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Dating Essentials: Real Love vs. Infatuation


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There are certain critical concepts that every single should understand. Understanding the difference between infatuation and real love is one of those concepts, so let’s get into it.


Put a real diamond ring on a table next to a plastic kiddie ring that is trying to imitate the look of a real diamond. Which ring is worth more? The real diamond, of course. The kiddie ring is just a cheap toy that will bring some amusement for a very brief period of time before ending up in the trash can. The real diamond can be kept for decades and its value will likely increase. If a crisis arises, the diamond can be sold for major money that can help you or someone else out of a jam. Real love is like that real diamond: it lasts. It retains its value. You can use it to meet needs and really help people. Infatuation is like that kiddie ring: it’s amusing at first, but then you’re so over it and it’s useless. If you’re wise, you go for real love. If you’re stupid, you waste your whole life chasing after infatuation. God tells you to be wise. The world encourages you to be stupid. Read more of this post

Finding a Wife for Isaac: Lessons for Christian Singles


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Our story begins with a very old Abraham calling the manager of his household to him for a serious talk. We aren’t told what the manager’s name is, but his high-ranking position tells us that Abraham trusts him. Abraham’s wife Sarah has recently died, which has been a great grief to everyone. Now Abraham has decided that it’s time for his adult son Isaac to get married, and this is why he has called a meeting with his manager.

At this time, Abraham is living in the land of Canaan. This is the land that Joshua would later be invading with his army after the death of Moses. This is the famous Promised Land, only right now there are no Jews living in it, for a “Jew” is a descendant of Jacob (aka Israel), and Jacob hasn’t been born yet. Right now Canaan is filled with idol worshiping pagans, but Abraham is very attached to the land for he knows that Yahweh has promised it to him and his descendants as some kind of inheritance. He doesn’t want to leave. He doesn’t want his son Isaac leaving, either, but he also doesn’t want Isaac marrying one of the local Canaanite women. Even though Abraham’s own people are as into idol worship as these Canaanites are, he’s got it in his head that it would be so much better for Isaac to marry someone from his own family tree. Read more of this post

Clothes, Makeup & Jewelry: Guidance for Christian Women


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Is wearing makeup a sin? Is wearing jewelry a sin? Are there certain hairstyles and clothing styles that are inappropriate for Christian women? These are the questions we are going to answer in this post.

The Bible is not an infallible book. It contains documents that were written by imperfect human beings. As a result, some of the teachings and conclusions we find people drawing in the Bible are, well, wrong. Read more of this post

Dating Guidelines for Christian Singles


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The purpose of dating is to find a future spouse.  As soon as you determine that someone is not the person you want to marry, you should explain this to them in a polite and tactful manner, then stop dating them.  To continue dating someone who you know you are not interested in marrying is to use them.  It is selfish, immoral, and disrespectful.  It is also a violation of God’s second commandment, which is to love your neighbor as yourself.  You would not appreciate being strung out on false hopes by someone you have become emotionally bonded to.  So as hard and awkward as breaking up is, you need to rise up and do it.  If you can’t handle the pain of breaking up with someone, you are not ready to date, never mind marry.  Any healthy relationship involves sacrifice and a willingness to put someone else’s needs above your own.  As long as you think it’s fine to intentionally deceive someone and treat their heart like a cheap object that you can abuse and discard at your own convenience, you have some serious growing up to do.  Unless you align with God’s maturity program, you’re going to have a future filled with painful breakups and infidelity. Read more of this post