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Doctors in the End Times: Dealing with Plagues


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Realizing that a Supernatural Being has the power to seriously harm us is what motivates humans to start paying attention to that Being and consider seriously submitting to Him.  As the Creator and Controller of all that exists, God is quite capable of harming us.  But if you look around in the world today, do you see a bunch of humans expressing sincere respect for God?  No, you see a bunch of humans scoffing at the whole notion of God, mocking His Person, and trying to provoke Him into warring with them.  God’s purpose in terrifying humans during the end times will be to motivate them to improve their spiritual response to Him.  God always has a spiritual agenda behind what He does with us. Read more of this post

Thriving in the End Times: Guidance for Doctors


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The end times are at the door. How many times have you heard that tired song, right? It’s rather like the Jews expecting the Messiah to show up any minute for centuries only to reject Him when He actually arrived. But why did the Jews reject Jesus? Because He didn’t fit their expectations. It will be the same with the Church and the end times. She’s been filling your head with horror stories for decades. She’s been getting rich off of selling fear about some bad rehash of Revelation being played out in this world. She’s got everyone on pins waiting for the antichrist or the beast or both. Well, the real end times aren’t going to play out at all like the Church is expecting, and because of that, she’s going to deny what’s happening, just as the Jews denied that Yahweh’s Messiah had actually arrived. Read more of this post

Dealing with the Death of a Patient: Help for Christian Doctors


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Whenever you find yourself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, peace of soul is found through focusing on essential truths about who God is and how He operates. When it comes to processing the death of your patient, there are several critical truths to bear in mind, and we will discuss these in this post. Read more of this post

Practicing Medicine in a Way that Honors God: Guidance for Christian Doctors


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Human beings are spiritual beings who are cruising around in physical bodies which we call earthsuits, since they function much like an astronaut’s spacesuit does when he is walking about on the moon. Our souls need earthsuits to engage with this physical realm that we live in. Death is when God separates our souls from our suits and takes our souls on to eternity (either Heaven or Hell, depending on how we responded to Him in life). Since we’re only going to be here temporarily, God didn’t build our suits to last. As we age, our suits begin to show signs of wear and tear. From the time we are born, our suits experience various malfunctions, and that’s where you come in. Read more of this post

Soul Before Earthsuit: Understanding God’s Priorities


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If God was really pleased with you, you’d be happy, healthy, and financially well off. This is a very common belief among both Christians and non-Christians. It’s an absolute lie, yet it’s also an extremely popular idea and one which is aggressively promoted by many very successful Christian leaders. Whenever we find a lie being promoted by folks who know better, it is because they have found a way to profit by doing so.

Prosperity theology—a system of beliefs which is built on the assumption that God wants us to have happy, carefree lives on earth—is a huge moneymaker. It’s rather like teaching Christians that God commands them to tithe: the folks who teach the lie make bank while the people who sincerely believe in the lie end up in a world of hurt. Unfortunately, many of our leaders in the Church today couldn’t care less about how many souls they trash on the way to lining their own pockets. As an individual Christian, you’re just one more chump who they might be able to make some money off of. If you prove to be reasonably easy to manipulate, they’ll spend effort messing with you. If you aren’t, they’ll kick you aside and find someone else. Welcome to the world of false shepherds in the Church: it’s a merciless scene in which there is no real concern for human souls. This is why it’s so important that you not put your trust in human beings to guide you in life. God Himself must be your Guide, because He is the only One you can really trust. But before you are going to develop strong trust in God, you need to grasp that He is for you in life, and before you can understand what that means, you need to learn a few things about how God operates. Read more of this post

Why We Shouldn’t Mourn for the Dead


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As a Christian, there’s no way to feel sorry for the dead without simultaneously insulting God. Since we don’t want to be insulting God, there’s no room for mourning those who have died.  Mourning for our own loss and for the loss of others certainly has its place, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  In this post, we’re talking about mourning for the souls who have actually died.  Let’s now discuss the wrong beliefs and backwards priorities that fuel this most inappropriate attitude. Read more of this post

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t: Finding Peace in the Midst of Moral Dilemmas


