Sacrificial Giving: Why You Should Be Glad That It’s Not Working For You


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When Christians talk about sacrificial giving, they are referring to a doctrine or teaching about God which is 100% wrong.  Simply put, the doctrine is that we can control God with money.  If you want God to bless you, just pay Him by dropping money into the offering plate at your church.  The more you give, the more you’ll get in return.  Sacrificial giving is promoted as a kind of magic investment system in which you can get God to turn your cash into other forms of blessing, such as a spouse, a fancy car, or a big house.  This system appeals to all human beings for two key reasons. First, it says that we can get a God of infinite powers to do our bidding.  Second, it says that we can make all of our carnal dreams come true in this life if we just do a little upfront sacrificing.  But because we’re guaranteed to always get back more than we give, it feels like a risk free investment.  Unsurprisingly, sacrificial giving is enormously popular among Christians, and it also has a strong appeal to unbelievers who figure they can’t go wrong taking a shot at bribing God. Continue reading

Giving to the Poor: Cautions for Christians


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There are people in this world who are poorer than you.  You should feel bad about having more than them and give your excess away. Oh, and do it out of love for God because that’s what He commands. If you don’t do it, He’ll be mad at you for being a greedy miser. This is often how Christians are taught to view giving to the poor. It’s guilt, guilt, and more guilt. By the time we’re done preaching about how Jesus said we ought to help the poor, we’ve made the poor out to be some big mistake on the planet that we’re all trying to help God fix. But is that really what they are? Continue reading

Sacrificial Giving: A Favorite Teaching of False Shepherds

sacrificial giving

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How far do you think you’re going to get with God by trying to bribe Him into doing what you want? God demands submission from us. Bribing God is about trying to control Him, and controlling God is about trying to dominate Him. As long as you’re trying to dominate and control God, you’re a thousand miles away from submission, and that’s where Satan wants you to stay. Continue reading

Answers About Money: Guidelines for Serious Christians

Answers About Money: Guidelines for Serious Christians

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You’re a Christian and you care about pleasing God. So what do you do about money? How much should you try to save up for the future? How do you know when to share your money with others? When is it useful to tithe? Is it okay for Christians to be rich or to spend their money on expensive, frivolous items? The answers to these questions are going to be different for every individual. In this post, we’re going to talk about some basic principles which are useful to bear in mind. But when it comes to working out your personal budget, you need to look directly to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to show you how to honor Him with your choices. Continue reading