portions of his empire will begin breaking away. He needs to get back on the road again to pass out some serious spankings. The nation of Syria is first on his list. From there, he’ll work his way south to Judah. Read more of this post

Prophets in Action: Ezekiel & the Siege of Jerusalem

Prophets in Action: Ezekiel & the Siege of Jerusalem

There are many ways to share a story. You can just simply tell it, or you can also act it out. When it comes to telling stories to ancient Israel, Yahweh is a big fan of acting things out. He calls upon His prophets to take the starring roles in His little dramas, and often there are plenty of shocking surprises included in the script. The prophet Ezekiel went through all kinds of crazy stunts at Yahweh’s command—they ranged from bizarre to torturous to downright gross. In this post, we’ll look at a time when Ezekiel is recruited by God to put on a one man show that is scheduled to last well over a year. Read more of this post