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Loved Ones in Danger: How to Benefit from Your Stress


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Your husband is a cop and he’s out trying to stop a gang fight.  Your wife is a spy on a mission that she can’t talk about.  Your brother is a federal agent who is tracking down some dangerous criminals.  Your fiancé is a fireman trying to rescue people from a burning skyscraper.  Your sister has been kidnapped.  Your kid is in a coma.  Your partner was gunned down on the field and the surgery isn’t going well.  When our loved ones are in danger, the minutes feel like hours as we sit by the phone anxiously waiting for news.  When we’re sick with worry, we can’t eat, we can’t sleep, and we can’t concentrate on anything else but all of the awful “what ifs.”  So is this our only option in life—to sit around getting ulcers while we hope and pray for our loved ones to be returned to us safely?  No, this is not our only option.  We have much better choices available to us—choices that can greatly benefit our souls.  But first we have to decide that we want to mature, and unfortunately most souls won’t make this choice.  Read more of this post

God & Patriotism: Guarding Your Priorities


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Patriotism is a strong emotional and psychological bond to one’s country.  When humans feel strongly attached to something, they become willing to make sacrifices to protect whatever it is that they feel attached to.  Once feelings of patriotism grow strong enough, you become willing to compromise your personal comfort physically, emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually for the sake of benefiting your country.  In other words, you put your country above everything else in value, thus you feel it is right for you to be willing to kill,  lie, cheat, steal, or even die for your country if that’s what your country wants. Read more of this post

Preparing for the End Times: The Law vs. God’s Prophet


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Let’s reenact the story of the ten plagues, only this time, let’s use the setting of modern day America. Along comes Moses wearing jeans and a t-shirt, shouting into news cameras that God is fed up with this nation’s incessant rebellion. It’s time for Him to flex His Divine muscles and remind us all of who is King. As Moses is shouting at the top of his lungs in the middle of some bustling metropolis, drops of blood start raining down from the sky. Uh-oh. Read more of this post