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Boundaries in Marriage: Inappropriate Submission


As a Christian, it is vital that you keep a firm distinction in your mind between created and uncreated things. Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are uncreated. Everything else is created. You need to treat these two groups very differently. If you try to treat them the same, you will end up in a major mess.

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Boundaries in Marriage: Opposite Sex Friendships


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Since your spouse can’t be your all-in-all, it is a very healthy thing to maintain friendships outside of your marriage. Some of us naturally identify with and relate to the opposite sex better than we do our own. Some men gravitate towards female friends and vice versa. This shouldn’t be viewed as a negative thing because God loves variety, but we do need to be wise in how we handle our opposite sex friendships after we are married. Read more of this post

Who should be the spiritual leader in a Christian home?

Who should be the spiritual leader in a Christian home?

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Is it true that the man is always supposed to be the spiritual leader in the home? No, it’s not. Whoever is most spiritually mature should be the spiritual leader. A person’s gender has nothing to do with their spiritual growth. Being male doesn’t give men some automatic advantage, and being female doesn’t hold women back. Age is also irrelevant in these matters. Jesus was the ultimate example of a family unit in which the child was more spiritually advanced than his parents. We have no idea how Joseph handled this, for Joseph’s name is conspicuously absent after Jesus’ early years. Perhaps he died when Jesus was young—we don’t know. What we do know is that Joseph would have been a fool not to pay attention to the radical spiritual insights his young Son was sharing.

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