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Learning to Serve God Well: Guidance for Prophets


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The prophetic calling is a lot tougher than it looks at first glance. Yell at people for God—what’s hard, right? And yet pitfalls of arrogance and rebellion abound. Receiving the call is just the first step. To please God in the prophetic role, you need to fully submit to the Holy Spirit’s training program.

Now because God primarily uses His prophets to point out rebellion, it’s easy to develop a very warped view of the Church. Yes, there are a ton of rebels, but there are also many who are sincerely trying. If you go flying off the handle at every preacher who is putting out wrong teaching from the pulpit, you’re going to end up beating on a lot of the good guys. God doesn’t yell at His obedient kids. He doesn’t jump down our throats for making honest mistakes. On the contrary, the most deluded preacher in the world who is sincerely trying to please God will be very commended by Him. Read more of this post

Guidance for Prophets: When God Destroys Your Reputation


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In this post, we are talking to legitimate prophets of God who sincerely care about honoring Him. We are not talking to all of you pathetic posers who go around putting words in God’s mouth that He never said. If you think it’s clever to use God’s Name and reputation to get a fan club for yourself on earth, then nothing we’re going to say in this post applies to you. Realize that even if you are saved, God has some fabulous ways of nailing you in eternity for your defiance on earth. God is extremely protective over His flock, and those who intentionally mislead them on earth without repenting are going to be in for some very devastating surprises.

Now that we’ve clarified who it is we’re speaking to, let’s get down to business. God’s dedicated prophets are vastly outnumbered by blaspheming windbags in this world, so if you’re feeling alone in your particular patch of geography, you might very well be. But you are not alone on the globe.  There are still prophets who are devoted to God in this world, it’s just hard for us to find each other since we aren’t setting up shrines to ourselves on the internet and flashing titles in public. Read more of this post

Can Christian leaders claim special protection from God?


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There’s a popular rumor floating about in certain sections of the Church that fancy titles can earn men and women special privileges from God. Some leaders like to claim a blanket promise of protection from God and then drop not-so-subtle hints that you’d better treat them extra special or else God will strike you down. If He doesn’t strike you down, He’ll put some kind of curse on your life and bad things will happen to you. So then, is this true? Can pastors, prophets, missionaries, evangelists, healers, and teachers really claim special protection from God?

This theory was clearly started by human ego, and like so many ego-based fantasies, it directly counters what we find in the Word. The Bible is far from perfect, but it does provide us with some very educational records about how God has dealt with His leaders in the past. So let’s see what we can learn. Read more of this post

Being the Voice of God: Guidance for Prophets


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This post is speaking to souls who have received the prophetic calling from God. 

So, God has called you to be one of His prophets. How do you know? Real prophets don’t have to ask this question. To ask “Am I a prophet?” is like asking, “Am I dead yet?” If you’re asking, then the answer is no.  God’s prophetic calling is exceptionally clear, and until you are 100% sure that you have His Authorization to represent Him, then you had better stay out of His way.

Now since a lot of non-prophets are going to be reading this post, let’s talk more about what a real prophet’s calling is like. When God singles you out to be His mouthpiece to people, your spirit receives a clear and unmistakable command from the Holy Spirit. Toss those spiritual gift surveys into the wastebasket: no one qualifies as a prophet because of how they scored on some manmade assessment test. You don’t step into this role without specific authorization from the Holy Spirit.  If the thought of misspeaking for God doesn’t terrify you, then you have not been called, which means you’d better keep your mouth shut. Prophesying isn’t a game. All of these idiots you see running around the Church today who flash the prophet title and declare that they’ve received another “word” from Above—you don’t want to be anything like them. God’s wrath is real, and there are serious consequences involved with misusing His Name and His Authority. If the thought of misrepresenting the God who created Hell doesn’t make your soul tremble, then you are reading the wrong post. We are talking to legitimate prophets here, not posers. Most of the people who claim to be prophets in the Church today are nothing more than pompous, blaspheming morons. Legitimate prophets are a rare breed in this world, but they do exist, and they are hard pressed to find any useful instruction because the rebellious Bride of Christ has made an absolute mockery out of the prophetic calling. But if you know that God has called you to speak for Him, then there are some important things you could use to understand right from the start. These are the things we will discuss in this post. We want to see you soar, not crash and burn. Read more of this post

Christian Posers

Christian Posers

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The next time you’re at church, look around at the congregation and ask yourself, “I wonder how many of these people really care about pleasing God?” If you knew the actual numbers, it would no doubt be very depressing. But why is this? Why do people show up to hear a sermon if they’re not really interested in what’s being taught? Because it’s entertaining. Many people whose hearts are closed towards God don’t feel the slightest twinge of conviction, even when they are confronted with bold truth. Going to church is just another form of entertainment, and the more dynamic the speaker is, the better the show. Read more of this post