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Emergency Responders & the End Times: The Lines of Responsibility


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I should have tried harder. It’s all my fault. I could have saved her.

Guilt is a very powerful and destructive emotion which can get us stalled in our spiritual growth. When we’re surrounded by fear, desperation, and suffering, the potential for guilt skyrockets. Why is this? Because if we are listening to God, we understand that human life is the most precious element of this Creation. When human life is in peril, humans usually respond in one of three ways. They run, they freeze, or they try to help. Those whose natural instinct is to rush in and help often find themselves drawn to professions which revolve around saving lives. Firefighters, paramedics, police officers, nurses, doctors, and soldiers—these people are going to be in high demand when the Holy Spirit begins His end time destruction. Everyone will be expecting these people to do the impossible. Sleep? Eat? Sit down for five seconds? These things become unacceptable behaviors for first responders and emergency relief workers. It isn’t fair, but it’s the way it is, and if you’re a Christian working in one of these fields, realize that God has quite a busy schedule planned for you. People are going to be looking to you for answers that you don’t have and blaming you for problems that you couldn’t fix. How do you protect yourself from the guilt that naturally comes when your efforts to save keep failing and people keep accusing you of falling short? Here is where we need to talk about the lines of responsibility. Read more of this post

Managing Fear: Help for Christian Soldiers & Cops


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Most careers in this world don’t involve interacting with people who feel highly motivated to kill you. But police officers and soldiers often find themselves in battlefield situations in which surprise attacks and premeditated strikes are a reality. While there are general ways to psychologically gear up for such stressful situations, the Christian soldier and law enforcement officer should not be content to settle for the generic prep that the world offers them. As a Christian, you have access to far more effective tools for combating and managing intense fear in the midst of life threatening situations.   Read more of this post

The Spiritual Advantages of Being a Cop (Encouragement for Christian Police Officers)


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Suppose you were asked to list five characteristics that would give us a good idea of who you are and what you’re about. What would you say? You’d probably want to take time to think about your answer and you’d be very selective about the traits that you chose, wanting them to be as accurate as possible.

Now suppose God the Father was to describe Himself this way. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see which characteristics He chose? Well, one time God gave a summary like this to Moses. No one asked God to summarize Himself—He did it voluntarily, and He said: Read more of this post

Encouragement for Christian Police Officers


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God is the One who defines morality and convicts us to treat each other graciously. When societies rebel against God, they also rebel against His moral code. Suddenly they decide it’s alright to attack other people and their property just because they want to. When things get of hand, who is called upon to restrain the little beasts? You are. And it’s alright if they throw rocks at you, but if you throw something at them, then you’re some horrible menace. The more spiritually rebellious societies become, the less respect law enforcement officers receive because no one wants to obey the laws anymore. Spiritual rebels want all laws to be suspended whenever they feel like doing wrong to others, but they want all laws to be strictly enforced when someone is doing wrong to them. Hypocrisy and rebellion go hand in hand. Read more of this post