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Military Christians: The Spiritual Benefits of Being a Soldier


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God created you for the purpose of having a close, personal relationship with Him. Since God is not a human, learning to relate to Him will require a whole lot of learning and adjusting on your part. God doesn’t think like you think, and He doesn’t act like you act. But He is so keenly interested in relating to you, that He simply won’t leave you alone. He’s always in your business—micromanaging your life, and setting up countless experiences which are all designed with one goal in mind: to draw you closer to Himself. When you joined the military, you entered a world that is fraught with fabulous opportunities to grow closer to God. The key now is for you to recognize what those opportunities are and decide that you are going to make the most of them. Read more of this post

Emergency Responders & the End Times: The Lines of Responsibility


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I should have tried harder. It’s all my fault. I could have saved her.

Guilt is a very powerful and destructive emotion which can get us stalled in our spiritual growth. When we’re surrounded by fear, desperation, and suffering, the potential for guilt skyrockets. Why is this? Because if we are listening to God, we understand that human life is the most precious element of this Creation. When human life is in peril, humans usually respond in one of three ways. They run, they freeze, or they try to help. Those whose natural instinct is to rush in and help often find themselves drawn to professions which revolve around saving lives. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, nurses, doctors, and soldiers—these people are going to be in high demand when the Holy Spirit begins His end time destruction. Everyone will be expecting these people to do the impossible. Sleep? Eat? Sit down for five seconds? These things become unacceptable behaviors for first responders and emergency relief workers. It isn’t fair, but it’s the way it is, and if you’re a Christian working in one of these fields, realize that God has quite a busy schedule planned for you. People are going to be looking to you for answers that you don’t have and blaming you for problems that you couldn’t fix. How do you protect yourself from the guilt that naturally comes when your efforts to save keep failing and people keep accusing you of falling short? Here is where we need to talk about the lines of responsibility. Read more of this post

Managing Fear: Help for Christian Soldiers & Cops


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Most careers in this world don’t involve interacting with people who feel highly motivated to kill you. But police officers and soldiers often find themselves in battlefield situations in which surprise attacks and premeditated strikes are a reality. While there are general ways to psychologically gear up for such stressful situations, the Christian soldier and law enforcement officer should not be content to settle for the generic prep that the world offers them. As a Christian, you have access to far more effective tools for combating and managing intense fear in the midst of life threatening situations.   Read more of this post

Should Christians join the military?


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Should Christians join the military? Whenever we are considering entering into a field which involves the extermination of human life, extra caution is needed. Knowing that humans are the only element of this Creation that God is going to keep, and knowing that our glorious Lord gave up His own life to save us all, we must treat human life as utterly priceless. Degrading, torturing, and killing human beings are all things that the military gets involved in. But this is only part of the picture. The American military, for example, has a long history of doing stellar humanitarian acts. The military is not just a killing machine: it saves lives as well, it provides disaster relief, and it is charged with defending and protecting the country that built it. Read more of this post

Will God forgive cowardly soldiers?

Will God Forgive Cowardly Soldiers?

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This post is speaking to Christian soldiers who feel ashamed of their cowardly acts.

Going AWOL. Deserting. Running away. Hiding out. Leaving your buddy to die. Failing to provide decent cover. Showing up late on purpose. Hanging back from the front lines. Injuring yourself so you can go out on medical leave. Betraying a trust to save your own neck. There are many ways to be cowardly on the battlefield. There are many ways to avoid being on the battlefield altogether. And yet when the crisis is over and the dust settles, you look in the mirror and what do you see? Someone you’ve lost all respect for. Someone who has no guts. Someone you’re ashamed to be.

So then what?

There are two ways to deal with this: God’s way and Satan’s way. Satan’s way is simple: just keep thinking about what a worm you are, get drunk, and shoot yourself. You’ll be doing the world a favor and you’ll stop hurting. This is Satan’s way. Satan’s way is garbage. Read more of this post

Will God forgive soldiers for killing?


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Under the New Covenant, God commands us not to kill, but when you’re a soldier in the military, society says that suddenly it’s alright to murder people whenever your C.O. tells you to.  The problem with this system is that your C.O. is taking orders from his C.O., who is taking orders from his C.O. and on and on we go until we reach the top.  At the top of most weapon carrying organizations, we find souls who have completely sold out to Satan and they are now using rank as an excuse to shove his agenda on everyone else.  As a lower ranking soldier, you quickly get caught in what feels like an intense moral dilemma.  Disobeying direct orders is presented as a non-option in the military.  After all, if people started defying rank, chaos would soon follow.  So when your superior says to do something, you’re supposed to do it.  No arguments.  No hesitation.  No matter what it is. Read more of this post