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Giving to the Poor: Cautions for Christians


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There are people in this world who are poorer than you.  You should feel bad about having more than them and give your excess away. Oh, and do it out of love for God because that’s what He commands. If you don’t do it, He’ll be mad at you for being a greedy miser. This is often how Christians are taught to view giving to the poor. It’s guilt, guilt, and more guilt. By the time we’re done preaching about how Jesus said we ought to help the poor, we’ve made the poor out to be some big mistake on the planet that we’re all trying to help God fix. But is that really what they are? Read more of this post

Boundaries in Counseling: Avoiding Counselor Burnout


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Whether you counsel professionally or you’re the kind of person everyone likes to use for their sounding board in life, you’re going to end up drained and bitter if you don’t maintain some personal boundaries.


While it’s commonly taught in the Church that we are supposed to run ourselves ragged trying to patch up everyone around us, this is not at all what God wants us to do. Each soul is on its own individual journey with God, and your relationship with Him needs to come before everything else. When you spend all your emotional resources trying to help others, God is the One you’re ripping off. God is the One you don’t have anything left for, God is the One you stop talking to, and God is the One you totally forget about. This is no good. God is first, people are second. Read more of this post