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Life isn’t as simple as we want it to be. Sometimes we find ourselves being forced to choose between two options which each feel very wrong for different reasons. When there are moral issues on both sides, and when we’ve got our flesh screaming at us and our loved ones pressuring us in different directions, what do we do? How do we find peace with God when we’re feeling forced to choose between two evils? What happens when there is no third option that will magically resolve our crisis for us? This is real life: sometimes there is no option available to you that won’t fill your gut with nervous knots and make you feel like you’re being either a major creep or a total fool. But the good news is that even in these moments, there is a way to move forward, and that is what we’ll discuss in this post. Read more of this post

Practicing Dependency: Appreciating the Wisdom of God


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When a pilot tries to decide whether or not it’s a good time to take a flight, what does he do? He checks the weather report. He checks his fuel. He checks some routine mechanical parts. The pilot then makes a decision to fly based on what he knows. The weather looks good. His gas tank is full. The engine seems sound. But what the pilot doesn’t realize is that one of the wings of his plane has a severe crack in it which is going to cause the whole wing to snap off if the pilot attempts lift off. In this scenario, what the pilot doesn’t know is the most important information of all.

Or take the woman who starts up her car in the morning. When she fires up the engine, she doesn’t see any warning lights on her dash. She sees that there is fuel in the tank. The engine sounds normal. Based on these facts, she decides to go for a drive. But what she doesn’t realize is that someone has attached a bomb to the underside of her car, and that bomb is going to go off in thirty seconds. In this scenario, what the woman doesn’t know is far more important than what she does know.

As a human being, you know things. Knowing things is good, but if you don’t know the most important things, how can you make a wise decision? Our pilot is going to crash and our woman is going to get blown up because of their ignorance. It’s not the pilot’s fault that he doesn’t have x-ray vision to see into the structure of his wing. The woman had no way of knowing that she should have checked the underside of her car before getting in. Both of these people are acting reasonably, but they’re still going to end up in a heap of trouble because of their limited knowledge. It’s the same with you. If you try to go through life relying solely on your own limited information, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to end up in a major mess. Read more of this post

The Self-Help Deception: Seeking Cures Apart from God


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Today you can find scores of books, seminars, and teachers who all promote the idea of self-help. As the term suggests, self-help is when you help yourself by yourself. While they completely discount God’s reality, self-help teachers urge you to buy into the lie that you can take charge of your own destiny. They tell you that you can use the principle of “mind over matter” to remove physical, emotional, and psychological burdens from your life. They say that you can control the quality of your life and health by wielding the great power of positive thinking. It’s all a bunch of irreverent rot.

If you are serious about pleasing God in life, you need to discard this ridiculous notion of self-help. While people say you are a powerhouse of potential who just needs to learn how to flip on your own switch, God says you’re an impotent dot of a creature who can’t do bumpkus without Him. Self-help encourages a mentality of self-reliance and autonomy. Such a focus is going to lead you far astray from where you need to be. Read more of this post

Emergency Responders & the End Times: The Lines of Responsibility


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I should have tried harder. It’s all my fault. I could have saved her.

Guilt is a very powerful and destructive emotion which can get us stalled in our spiritual growth. When we’re surrounded by fear, desperation, and suffering, the potential for guilt skyrockets. Why is this? Because if we are listening to God, we understand that human life is the most precious element of this Creation. When human life is in peril, humans usually respond in one of three ways. They run, they freeze, or they try to help. Those whose natural instinct is to rush in and help often find themselves drawn to professions which revolve around saving lives. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, nurses, doctors, and soldiers—these people are going to be in high demand when the Holy Spirit begins His end time destruction. Everyone will be expecting these people to do the impossible. Sleep? Eat? Sit down for five seconds? These things become unacceptable behaviors for first responders and emergency relief workers. It isn’t fair, but it’s the way it is, and if you’re a Christian working in one of these fields, realize that God has quite a busy schedule planned for you. People are going to be looking to you for answers that you don’t have and blaming you for problems that you couldn’t fix. How do you protect yourself from the guilt that naturally comes when your efforts to save keep failing and people keep accusing you of falling short? Here is where we need to talk about the lines of responsibility. Read more of this post