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Atheism in Perspective


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You don’t need to prove the existence of God to unbelievers. That is so not your job. If God wants to confirm His reality to some snarky little soul, He’s more than capable. It is an utter waste of time to get uptight over what God haters say. These folks are just lashing out in anger as a response to God not being who they want Him to be. They are caught in a classic battle of wills: they want to define the terms of the relationship, God is refusing to let them, and now they are trying to find some new way to manipulate Him by publicly defying Him. It’s like the pesky brother who wants his sister’s attention. Since she isn’t giving him any, he starts poking her with a stick until she lashes out at him. To the brother, negative attention is better than no attention. He just wants to be focused on. Read more of this post

Christians & Astrology


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Astrology is a serious religion, not just a harmless game or a silly superstition. Those horoscope booklets that you find for sale in supermarkets should be viewed like little bibles—religious texts which you are expected to refer to for guidance in life.  Your daily horoscope is really a prophetic newsflash about how your personal deities plan to shape your life for the current day, week, or year—depending on what timeframe the horoscope addresses. You see, according to astrology, your life is not your own—it’s being manipulated by a whole pantheon of gods. And where do these gods reside? Not in a distant heaven, but right here in earth’s solar system, within visual range of a telescope. How convenient. Read more of this post