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Inside the Confessional: Are you honoring or angering God? (Guidance for Priests)


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Spiritual rebellion is an issue that has to be worked out between each soul and God. It is God who we are rebelling against when we blow off His convictions, and until we own up to that fact and sincerely repent in the privacy of our own souls, we aren’t going to get anywhere. Read more of this post

A Vatican Owned by Satan: Guidance for Disillusioned Priests


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In this post we are speaking to Catholic priests who sincerely want to please God, yet are now feeling very disillusioned by corruption in the Catholic Church.

It’s a very serious thing to be called to serve as a shepherd of God’s flock. Men who sign up to be priests because they had nothing better to do, because they were trying to look holy, or because they let human beings pressure them into it—well, these men need to take off the collar and go home because God has not authorized them to guide His flock. You have no business messing with the lambs of God unless you have received very clear direction from Him. If you have, then you feel that you must preach because His calling is burning in your soul. Read more of this post

Why Hurting Your Body is Bad for Your Soul (The Trap of Self-Mortification)


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You are not your body. You are the soul inside your body. Your body is merely your soul’s earthsuit—an intelligent machine which allows your soul to operate in this physical dimension. When you die, God will raise your soul out of your body and transport you to an entirely different non-physical dimension called Heaven. It’s very important to realize your body is a temporary thing, and that it does not define who you are. Read more of this post

Guidance for Priests: When to Break Your Vow of Celibacy


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This post is speaking to priests who sincerely want to please God in their lives, have taken a vow of celibacy, and are now feeling tormented by sexual temptation.

You don’t want your sex drive to get in the way of your walk with God. Neither does He, however His solution to your current dilemma might surprise you. Now if you treat vows as the very serious things that they are, then you likely see only one moral choice in front of you: you will have to remain celibate. It’s either that or break your word to God, and that second choice certainly isn’t an option…or is it? Just how much say does God have in this verbal contract you have arranged with Him? Does He have the option to declare the whole thing null and void? Of course He does, He’s God. You can’t tell God that He doesn’t get to do anything He wants. And if God were to nullify your vow, then you would not be guilty of any kind of sin. You can’t violate a contract which you have been released from. Read more of this post